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New American Funding: Review

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New American Funding Snapshot

New American Funding was founded in 2003 as an independent, family-owned mortgage lender. Located in Orange County, California, the lender has issued over $22 billion worth of home loans to home buyers across the United States.

New American Funding Spotlight

Best For
First-time home buyers and minorities

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Home Refinance, Home Purchase

Featured Loans
VA, FHA, HARP, home improvement, interest-only

Repayment Terms
15-30 year fixed, 5-10 years adjustable


New American Funding operates its mortgage lending business in over 160 physical locations within 25 states. The company offers its online service to every state besides New York, offering a large suite of mortgage products. Their product line up includes both conventional fixed-rate and adjustable home loans. Plus, they also offer government-backed FHA loans and VA loans.

Loan Types

New American Funding offers the following loan types: adjustable-rate, conventional fixed-rate, jumbo loans, government-backed VA, FHA, and HARP loans, interest-only loans, special home-improvement loans, cash-out refinancing, and reverse mortgages.

Mortgage Loan Rates & Terms

New American Funding offers loan amounts that can range from small mortgages to super jumbo loans. The minimum down payment can vary depending on the type of loan a borrower is requesting.

Government-backed loans like the VA and FHA loans offer the lowest down payments. Likewise, first-time home buyers and buyers who receive special assistance also get lower down payment options.

In order to qualify for a New American Funding loan, borrowers must be 18 or older, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, or have good credit (or fair credit for some government-backed loans).

New American Funding gives borrowers the option of only paying interest each month for a fixed introductory term of 5-10 years, giving the borrower flexibility of being able to make payments towards the principal loan rather than paying a fixed monthly amount.

Cash-out refinancing and reverse mortgages also offer different ways to access home equity to receive cash.

One downside to New American Funding is that it doesn’t reveal any rates on the website. If you want to find out what rate you pre-qualify for, you’ll have to request a rate online. Or, you could find out available rates by speaking to an agent in person, by phone, or by email.

Loan lengths can vary between 15 and 30 years for fixed-rate loans, and 5-10 years for adjustable-rate mortgages.

New American Funding Pros

  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers a wide range of mortgage products
  • 160+ physical locations in 25 states
  • Bilingual customer support in Spanish and English

New American Funding Cons

  • Not available in 25 states
  • Not available in New York State
  • You can’t view any rates without entering your contact details
  • You have to speak to a loan officer to get the link to the online application

New American Funding Application Process

There is a bit of a process with New American Funding applications. Borrowers interested in securing a loan begin their application online or by contacting New American Funding through phone, email, or at a physical location.

Borrowers can be pre-qualified online, but they have to be approved by a loan agent to even access the online application. Home loans close, on average, in less than 30 days.

Here are the five steps in New American Funding’s application process:

1. Pre-approval is the first step, where the prospective borrower provides initial documentation of income, assets, credit, and expenses. Loan officers then will decide if the borrower is approved for a specific loan amount.

2. Next, an official loan offer is presented to the borrower, including the detailed purchase price, loan amount, down payment, deposit, and terms and conditions.

3. Then, the borrower will hand over a deposit or open escrow.

4. The application then moves on to the underwriter, who will review the file and decide whether or not to give a final stamp of approval.

5. Finally, New American Funding wires over the funds to the borrowers bank account upon approval within 30 days.

Customer Support

New American Funding provides excellent customer support to its customers. Overall, they’re one of the best mortgage lenders when it comes to support, especially considering they offer a toll-free number to call, an email address, and over 160 branches in 25 states.

The Better Business Bureau rates New American Funding with an A+ rating due to the positive feedback received from its customers.

Final Thoughts on New American Funding

So, should you use New American Funding to access a home mortgage loan?

Overall, New American Funding is a great U.S. mortgage lender offering a variety of conventional and government-backed mortgages. They offer extra support for first-time buyers, minorities, retirees, and high-net worth buyers.

New American Funding started out as a family business and has kept that same family-friendly brand throughout the years, impressing its customers with incredible support.

While they cater to all types of borrowers, they really shine with their assistance to first-time buyers and the Latino community. Since its agents speak both English and Spanish, many Latin American families are able to get the help they need without having a difficult language barrier.


