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Better.com: Review

  286 Reviews on Trustpilot

Better Snapshot

Better Mortgage Corporation was founded in 2016 as a direct lender company that uses technology to offer borrowers a quick and transparent digital mortgage experience.

Backed by heavy-hitting investors like Goldman Sachs, American Express, Citi Bank, and Kleiner Perkins, Better Mortgage Corporation has funded over $28 billion in mortgage loans to its customers.

Better Spotlight

Best For
Those who want a great online experience and very low if any fees

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Home Refinance, Home Purchase

Featured Loans

Repayment Terms
15-30 years, 5/1, 7/1, or 10/1 ARM, depending on the loan terms


Better Mortgage Corporation is a lender created for the online age. While many mortgage lenders offer online applications, Better Mortgages takes it a step further, with their proprietary algorithm which enables them to assess and approve home buyers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Because of its mostly digital platform, Better Mortgage is able to save on a ton of overhead costs, which means they’re able to charge their borrowers less. In fact, they don’t charge any origination fees, lender fees, or commissions. The platform is completely digital, from beginning to end. Upon completion of your application, you can log in at any moment to check on your application process.

Loan Types

What makes Better Mortgage Corporation unique is that it only offers conforming loans, with a choice between fixed and adjustable rate mortgages. In addition to conventional mortgages, it also offers a variety of other benefits and products.

Here are a few of the products available:

● Better Settlement Services. When you’re deep enough into the application process and are looking to get third-party closing costs figured out, Better can help match you with third-party services that are affordable. Their nationwide notary network is able to meet you in person wherever you need.

● Better Cover. If you’re buying a home or simply refinancing, you’ll still need home insurance. Better Mortgage Corporation can also match you with the right home insurance agent within seconds, using the information you’ve already entered into your application. You don’t have to do anything else except pick the insurance you’d like.

● Better Real Estate. If you’re still looking for a home, or haven’t started yet, Better can match you with a trusted real estate agent to help you with the home-buying process. Simply tell Better what you’re looking for in a house, and they’ll match you up with a specialist, passing along the savings right to you (up to $2,000 off closing costs).

Mortgage Loan Rates & Terms

Better’s repayment terms are either 15, 20, or 30 years, and 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 options for adjustable rate loans. Because all of Better Mortgage’s loans don’t have prepayment penalties, you’ll be able to pay back the loan quicker if you wish, saving you thousands in the process.

Better Mortgage’s average closing costs work out to $3,598 in third-party fees for purchasing a loan. For a refinancing loan, they come to $1,824, on average.

Better has extremely competitive rates. And, most importantly, they offer transparent, real-time rates on their websites without having to make a formal request.

Better Pros

  • Almost completely digital application process
  • Algorithms don’t require a hard credit check
  • No lender or origination fees

Better Cons

  • Not available in every state
  • 3-6 weeks processing time is a bit longer than other digital lenders
  • No government-backed loans
  • Better could transfer your loan to another service provider

Better Application Process

Better has a completely online application process which takes about 3 minutes for homebuyers looking for basic pre-approval. And while the website indicates that it can take up to 2 hours when shopping for a home and 30 minutes if you’ve already found a specific property to buy, the application for refinancing only takes a few minutes.

Once you fill out a form with a couple basic questions about your financial picture, prospective property, or home equity, you’ll be given an initial loan estimate. Next, you’ll be connected with one of Better’s dedicated loan officers for extra support along the way.

Once you’ve completed a few tasks including documentation, you’ll receive a loan estimate and will be able to request a locked-in rate. Better Mortgages typically closes a mortgage loan in 3-6 weeks after you’ve locked in a rate.

Customer Support

For customer support, Better offers a single dedicated loan officer for every customer which is a great addition to their baseline support. The loan officer will help you throughout the entire loan process, wherever you need help.

Their baseline support includes email and you can get in touch by emailing hello@better.com. Or, you can call in by phone to request a convenient time for a support rep to call you back (or request a call through an online form).

