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Megan Whitenton

Megan Whitenton has created dynamic web content for fields including higher education, insurance, visual arts, and healthcare since 2012. Years of experience as an arts administrator and art educator continue to inform her career as a multi-faceted content creator. Megan holds a BFA from California Institute of the Arts.

  1. Does Insurance Cover a Hysterectomy?

    Wondering if insurance will cover your hysterectomy? Find out more about the cost of a hysterectomy and what to expect when it comes to insurance coverage.

  2. What Is DP-2 Coverage?

    DP-2 coverage is a type of insurance policy commonly used for rentals that offers protection for a wide range of perils. Learn more about DP-2 coverage here.

  3. Does Medicare Cover Dental?

    It’s possible to find coverage for dental services through Medicare Advantage or a standalone plan. Learn more now.

  4. What Are Ancillary Benefits?

    Discover the many benefits of ancillary coverage and how it can enhance your overall insurance plan. Learn more about ancillary benefits here.