Yingyee Xiong

Yingyee Xiong

Licensed Life and Health (Medicare) Insurance Agent

Yingyee has helped protect families financially through her experience in life insurance, and has helped future retirees plan their retirement with her expertise in Long Term Care and Medicare.

  1. whole vs term life
    Whole Life vs. Term Life Insurance

    Both whole and term life insurance have features and benefits that could work for you. Learn which is best based on what you would like your policy to do.

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    What Is Cash Value Life Insurance?

    Cash value life insurance allows you to use it as a nest egg, retirement account, or savings account. Learn more about cash value life insurance.

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    What Is Annual Renewable Term Life Insurance

    Annual Renewable Term (ART) Insurance is a short-term life insurance coverage that may protect you while in transition between jobs, marriage, and divorce. Read more to learn whether an ART would be good for you.

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    What Is Personal Liability Insurance?

    Personal liability insurance is a beneficial coverage within your homeowners insurance policy to protect your financial assets if a guest gets injured at your home.