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Medicare Articles

  1. Does Medicare Cover Insulin?

    Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes may wonder if Medicare covers insulin. Learn the parts of Medicare helps pay for insulin and how it works.

    Written By: Jennifer Gorman 9 min. read
  2. Does Medicare Cover Tooth Extractions

    Are you eligible for Medicare coverage for tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth removal? Discover the ins and outs of Medicare coverage for dental procedures.

    Written By: Beth Deyo 7 min. read
  3. What Is the Medicare Tax?

    Learn more about the Medicare tax imposed by the federal government and how it might impact your next paycheck, even if you’re self-employed.

    Written By: Kristy Snyder 7 min. read
  4. How to Use a Medicare OTC Card

    An OTC card is a special perk offered by many Medicare Advantage plans. Learn how to use these OTC cards and make the most of them.  

    Written By: Jamela Adam 5 min. read