Does New American Funding have any down-payment assistance programs?
Yes. New American Funding has programs that help first-time buyers. Plus, they work with state down-payment assistance programs in these states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Missouri

New American Funding Customer Testimonials

Great   43 Reviews



08 January, 2022


Don't believe the positive reviews

Don't believe the positive reviews. They are not legit. This firm is a scam. Quoted a zero point loan and promised a free 60 day rate lock. Then refused to rate lock until days before closing (of course after rates had gone up) and then had the nerve to charge 1/2 point in discount fees. They did not honor their good faith estimate. There are way better places to get your mortgage stay away.


07 January, 2022


If I could rate it a zero I would

If I could rate it a zero I would. I received a mortgage from them. Upon closing the funds were not sent until about 3 hours later. It was their fault and I was moving a great distance with movers I had to pay. We couldn't get the keys to the house until 4 hours later. They said they would send me a $500 credit card for my trouble. Never received it. Two months after closing they say I am in a flood zone and charge me flood insurance. FEMA and all my documentation, even from their own appraisal says I never was or is in a flood zone. Now I will have to get an engineer out and pay them to prove I am not in a flood zone. Dont do it! As soon as I can remortgage with another company I will. Customer service is horrible.


10 December, 2021


Stay away unless you plan to be taken advantage of.

I had a good experience with them the first time. The second time. Not so much. Not good at communication and the loan got bumped 3 times because they failed to get everything in order on agreements that originated in Sept. and Oct. this is December. Closing Officer was Maria, Loan originator was Anna, she was ok. However everything thing else was bad planning, and a lack of foresight and bad communication. Since I had no true real estate agent to keep everything stepping it was whatever was convenient for them. Stay away.


19 October, 2021


Stay away!

My wife contacted this company and told them we are shopping with at least 3 options before we pick a company for mortgage. The initial customer service was of course great. They don't give you any of the costs until you actually apply and confirm that your credit will not be checked by application, but it will unlock the numbers you asked about. Once you applied, then there is silence! When she called to see when we will get the numbers/costs, the agent (Robert Martin) said that he is too busy to respond to her! He is covering three other agents who are as busy as he is! But if she wants preapproval, he can run it right away! I was listening to this conversation (I am the applicant) and it sounded like he was trying to make her forego asking about the number he had promised to disclose after the application and force us to have our credits checked and thus not be able to shop anywhere else! He kept interrupting her as she was trying to ask him for numbers he promised to disclose, saying in high voice that as he said he is too busy to take her call and already has many other clients to respond to! We are going to withdraw our application and recommend to stay away from them.


23 September, 2021


DO NOT go with this company

DO NOT go with this company. Communication was severely lacking and documents were asked for multiple times when they were previously given. If you do go with this company, make sure you talk through all the process before hand as you’ll be in the dark the whole time.


18 September, 2021


I think the excellent reviews are…

I think the excellent reviews are bogus. I tried to do a cash out refi. Extremely poor communications along the way. Loan officer did not pay attention to my loan. Processor always took 2 weeks to respond to my questions. The underwriter wanted info, twice, about my HOA. I font have one. Condo docs were requested for my single family home. I felt like I was dealing with rude people who just started a mortgage company a few weeks earlier. Stay away!


29 July, 2021


Refinance went south

Applied for a 15 year refinance in July 2021, was given a quote of 2.49%. My credit score is around 825 and FICO 850. 2.49% is not a bad quote but I was seeing other quotes of 1.85% and others under 2.0%. I was told that if I signed, and rates went DOWN, then MY rate would also go down. It would never go up. Well I signed, and rates continued to go down. I was solicited by other lenders offering me 1.75%. I reached out to New American Funding to make sure I was getting 1.75% and they said no. Best they could do was 2.49%. They could go to 2.25% if I wanted to pay them $1000+ in points. Since I had spent several hours getting my documents together, I asked New American Funding to please at least give me the 2.25% rate at no cost in points. They said no. The paperwork I signed said they would come down, the sales agent said they could come down, however, they refused to come down. I ended up cancelling the application with New American Funding and went with a competitor who gave me exactly 1.75% (had to pay $675 in points) but worth it. (Edit 8/12/21): Closed and got my 1.75% rate (15 year fixed) with "Better Mortgage". It was a very simple process and they kept their word.


