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Assurance Team

The Assurance Team is made up of data science, editorial content, and internal subject matter experts dedicated to making insurance and finance more accessible.

  1. graphic assurance greenhomes v2 og
    The United States of Green Homes

    Americans are making moves to become more eco-friendly, but some states make it easier than others. Find out which states have the most green homes here.

  2. Assurance RideshareVsDrunkDriving OG 2
    An Easy Choice: The Cost of a Rideshare vs. a DUI

    After a long night out, calling an Uber or a Lyft can help save you from fines, fees, and a court date. Rideshare services have become an important transportation option for many Americans, and when you use one instead of driving drunk, you’re making the right decision. For this study, we looked at the true…