Your loan officer and regular customer support are open from:

● 9 AM to 9 PM EST, Monday to Thursday
● 9 AM to 6 PM EST, Friday
● 12 PM to 4 PM EST, Saturday
● 12 PM to 6 PM EST, Sunday

Better also has a ton of information on their website including educational resources and also includes a simple FAQ section.

Final Thoughts on Better

So, should you use Better.com to access a home mortgage loan?

Better is one of the best tech-driven digital mortgage lenders on the market. With a quick loan application process compared to traditional means, competitive rates, and no origination or lender fees, it’s one of the best options available when looking for a loan.

While they do impose a minimum credit score of 620 like most lenders, their algorithm makes it much easier to secure a loan for scores between 620-700 (compared to their competitors).

Any borrowers that meet the minimum 620 credit score will be able to secure a loan with Better. However, the group that will benefit the most from Better’s services are minority borrowers who have had difficulty getting approved by traditional mortgage lenders.


Does Better.com offer borrowers commercial construction loans?

No, unfortunately, they do not offer any commercial construction loans at the moment.

Will Better.com service my mortgage?

Yes, Better will service your mortgage, but they won’t necessarily do it for the lifetime of your loan. At some point in time, Better.com may transfer your loan to a permanent provider. It has a large roster of mortgage investors and servicers, including banks, government entities, and other firms. They will contact you if they transfer your loan to a third party.

Better Mortgage Customer Testimonials

Great   286 Reviews



10 April, 2021



BE WARNED: BE VERY CAREFUL USING BETTER FOR YOUR LOAN APPLICATIONS. Before applying for a loan with Better.com, I had 770+ credit score, now, over a month later my credit score is 710, I was denied the mortage, I might lose the home, my personal financial information appears to be compromised, and there are more questions than answers. This may possibly even be a case of discrimination. Why else would someone like me, with a 770+ credit score, $150k+ income, $100k in the bank, and no dependents be declines a simple straight forward $450k home loan from Better.com? They kept trying to find issues with my finances and giving false reasons for declining my loan. Along with this they continually change the parameters of the information they were seeking, coming up with fictional reasons for wanting more of my personal information. I'd been overseas for 18 months and I come back to The States to purchase a home and restart my life and this company makes me pay money and spend time without anything to show for it. Wish they'd look for solutions instead of problems... This company was negligent at best, and nefarious at worst. It was a very disheartening experience. Giving two stars instead of one because I don't think they acted maliciously, though I am still investigating and will be sure to know how to point to if anything happens to my personal information or I get any phishing/spam calls in the near future. I truly wanted to support Better and be a client, as they seemed like a great company in the beginning. They offered a good rate, an easy Pre-Qualification Letter, friendly customer support and an easy to use website. That all slowly began to change as my costs ($550 appraisal fee, $3,000 homeowners insurance, $10,000 earnest money deposit, county filing fees, etc.) began piling up, and questions from Better began to become more abstract and illogical. BOTTOM LINE: My credit score was significantly damaged, my escrow was jeopardized, my financial information was compromised, and my loan was refused based on unspecified non justified reasons. There has to be others out there that had this experience. If you think Better may have acted inappropriately with you please contact me directly and let me know your experience so we can organize all of the facts. My e mail is aaron at ride dot co. Thank you and good luck.


04 April, 2021


Poor service- disreputable practices

Attempted a cash out refi. Appraiser significantly undervalued property. Showed listing of comparable sales to dispute. Received brush off. I have 3 sheets of recent sales from a reputable local agent that shows sales significantly higher. In addition, many upgrades premium entry door, Anderson windows, new furnace, newer kitchen cabinets lifetime warranty, custom stone patio, new siding, new roof, new bathroom. Non of these conditions were evaluated. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!


