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Rocket Mortgage: Review

  3,775 Reviews on Trustpilot

Rocket Mortgage Snapshot

Rocket Mortgage is an online loan marketplace and application process powered by Quicken Loans.

When applying for a mortgage through Rocket Loans, underwriters who work at Quicken Loans will decide if you are to be approved. Rocket Mortgage has a star rating system to show you different products and services offered by Quicken Loans.

If you’re on the go, then Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans is a great solution.

Their website and mobile app offer a simple, user-friendly application that can pull a prospective borrower’s employment details by simply inputting identity information like your date of birth and Social Security number.

The entire loan process is completely done online, which removes the need for having to meet in person.

Rocket Mortgage’s pre-approval can be secured in just a few minutes.

Rocket Mortgage Spotlight

Best For
Borrowers who want to do everything online

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Home Refinance, Home Mortgages

Loan Features
HARP refinancing, FHA, traditional fixed rate, VA

Repayment Terms
15 or 30-year fixed rate, 5 or 7 year ARM


Rocket Mortgage was built from the ground up as a digital lending platform. The direct lender was crafted for digital natives as a smooth, user-friendly loan platform which keeps the entire application process online and on their mobile app.

They offer a variety of mortgage loan options and rates, keeping borrowers up to date with the latest details. The website and app are designed simply and allow for all customer service to be done on the platforms.

Rocket Mortgage is best suited for first-time buyers, veterans, and borrowers who have small down payments.

Loan Types

Rocket Mortgage offers a variety of loan types, including Traditional fixed rate mortgages. They also offer a number of other loan features:

  • FHA Loans. First time home buyers with lower credit scores or a lower down payment can get financing to purchase their first home. Or they can refinance for any reason. Rocket Mortgage’s FHA loans only need a downpayment of 3%.
  • VA loans. Veterans can secure a government-backed VA loan which isn’t always available from online mortgage lenders.
  • HARP refinancing. This makes it simple for any homeowner to cash-out their refinancing loans in case of emergency, large purchase, or college fees.

Rocket Mortgage Rates & Terms

Rocket Mortgage’s exact terms for loans and mortgages aren’t exactly easy to pinpoint as their APR rate information can only be accessed by applying online.

And, unless you complete the entire application process, you won’t be able to see how much of a down payment you’ll need (although they can be as low as 3% depending on your situation).

However, Rocket Mortgage does reveal on their site that their terms range between 8 to 30 years with the YOURgage loan and variable rate mortgages have 5 or 7 year terms.

Unfortunately Rocket Mortgage only gives loans out for owner-occupied homes and not for investment properties.

You can secure a traditional fixed-rate mortgage of 15- or 30-year terms. You can also secure an ARM loan (variable rate), for 5 or 7 years.

Rocket Mortgage Pros

  • Fast, advanced platform
  • Website or Mobile app access
  • Variety of loan options
  • Real time rate updates
  • Easy-to-use platform

Rocket Mortgage Cons

  • The number of options available can be overwhelming
  • Terms and rates information isn’t available until you register
  • A lot of information on your finances needs to be submitted

Rocket Mortgage Application Process

Rocket offers one of the easiest mortgage lender applications:

1. Create an account on their website which takes a few seconds.

2. Complete the online questionnaire which includes basic information about your identity and financial situation.

3. Receive your loan quotes. You can customize tem by simply adjusting your monthly payments, down payment, or loan term until you’re happy with your offer.

4. Click the submit button to request an online approval.

5. Once you’ve received an approval, lock in your rates online.

6. E-sign your online documents to close the loan.

Customer Support

Rocket Mortgage has great customer support. Not only do they offer a phone line for support every day of the week, but they also offer email.

Plus, you can get a hold of a support person through their live chat feature on their site or mobile app. Live chat isn’t 24/7, but can be accessed 7 AM to midnight on weekdays and 9 AM to midnight on weekends.

Final Thoughts on Rocket Mortgage

So, should you use Rocket Mortgage to access a home mortgage loan?

