Doug Bonderud

Doug Bonderud

Doug Bonderud is a freelance writer with more than a decade of experience tackling topics from insurance and healthcare to financial well-being and investment.

  1. Group v individual
    Group vs. Individual Health Insurance

    Group and individual health insurance offers different approaches to healthcare coverage. Learn how they’re different and how to decide between them.

  2. Home Equity vs Line Of Credit
    Home Equity vs. Line Of Credit

    Home equity loans and lines of credit both offer differing ways to leverage the equity in your home. Learn more about these options.

  3. What is Medigap Plan D
    What Is Medigap Plan D?

    Medigap Plan D, or Medicare Supplement Plan D, helps cover gaps in Original Medicare. Learn how it works and differs from other Medigap plans. 

  4. What is Medigap Plan A
    What is Medigap Plan A?

    Medigap Plan A, also called Medicare Supplement Plan A, is insurance coverage you can add to your existing Medicare Part A and Part B coverage to help reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

  5. What is POS Insurance
    What is POS Insurance?

    POS insurance plans — also called a point of service plan — combine key features of HMO and PPO plans to help balance cost and accessibility.

  6. What Is Hazard Insurance
    What Is Hazard Insurance?

    Fires, winds, and theft are included in a standard homeowners insurance policy’s hazard insurance coverage. Learn more about this and how catastrophe insurance can cover other events that are usually excluded from hazard coverage.

  7. Medicare Advantage vs Supplement
    Medicare Advantage vs. Supplement

    Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement offer two different approaches to help cover healthcare costs. Which one makes sense for you?