01 April, 2021


Terrible experience. RSU income? Read this

I had the worst experience I ever had refinancing a mortgage with Better.com. First the whole automated site may work unless you actually need to talk to anyone. They constantly ping you with "tasks" many times asking for the same information. I didn't find any of the actual people I worked with knowledgeable and they have the most inept and incompetent underwriting department you would have the displeasure of working with. But the main issue was how they qualify RSU income. First they told me they don't qualify RSU as income. I complained and fought with them and they didn't budge. Then I found an actual page on their own site saying they do qualify the income! Once I sent them their own page they relented and qualified the income. The biggest joke came when they described how they qualified. They used the least amount of stock vested in a 3 year period and randomly chose a stock price anywhere from the previous 2 years. Anyone working in a tech company knows they typically grant RSU's yearly that vest in a 4 year cycle which means in year 3 your stocks would be at or near the lowest level because that's your furthest vest date. Long story short they ended up qualifying .18% of my total RSU grant! That's not a typo. Please stay far away from this company and find a company that's actually qualified to do their job.


31 March, 2021


I had a very unpleasant experience with…

I had a very unpleasant experience with Better.com Home Mortgage. The home appraiser they sent deliberately low-balled my home value, $120,000 less than the last appraisal, to be precise! He not only used a comparable that was sold 4 years ago, he also reduced the square footage of my home drastically. Better.com representatives would not take any action against the incorrect appraisal and refused to oblige to any requests I was making to validate the appraisal or to order a new one. Overall, a very unfortunate experience - wasted my $550 in appraisal fee, and wasted substantial amount of my time.


30 March, 2021


Absolutely the worst

Absolutely the worst company I've ever done business with. I was approved for a mortgage of $288k. I have a net worth roughly three times the mortgage amount, credit score of 788, and no debt. In other words, the perfect customer. Better dragged their feet every step of the way, delaying my close date by more than three weeks. Staff are rude and uninformed, never returning calls, and require uploading financial documents multiple times. Their rates are ok, but no better than you can do locally. Do yourself a favor and avoid.


30 March, 2021


Poorly trained

Poorly trained, overworked, staff. Total wast of time,


29 March, 2021


Better.com could not be better

The process to obtain a mortgage was so smooth and seamless. The online application was intuitive and easy use; you’ll be guided at every stage so you know where you stand and what you need to to next. I liked receiving email updates reminding me of the tasks I needed to complete to get my loan underwritten. I want to give a special shoutout to Laura Bell for her unflagging enthusiasm and support in buying my first home and to my loan processor Leslie Estelle. They both immediately put me at ease and I felt very comfortable during the entire process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Better to my friends and colleagues. In fact, I already have.


25 March, 2021



HOMEOWNERS BEWARE! *tldr*- Once you pay the inspection fee, they string you along till they have a reason to cancel your account! Better.com is one of the worst companies I have had the displeasure of working with! We tried to refinance our home at the start of October 2020. We happily supplied all the required documents when prompted to on their website. After paying the $500 for an appraisal on our house (btw the appraiser never showed up or walked in the house) all communication with actual people stopped. Each month we were requested to send them proof of mortgage being paid, proof of income, and proof of retirement account balance. Each month they would keep our account in limbo and continue to push back the closing date with no word on why. Around the end of February of 2021 (A WHOLE 6 MONTHS AFTER STARTING THIS PROCESS!) our account on better.com just vanished. No calls, emails, texts... nothing. I call in a panic to see if its a problem on my end why I cant get into my account and the person says that there is no account under my phone number. I luckily found an email at the start with our account id and gave it to the representative and she asked me to verify the phone number on the account. I could not... the number they had in their system was a number I have never seen before. I then verified ownership of the account with my social and she then informed me that the account was closed because I had not supplied them with the requested documents in 3 days, so they closed my account. Furious that I had spent 6 months giving them what they asked for each month and never getting notified that there was an action needed before terminating my account, I asked to speak with my account manager to see what can be done. Gareth Cobb (my account manager) was currently in a meeting and could not talk to me so I was told he would reach out as soon as he gets off the phone. She then changed the number on the account to match my real phone number (important detail later). So I left the call around 10am expecting Gareth Cobb to call me back shortly. That never happened... Come the next day I called in again. The representative asked me to verify my phone number again and I told her my number... it did not match the number on file. I then gave her the number I had no clue whose it was and she said that was the phone number on the account!! I explained that Gareth Cobb was supposed to call me the previous day about my account but he never called. She tried to send me over to him but he again was in a meeting and said he will call me back later. I stupidly believed that I was going to talk to my account manager so I hung up. No call came in... it was also Friday so I would not get an answer for another 2 days at least. When Monday rolled around I called them first thing and this time I was actually upset. The representative was nice and sympathetic and nice but again my account manager Gareth Cobb could not be reached and would have to call me back. I asked her more questions this time and was told that Gareth Cobb will defiantly be reaching out to me by the end of the day. I also said I want to speak to a manager, to which she said a manager will call me shortly about my account. Well... two weeks later and neither one has called. So now I am out the $500 for the inspection, this whole thing feels like a total SCAM. -John Baxter