Rocket is a speedy, digitally-focused mortgage loan provider that offers a wide range of refinancing and mortgage options.

You can secure a traditional mortgage, as well as a VA, or FHA loan, which is difficult to secure online.

Between a user-friendly website and app, Rocket Mortgage makes it easy for borrowers to secure a loan without the hassle of traditional borrowing methods.


Are Quicken Loans and Rocket Mortgage the same company?
Yes. Rocket Mortgage is simply the online mortgage experience created by Quicken Loans. When you use Rocket Mortgage to secure a loan, Quicken Loans is the company that processes it. They’ll determine if you’re eligible, or qualified, and processes your entire loan.
What’s the difference between Rocket Mortgage and Quicken Loans?
While Quicken Loans is the company name of the mortgage lender, Rocket Mortgage is the name of Quicken’s digital lending platform.
Where is Rocket Mortgage available?
You can access Rocket Mortgage in all 50 states. However, you can’t secure Rocket Mortgage loans outside of the US or in Puerto Rico.

Rocket Mortgage Customer Testimonials

Great   3,775 Reviews



18 hours ago


This was my second experience with…

This was my second experience with Rocket Mortgage and both times have been excellent. It was literally less than two weeks from our initial conversation to closing. The other thing I was impressed with was the ability to save me some $$$ and decrease the length of the mortgage.


23 January, 2022


Never seemed to speak to the same…

Never seemed to speak to the same person twice. Had to submit the same paperwork multiple times. Never received the Google Nest Kit for getting a new mortgage.


22 January, 2022


Our interaction with Rocket Morgage was…excellent

Our interaction with Rocket Morgage was a real pleasurable experience All the different people were helpful ,pleasant and very patient with all our questions The whole experience was very simple and stress free and I have been telling people I know are buying homes to look into Rocket Morgage I appreciate all the hard work that all your people did It was a great pleasure to find a company that make big claims and actually did and exceeded every claim made Thanks to everyone at Rocket Morgage for their had work


21 January, 2022


She was very helpful and very happy and…

She was very helpful and very happy and a pleasure to speak with. She put me on hold to call my insurance company to take care of it right away and came back and told me everything was done and taken care of. What a pleasure knowing she did it right away. Great job!!


21 January, 2022


Always an easy process working with the…

Always an easy process working with the staff and the site. Never any surprises, straight forward honest communication.


20 January, 2022



Great!!! Super efficient, painless and convenient! Dan is amazing and has always looked out for us like a great friend.


20 January, 2022



Easy-peasy, straightforward, great communication


20 January, 2022


Working with Rocket Mortgage was a…

Working with Rocket Mortgage was a great experience from start to finish. My questions never went unanswered. Whenever I needed to speak to someone directly, I was able to connect in a fairly quick time frame oppose to waiting for a rep to get back to me the next business day. I heard so many horror stories about the home buying process and honestly I was afraid but RM made my transition from renting to owning as smooth as possible. So thank you RM!!


20 January, 2022


Our process was smooth and efficient…

Our process was smooth and efficient from the beginning to getting us ready for closing. The staff was always available and answered all of our questions as needed. We appreciate the professionalism and ways of communication with us, whether it was by a call, through the app or via email.


19 January, 2022


I had a wonderful experience with…

I had a wonderful experience with Rocket Mortage. Christine O'Grady and Kristen Hawley made sure I understood everything and provided me with all the paperwork to do with the loan. Then along came Amrock. They treated me like I was family. The whole thing never had me pressured on any kind of bad feeling about the whole process. Thank you to all involved in my loan.


19 January, 2022



I called them this morning not realizing that they are quicken loans rebranded. They were nasty in the extreme, tone of voice, not answering questions, talking loudly over you, rude, and repeating ad nauseam, that is the process, no matter what it was about they don't care. In the end they told me they can't quote me a rate without me digging up all the paperwork on a homeowner's insurance for a condo! where it is included and I have to find it. That is the process, that is the process, constantly repeating that. When I said that doesn't make sense to me they hung up. Good. We can get a loan anywhere, and this level of rudeness I have never encountered before. Except at Quicken loans a couple of years ago. For the answer: Of course you cannot locate a loan, because it never happened. And I explained why. Your level of service is so bad, you didn't even read my review, just pressed some buttons. Never mind. I'd discourage anyone from using your services. We have been offered a very nice rate from our own bank now. And they work reliably.


