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Assurance IQ Team

The Assurance IQ Team is made up of data science, editorial content, and internal subject matter experts dedicated to making insurance and finance more accessible.

  1. Header image for a blog about traffic habits across America.
    Traffic Habits Across America

    Curious about how your fellow state residents deal with the daily grind of traffic? Visit our blog to see how people in your state fare during gridlock.

  2. Types of Auto Insurance

    Car insurance comes in various forms, each tailored to specific needs. Find the type that would best match your driving habits, usage, and vehicle.

  3. How Does Car Insurance Work?

    Got a new car? Learn your auto insurance coverage options, tips on choosing the right policy, and how to navigate this crucial part of car ownership.

  4. How Life Insurance Works

    Life insurance may appear complex, but it’s a crucial financial tool. This guide clarifies its workings for your informed coverage selection.

  5. Health Insurance Basics

    Learn the basics of how health insurance works, key terms to know, and plan types. Unlock what you need to know to select the best plan for you.

  6. The Most and Least Secure U.S. States

    The need for security is ever-growing, and Americans need to know where they stand regarding home and digital safety. Find out how safe your state is here.