25 March, 2021


Low rates, good interface, should've been much better.

I'm sure others might have had better experiences with their applications, but I had a horrible and lengthy process with Better. Everything was great in the beginning. Locked in a good rate. Website was easy to use. Seems like it'd be straightforward. But then the underwriting process happened. My contact was unresponsive at times, emails would go unanswered. Apparently the lead underwriter took leave at some point, and others took over. They were not well informed of my case, and made me verify various documents over and over again. Pretty unorganized. They also claim 24/7 support. Don't hold your breath. Eventually, I was approved for the loan, and even then, closing was such a pain. Since actual closing date was delayed by almost a month (their end), they required an amended purchase contract despite both my lawyer and theirs saying that it wasn't required. We were left waiting at the attorney's office, on closing day, for hours while waiting for funds to be released (it wasn't btw, but we figured out how to close without). tl;dr: good luck.


17 March, 2021


Don't waste your time with better.com

Don't waste your time with better.com. If while digging up info on your background they find something that you may not even be aware of, better.com will not work with you. (Month in a half in the process) They wasted my time, and money only to be denied on a technicality. They attract you with low interest rates but I'm not at all impressed with their service. Update: After replying to the better.com complaint Dept, all that came of it was "nothing we can do". 9 years ago I filed for bankruptcy and all debts were discharged including the condo that was forclosed on. The bank that forclosed on the condo decided to complete the forclosure 4 years after the bankruptcy. (Unbeknownst to me). To date all my bills are paid on time including my current mortgage of 4 years. Better.vom required proof that I sold the property which obviously I can not provide since the bank forclosed on the condo. So as far as I'm concerned, better.com could have made an exception. I'm sure if I had connections in high places my refinance would have been completed So screw better.com and their pencil neck adjusters.


16 March, 2021


My experience with better.com was not good...

I engaged Better.com to complete a refinance on my home after doing significant research into mortgage companies online. I was sold on their marketing, and was excited for a new, "better" mortgage experience. I found the online portal to be fast, easy, and user-friendly, but the results to be far from that. Background: - Better.com representatives stated I was eligible for a refinance based on my home's value, along with LTV & CLTV - I inquired three times on recorded lines, as I was not sure myself based on my own research - They confirmed that I was in fact eligible, and I proceeded with an application After 20+ hours of my own work, digging up countless personal and financial documents for them, paying $550 for an appraisal, letting an appraiser into my home during a pandemic, hard credit checks, and getting all the way to underwriting and title review did they realize the issue, that I was never eligible for the loan based on the agreed upon parameters, and I would need to come up with over $80K due to Better.com's mistake (even though we had discussed this exact scenario during the initial calls). A manager for better.com confirmed on two separate calls that some sort of "foul play" took place. I have stopped trying to assume what that was or why... I have tried to reach out to leadership via multiple means and have even had a better.com employee refuse to forward emails to leadership. For now, my complaint is apparently going nowhere but here and to the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau. Make your own decisions as my experience may not be reflective of yours.


