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  1. Basics of Homeowners Insurance

    This page will guide you through the basics of home insurance, including coverage types, for those new to homeownership.

  2. What Is Term Life Insurance?

    Term life insurance is a popular form of temporary insurance that’s designed to be in place during the time of your life when you might want insurance the most.

    Written By: Lora Shinn 15 min. read
  3. What Is Gap Insurance?

    A gap policy pays out in the event of a total loss when you owe more than what your vehicle is worth. Learn how gap coverage works.

    Written By: Brandy Law 6 min. read
  4. Can Felons Get Medicaid?

    Felons can get Medicaid as long as they meet their state’s eligibility standards. Learn how to apply for coverage with a felony conviction.

    Written By: Brenna Swanston 6 min. read