04 June, 2021


Super decent to work with

Super decent to work with. I had a great experience on a getting approved for a mortgage loan that is rather big. I will say also a big thanks to my loan officer Erick and Celine who went beyond lengths to get us properly informed. We enjoyed working with credit experts support @ Royalfinancialrescuecom who also did great in fixing credit issues ahead of pulls.


26 May, 2021


Chloe was amazing and deserves a raise

Chloe was amazing and deserves a raise. I signed up with royal financial rescue based on her recommendation in a bid to boost my credit rating. Before now I didn’t know how to use my rent payment and phone bill records to gain credit points. RFR helped my by using rentalkharma and I gained 93 points within a month of credit repair with them..Got approved quickly by Movement mortgage and I’m ready for my second home. Support @ Royalfinancialrescue com is a team worth recommending, Happy with NAF !


05 March, 2021


While the sales person selling the loan…

While the sales person selling the loan was pleasant, professional, on time and courteous the department processing the loans is so backed up that a preliminary loan cannot be received within 24 hours. Really? someone needs to take responsibility for the processing department and get them help or manage it more professionally.


01 February, 2021


We are very happy with our decision to…

We are very happy with our decision to refinance with New American. Their customer service and expertise was top notch along with their rates. We worked with Daniel Lopez & he was amazing to work with.


01 February, 2021


Clear to close in a snap!

Extremely satisfied with New American Funding. I have already referred other potential borrowers to them because of their professionalism and knowledge of the lending industry. I am self employed which brings a different set of circumstance to the table, New America made the process smooth, expedient and pleasant, Sam Berro and Diana Speranza are the BEST!!!!


30 January, 2021


Excellent Company, Great Rates

This is the third time I’ve refinanced with NAF. I’ve returned each time because of the excellent customer service, professionalism, and great rates. I worked with Eric this time around and he was great. Always there to answer questions and keep me on track. I’m very impressed with this company and the customer service they provide. I highly recommend them for any loan needs.


26 January, 2021


Very fast and efficient

Very fast and efficient. Every person involved was kind, friendly, and thorough. There were no "hickups" and no problems.


25 January, 2021


Excellent service

Excellent service . Everything was smooth and agent was very helpful Thank you


25 January, 2021


Highly recommended!

I don't normally take the time to fill these out but the service that I received from New American Funding was exceptional! The take away, is I now have a lower interest rate & it was painless process with great communication from New American Funding!


24 January, 2021


My process took exactly 3 months to complete

My process took 3 months to complete. I was learning a lot about the loan process and when New American Funding gets the ball rolling and do all the necessary paperwork, things happen and happen quickly. I am appreciative of the whole team who guided me through this process and would recommend to do business with them. Special shout out to Devin and his team for making this possible, thank you guys.


24 January, 2021


We have had a wonderful experience with New American Funding!

We have had a wonderful experience with New American Funding. The process from beginning to end was very pleasant and transparent. We never had to wonder what was going on with our loan because we were kept up to date every step of the way. If I had a question, it was very easy to get in contact with our rep and get the questions answered. Just remember, the sooner you get your documents in, the quicker your loan process will go. From beginning to closing, the process took us 2 months. We did a couple of things we had to clear up on our end, which caused a little delay in our loan. I highly recommend New American Funding!


24 January, 2021


Refinanced with the best experience

I just closed my refinance and the process has been very smooth. Zachary has been very prompt with his responses to my questions as well as keeping me in the loop with the whole progress. I also like that fact that I will be making direct payment to New American Funding rather than to a third party which usually happens with other lenders. I also would like to give a shout out to Erika Flores, my processing agent, who has been very courteous and allowing me to have a very smooth closing experience.


23 January, 2021


Job well done.

Miguel and his team did an excellent job in communicating the process of applying for a loan via the internet. I was a little apprehensive at first, but Miguel and his team gave me confidence with their professionalism. End the end New American Funding did what they said they would do. Job well done.