26 February, 2021


Excellent experience!

The entire process was quick and easy and the Better.com agents we worked with made it clear that they were there to help. The communication was excellent and the rates were top notch when we shopped around. Edited to add: we looked at 3 refinance companies we found online, 1 that was recommended by a friend, and 1 through my employer. It honestly flabbergasted us how much they each tried to push how their rates were the best (even when they very clearly weren’t) and they all stressed that we needed to act immediately. Better was not pushy and recommended we shop around to make sure Better was the best option, which it was by a long shot. Definitely a positive experience and I have already recommended Better to people I know.


24 February, 2021


Save your time and find another lender

I was referred to better.com by a realtor with a very positive endorsement of a quick and easy refinance. My initial experience with the websites was as expected. The reality is that I wasted a bunch of time and effort providing their underwriting process with document after document. Once I was approved, I was expecting to move to closing within a few weeks. First sign of trouble was that the Title which was supposedly ordered in December was delayed, and they had to reorder in January. After waiting around on that for 4 weeks, the loan finally cleared Title. Well, here we are after 2 months and they are asking me for updates to the documents that I already sent them because they are too far beyond their guidelines. I was about to concede and send them additional documents and within minutes they send me an email stating that because the County I live in has been declared a disaster area due to the recent winter storm, I'm going to need to obtain a property inspection. I'm sure all of these things really are underwriting guidelines, but they wasted a bunch of time with their incompetence. They really did give me a good rate and I'm sorry that I was unable to take advantage of it. I'm done with these guys and I would not recommend wasting your time either.


22 February, 2021


Better.com isn't just better, it's the BEST

I'm so glad we found Better.com. Through the years, we have had several mortgages and even more re-fi's with other lenders, but our experience with Better.com was the best we've ever had. From start to finish, our re-fi went smoothly and quickly. Their reps are professional, friendly, and on top of everything. Better.com will be our first choice from now on, and we have already recommended them to our friends and family.


18 February, 2021


This was the best refinancing experience I’ve ever…

This was the best experience I’ve ever had in refinancing. This company was in daily contact, advising what was needed and what was completed. I always knew where I stood in the progress of my refinance. Highly recommend!


17 February, 2021


Avoid them if you actually wanna close a loan

I chose them over my current lender for refinancing because I was sold this average closing in 20-30 days and me and my team will be with you throughout the whole process and of course they were able to beat closing cost by about $650 dollars over my current lender. Anyways, fast forward 15 days and things are starting go south little by little in these 15 days. They couldn’t fathom that I work for a company whose headquarter is in another state. They didn’t even bother to look at W2 submitted to see my home state (where my property is) taxes were taken. They also probably have some of the worst underwriting requirements that makes it impossible to acquire a loan for someone with excellent credit, 37% LTV, excellent assets and income requirement so go figure that out. I almost lost my appraisal fees until I threatened them with CFPB complaint and thankfully, I was able to go back to my current lender but in 15 days, the interest rate now is now 1/8% higher. Oh, to top it off, I never even got a call/email back from the guy that sold me the bill of goods that they couldn’t deliver. None of their employees I dealt with seem to care, they are just collecting paychecks. Avoid them at all cost if you want to actual close on a loan.


17 February, 2021


A++ customer experience

I was a little hesitant to use an online service for my refinance but I’ll never do it another way after my experience with Better! They were so responsive and patient with me and all of my questions I threw their way! Jin, Carina, and Ethan were amazing to work with! Plus I saved around $700/mo by refinancing AND I didn’t even have to pay for an appraisal!!!


12 February, 2021


Great experience

Simple and transparent process with an amazing online interface. They have competitive prices and I was very impressed by their customer service would highly recommend Better.


