Megan Whitenton

Megan Whitenton

Megan Whitenton has created dynamic web content for fields including higher education, insurance, visual arts, and healthcare since 2021. Years of experience as an arts administrator and art educator continue to inform her career as a multi-faceted content creator. Megan holds a BFA from California Institute of the Arts.

  1. Medicare SELECT
    What is a Medicare SELECT Plan?

    Medicare SELECT plans offer a more limited version of Medigap supplemental coverage. Enrollees in Medicare parts A and B can get help paying for local, routine healthcare services through Medicare SELECT.  

  2. Medicare Amblance Service
    Does Medicare Cover Ambulance Transportation?

    Does Medicare cover ambulance service? Yes, medically necessary ambulance rides are covered under Medicare Part B benefits. Discover how to secure Medicare ambulance coverage for emergency and non-emergency events. 

  3. Medicare Massage Therapy
    Does Medicare Cover Massage Therapy?

    Are you a Medicare recipient seeking massage therapy? In many situations, you won’t be able to, but other options are available. Read on to learn more.

  4. AdobeStock 169448182 1 scaled e1667597201724
    Does Medicare Cover Cologuard?

    Early detection of colon cancer is key, and Medicare may cover it. Read more to learn how Medicare may cover your Cologuard test.

  5. OTC
    What is a Medicare Advantage OTC Card?

    Medicare offers coverage for over-the-counter medications and everyday drugstore items through Medicare OTC card plans. Read on to see if you qualify.  

  6. Immediate Car Insurance
    Do I Need Car Insurance Immediately

    Ever wondered, “Do I need insurance when I buy a car?” Get the lowdown on ensuring your new car meets the coverage requirements in your state.