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Christina Palermo

Life, health, property & casualty licensed agent

Over the last 25 years, Christina has worked with hundreds of clients in both selling and servicing life, health, auto, homeowners, and workers compensation products. Christina shares her insurance knowledge by writing and editing a variety of online insurance content, as well as offering consulting services.

  1. Is Life Insurance Taxable?

    Is life insurance taxable? Learn the nuances of tax implications, discover strategies to manage your policy, and optimize payouts.

  2. What Is DP-3 Coverage?

    Wondering what DP3 coverage entails? Learn more about DP3 coverage and why it might be the right choice for your vacation property.

  3. What Is Accelerated Underwriting?

    Accelerated underwriting for life insurance is an alternative to the traditional underwriting process. Find out how it works in this guide.