23 January, 2021


I definitely recommend this company

I definitely recommend this company. Kevin was great to work with. The whole process was well communicated, easy and quick. Was great working with this company.


23 January, 2021


Great job!!

Steve and Jose did a great job quick and easy !! Thank you guys for your easy steps in getting me the best rates! Very happy😊


22 January, 2021


Mark is the best to work with

Mark is the best to work with! When all lenders shot me down with my VA Home loan, he found a way! Thanks Mark! Your the Man!


20 January, 2021


Very pleased with overall experience

Very pleased with overall experience as well as the product I purchased. The NAF Loan Officer (Zo Cruz) was very knowledgable and responsive. Great job!! Steven J. Roberts


19 January, 2021


I have refinanced twice with this…

I have refinanced twice with this company! they are the BEST!!!


19 January, 2021


Great company to get a mortgage

Great company to get a mortgage


18 January, 2021


If you want a smooth transaction always…

If you want a smooth transaction always use New American Funding especially Steve Lascano and David Castillo, they are the best in the business ..period.


18 January, 2021


I had an amazing experience working…

I had an amazing experience working with Chris Winston out of Fort Worth. He really got things going swiftly and efficiently. He got us an incredible rate and made himself available outside normal “business hours” just to keep things moving. Tracey Tran was our loan processor out of California, and she was great as well. The underwriting process was somewhat tedious with a lot of back and forth, which was possibly also due to some of our unique financial situation. Also, they work on west coast time, which at times was somewhat of a small challenging as we got down to closing date. But, they always worked into the evening to get things done. They were very professional, got us an AMAZING rate, and we closed in 30 days (despite being Christmas and Nee Years holidays!). So I think that’s pretty amazing. I would 100% use them again. Wish them the best.


17 January, 2021


We are on our 4th REFI with NAF and…

We are on our 4th REFI with NAF and have worked with Brittani Tran for all 4. She is the best! Always prompt, reliable, patient, and personal. And KUDOS to the whole NAF team for their EXCELLANT work in making this complex and stressful process easy and convenient. A+++


17 January, 2021


Justin and his Team made a complex task…

Justin and his Team made a complex task easy and stress free for my husband and myself. We would highly recommend New American Funding. And Justin’s British accents is always a plus!


17 January, 2021


Monique Sanchez is the best!

Monique Sanchez has been there to assist me in my quest for the best refinance rate.She is prompt in returning my calls and emails and guided me throughout the process. This is not my first time to refinance and she has been there to help me get the best outcome, every time! I will definitely recommend her to all my friends. We closed the loan in about three weeks! She is the best!


17 January, 2021


We had a great experience with NAF

We had a great experience with NAF. Melissa Glenn was wonderful to work with. Sweet, kind and knowledgeable. She seemed genuinely excited for us with our home purchase. I'm so glad we chose to work with NAF.


17 January, 2021


The refi went smooth

The refi went smooth. I was kept informed on the progress . My loan processor John was great and loan officer Clayton was also great at keeping me informed.


14 January, 2021


Easy refi with New American Funding for 3rd time in 4 years…

Luke Bade at New American Funding was great to deal with for our 3rd refi over the past 4 years. Very easy to work with and helpful. Joanna Adriano was a great help in processing our docs. Thank you so much!


13 January, 2021


Excellent service and professional

Excellent service and professional! A++


11 January, 2021



Rapid response time, quick rate lock and seamless closure. I cannot imagine a better mortgage borrowing experience, and we will continue to work with NA. Great work.


03 December, 2020


The Albuquerque branch (Inez Garcia)…

The Albuquerque branch (Inez Garcia) did not communicate with me the buyers realtor or the buyer at all. I would call, text and email with no response at all. Every so often, she would respond saying things are looking good. She promised an on time closing with no problems. Now it's a week after closing was supposed to happen and still promised a closing. Now the week after closing, all of these problems arose suddenly. Then the day of the so called closing, the company denied the loan totally. Not a good experience at all. They really did a number for the buyer, seller and the 2 realtors involved.