09 February, 2021



Great, very helpful, and accomodating to my needs.


06 February, 2021


Overall I got a great rate but I'm doubtful about some things

Overall I got a great rate, but: no one has told me when I will get my appraisal deposit returned to me; no one has been able to tell me how to request a copy of my automated valuation model electronically instead of through the mail; for some reason my stock brokerage account and retirement account information was not included in my loan application when I signed the closing documents on 1/30/21, even though I did include this information when I applied for the refinance in the very beginning, so now I'm wondering if I could have received a better rate if this information was actually accounted for; and no one told me that an automated valuation model was done for my property--I only found out at closing. Maybe my property was worth more than what I estimated, and I could have received a better rate. I feel like this information was withheld from me and it feels dishonest.


02 February, 2021


Fast accurate and helpful

Fast accurate and helpful. Best we have ever used.


01 February, 2021


Nothing better than better.com

5 Star Customer Service, Great refinance rate, Close to prefect refinance process. Everything was done thru the website but Better.com team is there to assist you from 9am to 9pm. Any questions I had they answered it for me. I had some technical issues that was little frustrating but other than that process was very straightforward. I would recommend better.com to add a feature that will give applicants update on daily or weekly basis so they would know what is going on in the background. Otherwise better.com refinancing process was excellent.Better.com offered me the Best refinancing rate available in the market. I recommend better.com.


29 January, 2021


Went through the whole process for 40…

Went through the whole process for 40 days, and they denied at the last minute due to residency issues. Terrible experience, would not recommend. Stay clear of this company if you want a smooth closing.


29 January, 2021


A Great Company

This was a relatively easy process. It took just a week or so longer than 2 months from initial contact to complete the closing and funding of the loan. Everyone I actually spoke wit which I did not know how to do or was having trouble with. ( As a senior citizen I am not as tech savvy as was sometimes needed. I recommend this company to anyone wanting a new mortgage or refinance.


27 January, 2021


Better.com has turned the traditional…

Better.com has turned the traditional painful mortgage experience into a task oriented, self service frictionless experience. I’m a fan


26 January, 2021


All great except it took FOREVER

Great site, great rates, helpful people. But the timetables were out of control. It took 4 months for me to close. I have excellent credit, a stable job, I should have been an easy refi. Not sure why it took SO long, but it got kind of old having to keep uploading new income docs every other week. The rate was so competitive that I MIGHT use them again, but not sure I could refer them to others unless they are willing to be a bit frustrated to save $$.


26 January, 2021


Good until closing stage and everything went to hell...

I had a fairly good experience with them until it came to closing. My original closer went on vacation and the second closer was awful. Answers lacked details and blamed title partners for vague responses. The first time I saw my documents were when they arrived with the notary (a few hours late) and they were a mess. Better needs to upgrade and not use bush league title companies like Radian and upgrade their closer talent.


25 January, 2021


Straightfoward with prompt support

I found the experience to be very straightfoward, I liked being given "tasks" to complete, as it kept me organized on track. It was also very clear where I was in the process. When I needed support I received it promptly, and I appreciated that. Everyone I dealt with was quite friendly and intent on helping me get through the process.


21 January, 2021


Great Experience

They were easy to work with, knowledgeable, treated us with respect, and they were there every step of the way to answer our questions and help us have the best experience possible.


20 January, 2021


Do not trust Better Mortgage!!!

