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Kristy Snyder

Kristy Snyder has over 10 years of experience who specializes in many healthcare and insurance niches. She loves helping people find the information they need. She holds a BA in English from Allegheny College and a graduate certificate in Health Communication and Promotion from Washington State University.

  1. What Is HO-6 Insurance?

    HO-6 insurance homeowners insurance designed to protect condos. Learn more about why HO-6 insurance is important and how to get it.

  2. What Is the Medicare Tax?

    Learn more about the Medicare tax imposed by the federal government and how it might impact your next paycheck, even if you’re self-employed.

  3. How Amazon’s RxPass Works

    Amazon’s RxPass is a monthly subscription that might reduce your costs. Take a closer look to see whether it might be a good choice for you.

  4. Tax Deductions for Home Insurance

    Wondering if homeowners insurance is tax deductible? Find out everything you need to know about tax deductions for home insurance in this informative guide.

  5. What Is the Medicare 8-Minute Rule?

    Confused about Medicare’s 8-minute rule for outpatient billing? Learn more about how it works so you can better understand your next therapy bill.

  6. Does Medicare Cover Nursing Homes?

    Does Medicare cover nursing home costs? Sometimes — learn more about what is and isn’t covered, so your next stay isn’t a surprise.

  7. Who Needs Medigap Insurance?

    Wondering if you should buy Medigap insurance? We break down the pros and cons so you can determine if it’s the right choice for you.

  8. How Gap Health Insurance Works

    What is gap medical insurance? Learn more about how to use this coverage to supplement your existing healthcare coverage.