Adam Carpenter2

Adam Carpenter

Adam Carpenter is a financial and tech solutions writer with an interest in insurance products. His work has been featured in Forbes and in the ebooks and websites of industry leaders.

  1. What is earthquake coverage
    What Is Earthquake Insurance?

    Learn what earthquake insurance is and why it is needed. Explore which states face the most threat and how you can minimize risk.

  2. Health Insurance Metal Tiers Explained
    Health Insurance Metal Tiers Explained

    Learn the different health insurance metal levels and what each entails for your coverage. Discover the mandatory coverages for different insurance and subsidy options.

  3. What Is Life Insurance Underwriting
    What Is Life Insurance Underwriting?

    Life insurance underwriting is a process your insurer undertakes to determine your eligibility and rates. By knowing what underwriters take into consideration, you can prepare, put yourself in a good position for approval and understand what’s behind the decision.