Do not trust Better.com or believe what the loan officers tell you when you are applying. I was completely upfront about the details of our situation. We paid cash for a home and were looking for a cash-out refi. When we were told that this would not be a problem by several employees. They told us they could close faster and were willing to match a competitor’s rate, so we chose them. HUGE MISTAKE! After 60+ days and countless hours of work of going through the approval process, including a lock extension due to their delays, they decided to rescind the offer for the loan. We had already been officially approved and were only days before closing. This had nothing to do with our credit, home appraisals, or financial situation. They said they were very sorry for the miscommunications. Unfortunately while waiting on them to change their mind, rates have gone up almost half a percent and the lock I have them is worthless. Their cheaper rate has cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, the published rates are excellent, but they will do you no good if they decide they don’t want your loan at the last second. Applied: 11/12/20 Rate Lock: 11/25/20 Sent to Underwriting: 12/8/20 Approved: 1/14/20 Rescinded: 1/19/20


20 January, 2021


They are Better and cheaper …

Just completed refinancing my house with Better and was very pleased with their service. I loved the fact that I never had to leave my house. There is a ton of paperwork but they have an excellent website to help. I checked several lenders and they all charged more for their loans. They don’t play games with hidden fees and clearly spell out all details before you commit.


19 January, 2021


Better.com is the best in the market

Better.com is the best in the market, I guess. They have made it very easy for the customers. Everything was smooth and the whole team was very helpful.


18 January, 2021


Better is a "better" choice for Mortgages and Refinancing!

Better.com is a great and transparent mortgage / refinance company. You can see rate changes and options in real-time. They go out of their way to answer questions and to earn your business throughout the process. I will use Better.com again!


16 January, 2021


Horrible Experience!!

I have financed about 6 properties so far with big banks (PNC etc.) and even with a 810 credit score the loan process with Better.com was hands down the worst.The rates might be lower but the overall application process is painful. Hundreds of tasks are automatically generated with a lot being duplicates. You will be uploading unnecessary documents on a daily basis with no end in sight. Other banks have a contact person who will ask for a specific set of documents - not with Better.com. A computer software essentially comes up with a list on a daily basis. Even after the closing documents were signed - better.com required additional documents. And the fun didn't stop after closing. Within 30 days of the closing - the loan servicer was changed without my permission - payments made to the first servicer was not reflected in the information sent to the second. We were left scrambling to get the 2 working together with late fee and adverse credit reporting implications. My advice - stick to the organizations where you can meet a person face to face. That human touch is important in these transactions. Also stick to organizations that have a certain level of certainty around who will be servicing the loan.


15 January, 2021


Lowest around rate for a refi. Good online-lender experience.

Lowest rate for a refi. Nice website made it easy to upload documents and view up to date rates. At home closing experience. Having worked with local lenders, I still prefer a person experience but for a online lender Better is a solid option.


15 January, 2021


Better.com was an absolute pleasure to…

Better.com was an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve refinanced before with other companies who made me feel like a criminal. They required boatloads of information from me despite my excellent finances. Better.com was a seamless process. The online portal was a breeze to use.The employees I worked with were so nice and professional. It was like working with friends. I would definitely use better.com again.


14 January, 2021


I have nothing to complain about.

I have nothing to complain about - truly. It was a fair and transparent process from the very beginning. They were all very patient, the process was streamlined, they were extremely helpful, and got me exactly what I needed while being more than competitive compared to other lenders. What else can I say but thank you.


14 January, 2021


I had a great experience…

I had a great experience with Better.com Their process is really streamlined and it was easy. All went fine. Couldn't be happier!


14 January, 2021


It was easy

It was easy . Sometimes too easy, I feel anxious that it was. Lol I realized in the end, that it was just that . Just easy. It work out great. No multiple calls. No hassle. It is painless 😀


14 January, 2021


Excellent all the way

Excellent all the way. I selected better based on reviews and I am glad I did. Outstanding for all: The price, how easy the process was, how nice were people.


13 January, 2021


Great experience with Refi

Great experience with Refi. Communication with me was great. All my concerns and questions were answered promptly. Process was very easy and rates were very competitive with other companies.


13 January, 2021


Better Mortgage for me was simply and…

Better Mortgage for me was simply and truly better! Lowest rate with the lowest possible fees!! 1.875 with zero points and fees!! Unbelievable! And, processed in record time without so much as a hiccup. We paid $50 for streamlined e-signing. What a time saver and reasonable expense. Really impressed!!