06 November, 2020


Ali & Jessica

Ali, Jessica, and the rest of the team were incredibly patient and understanding while I resolved a previously unknown CAIVRS issue. Thank you!


06 November, 2020



The whole process was a breeze! My loan officer, Elizabeth Vasquez, was THE BEST EVER!!! All paperwork was done online until closing. Everything was explained thoroughly. Super easy and done in a flash! Highly recommended New American Funding, and of course, Elizabeth.


06 November, 2020


New American Funding has carried my…

New American Funding has carried my mortgage for 2 years and now my refinance. They are very helpful, responsive and provide great service. My refinance rate is the best I’ve seen.


06 November, 2020


New American Funding and Ali Farhat…

New American Funding and Ali Farhat were amazing. The whole process was on line and Ali was generous with his time in explaining the whole process and then each step to completion. He was so very patient.


05 November, 2020


New American Funding and Scott Sheedy are AMAZING!!!

Scott Sheedy and NAF have proven how great they are three different times now. I highly recommend Scott and NAF as they have always been customer focused, excellent communicators, and work with a true sense of urgency. Stop looking now and go with NAF. Excellent company that have made us very happy customers!!


09 August, 2019



LIARS AND SCAMMERS!!!!!! New American Funding was chosen for me after another company I was initially mortgaged with sold my interest to New American. I went through a terrible divorce and lost my business and credit in the process. All that remained was my home. I called New American and they suggested I do a modification, since I was two payments behind. Over the phone they seemed like they wanted to help me keep my home and were willing to assist me any way possible. They sent me the paperwork to fill out which was grueling and by this time I found out that I had breast cancer and I decided to move back to NJ to be with my family and friends and rent my home for a year and then return to permanently live in GA after my treatment was over. New American Funding sent me a letter stating that I was approved for the modification and to sign the documents and send everything back to them with signatures and certifications requested. I let them know on numerous occasions to send all of my correspondence and mail to my POB in NJ because I would be in NJ. Several associates took the address information and added the info to my file. I immediately sent the documents back and spoke with someone over the phone to confirm they received the documents and that all was good to go. They assured me everything was fine and when to start making the new payment. almost three months go by and I think all is well so I call to make a payment over the phone for my new payment and was left on hold and then transfered to another department for collections. They told me they could not accept payment because the modification was denied. I was like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Then my neighbor tells me she sees the mailman ring the doorbell for a signature for a mail item. My tenant has not informed me or my property manager about any mail, they just keep dropping it off at post office, letting them know the address was incorrect. In addition, I change my address with the post office so that all mail would come to NJ before I moved. I asked my neighbor to pick up envelope and send it to me. Once I received it it was a letter stating that my modification had been denied because they weren't able to reach me by mail about the fact that one signature was missing from the paperwork and they were going to start foreclosure proceedings unless I paid all arrears to make account current. When I called them, I ask them why my case worker didn't reach out to me by phone and why didn't ANYONE have the courtesy or common sense to call me and leave a message. I mentioned the conversation I had with the employee that told me they received the paperwork and it was good to go but they didn't seem to care about playing back that recorded conversation. Now I am forced into bankruptcy to save my home and then ultimately forced into selling it because New American Funding was forcing me through the trustee to pay the arrears which now amounted to 22,000 to keep my house or they could still push for foreclosure or worse auction. I even spokw with one employee that told me they could easily mail me the page missing the signature and this whole thing could be easily rectified. He told me, he would have a supervisor call me back that evening and everything would be ok. I NEVER got a return call. Now I am forced to sell my home, the home I loved and wanted to return to after my chemo was over. I am now living with friends, trying to rebuild my life and dignity. New American could have made a major positive impact in my life but instead they added to my stress and did everything within their power to steal my home from me. Even when my house was finally sold, they gave the incorrect payoff amount to the attorneys and they requested an additional $500 or they would hold onto the deed. They did that for spite because I told them I was going to write a horrible review about their company a week earlier. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. THEY NEVER INTENDED TO GIVE ME THE MODIFICATION AND EVEN MY BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY STATED WHAT THEY DID WAS TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES AND WOULDN'T HOLD UP IN COURT..Truly they don't deserve any stars but i couldn't start the review with one.






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