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Yingyee Xiong

Yingyee Xiong

Licensed Life and Health (Medicare) Insurance Agent

Yingyee has helped protect families financially through her experience in life insurance, and has helped future retirees plan their retirement with her expertise in Long Term Care and Medicare.

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    What Is a Qualifying Life Event?

    If you lose your health coverage, you can still apply for a new health policy without waiting for the next annual enrollment period with a special enrollment period.

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    Open Enrollment Tips for Families

    If you’re planning to enroll or change your family’s health insurance this coming Open Enrollment Period, read more for key tips on how to do so.

  3. Medigap in Minnesota
    Medigap in Minnesota

    If you’re a Minnesota resident, pay attention to the state-specific Medigap plans available. Learn about Minnesota’s Medicare supplement plans.