13 January, 2021


Second Positive Better.com Experience

Pros: Better.com is very competitive on rates (especially when asked to counter competitors LE's), has a really slick web-portal for completing tasks / submitting docs (can auto-fetch details from financial institutions), and has operated/communicated quickly and effectively both times that we have worked with them. We refinanced a house in Portland OR over the Christmas / New Years period (when there was very high mortgage demand) in 31 days. Better has no "origination" or "underwriting" fees, and their staff do not operate on commission so there is none of the used-car-salesmanship you can get from other lenders. Cons: You can end up dealing with a number of different people (3+) as each stage of the loan process is handled by a different specialist. We did receive a couple strange "Appraisal has been ordered" notifications despite being given an appraisal waiver - which the team seemed to think had been sent in error. This was a little unsettling but nothing seemed to come of it. I wondered if the lender had triggered a drive by appraisal or similar. If this was the case, it was not a very transparent process.


12 January, 2021


Better.com really was better

I worked with several mortgage companies to refinance my home. Some were confused about my tax returns, which are a bit complicated. Some gave vague assurances that processing was on schedule when it was not. One even asked me to make them the beneficiary of my home insurance before they would proceed with processing the loan application. Lots of bad experiences. Better was different. They communicated clearly, answered my questions, and were willing to match an offer from a different mortgage company. While they have an automated system, there were personal contacts who clarified questions, understood answers, and were very helpful. I felt that I was kept informed about the progress of the loan application at each point in time.


09 January, 2021


Very simple and efficient process with Better Mortgage

Very simple and efficient process with Better Mortgage. All questions answered in the timely manner. There is no pressure at all. Thanks to my team Sean, Taylor and Rod for all your efforts and smooth closing.


09 January, 2021


Overall good experience

I wish that I could rate 4.5 instead of 4. Overall, we had a good experience with our mortgage refinance and the process moved fairly quickly even with the holidays. We liked the portal that kept us informed of every step, however, there were times when we didn't receive notifications of tasks that were waiting for us. Our team was pretty responsive, but with everything being handled virtually there were times when a voice to voice conversation would've helped to alleviate some frustration. I have to say that each interaction with our team was always pleasant and professional. They were honest and fair. We would likely use them in the future.


08 January, 2021


Excellent Communication

Excellent Communication. Best terms and rate as I compared.


08 January, 2021


Excellent efficiency & customer service

Better has competitive rates, polite and responsive customer service, and an efficient process. I have never been this satisfied with any other bank or financial institution. It was like going to Chick Fil A in that courteous & friendly people promptly provided exactly what we wanted, and what they promised.


08 January, 2021


By far the best refi experience

By far the best refi experience. Excellent website with clearly broken down tasks, email reminders, etc to make each step clear and efficient. It gives you a clear view of all the documents you need to provide and when along with the ability to review/sign new documents all in one place (easy drag/drop documents, click send, review later,etc). Visibility and traceability were great. The staff was equally as excellent, helping to answer any questions very quickly. My previous refi's were always one email at a time and things got lost or you could never get ahold of anyone review your closing docs ahead of time,etc. Everything about this refi was awesome compared to my previous experiences.


07 January, 2021


Their team is filled with ROCK STARS!!!

I am one that rarely, if ever, gives reviews. However, I was so impressed with the entire workflow, processes and PEOPLE, of Better that I just had to give a review. Honestly, I was very nervous about using Better Mortgage at first. My realtor had recommended a lender that she highly recommended, having worked with them for years. So, going against her recommendation and the fact that they were local to SC and I was moving from AZ had me nervous. But Olan my processing expert and his manager Benjamin were AWESOME!!! They helped to alleviate all my fears and really worked for me. They were in my corner. Even as we were driving from AZ to SC and things seemed to be going south, they came together and really made things happen. We were able to close today because of them and my family and I are extremely appreciative of it. I would Highly Recommend you give them a try. It was my first and it wont be my last.






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