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Home Insurance Articles

  1. Does Home Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

    Discover the types of storm damage that typically are and are not covered in a standard home insurance policy, and how to file a claim if the need arises. 

    Written By: Beth Deyo 13 min. read
  2. What Is Home Repair Insurance?

    Home insurance for repairs is a smart investment for homeowners looking to safeguard against costly repairs. Learn all about this type of coverage and how it can protect your home.

    Written By: Jennifer Gorman 8 min. read
  3. What Is HO-5 Insurance?

    Learn more about HO-5 homeowners insurance policies. Explore coverages and exclusions, average costs, pros and cons, and more.

    Written By: Beth Deyo 6 min. read
  4. What Is HO-6 Insurance?

    HO-6 insurance homeowners insurance designed to protect condos. Learn more about why HO-6 insurance is important and how to get it.

    Written By: Kristy Snyder 7 min. read