18 January, 2022


First time refinance, terrible experience

First time attempting a refinance, so far most stressful thing I have ever engaged in. Everything started well, until the appraisal came back $100k lower than expected. Appraisal has numerous errors, house was never measured and dimensions of home are wrong. Location description is off by several miles. Description of interior is wrong. Garage is missing, etc. I swear this isnt my house being described in the appraisal. After 3 weeks of trying to communicate with Rocket Mortgage to get these issues resolved, their 'collateral team' has so far done nothing, except tell me Im a liar. The county assessor says its wrong, my previous appraisal says its wrong, my tape measure says its wrong. How can you issue a loan with an appraisal that is full of errors to the point of negligence and fraud? They just dont care at all. Theres just no way to get anything done about any of it. No way to get a review appraisal or a second appraisal. They do keep calling me to tell me that my loan is ready to close, even though its for the wrong amount and the appraisal is under review. Does the right hand not know what the left hand is doing there? I would avoid this company. Perhaps if everything works without issue it might be mediocre, but if there is anything that needs addressed, good luck..


18 January, 2022


Faster and Easier than I ever imagined

Faster and Easier than I ever imagined. Excellent value as well.


18 January, 2022


Great experience

Great experience, responsive to my needs and straightforward!


18 January, 2022


Rocket Mortgage helped me become a…

Rocket Mortgage helped me become a homeowner and I could not be happier. They really worked with me, and I appreciate Siairra Lemuz for everything she done. Everyone helped out a great bit, and they even helped redefine my loan to ensure we did not lose it. I will always recommend Rocket Mortgage to everyone!


17 January, 2022


Rocket Mortgage is great to work with!

Rocket Mortgage is so easy to work with. I love that basically everything is done on-line. When I did need to speak to someone, they were very responsive and helpful in answering my questions. If I buy another house, will definitely contact Rocket Mortgage!


17 January, 2022


Fabulous experience from start to…Best Ever

Fabulous experience from start to finish.


17 January, 2022


Best experience buying a house

Best experience buying a house! Everyone I worked with was very helpful and polite!

CK —-

15 January, 2022


Confusing refinance experience with…

Confusing refinance experience with this company. I had two finance managers that could not figure my wife’s income to save their life. They were stuck on 2020 and we all know what happened in 2020. I provided them with two verification letters from HR along with w2’s but turned her down for not able to verify income. My wife has been working for the same company for 23 years but yet this company couldn’t qualify her because of being furloughed in 2020. She also had a credit score over 750 as well but none of this mattered to them along with multiple letters from HR backing her pay. They wanted her to reapply in 2022 so I can give them another w2 to verify income. I wasted nearly two months trying to refinance with them don’t waste your time with their customer service. I feel they didn’t want to honor the 2.99 locked rate they offered and wanted her to reapply. They gave an excuse saying income can change within two years and need to verify two years of income. I don’t really understand what that meant since anything can change in 30 years as well.


14 January, 2022


excellent from beginning to end

excellent from beginning to end


13 January, 2022


Straightforward process

Straightforward process. Courtney was very responsive to questions. All in all a very painless refi. Thank you!


13 January, 2022


Friendly and efficient all through the…

Friendly and efficient all through the process!


13 January, 2022


Process was easy and we felt well…

Process was easy and we felt well supported from our initial inquiry right through closing. Team was very responsive and helpful.


12 January, 2022


My experience with Rocket mortgage was great

My experience with Rocket mortgage was literally flawless from beginning to end. The entire process was easy and stress free. Everything was done professionally and as stated. This was one of the easiest online procedures I have ever encountered. My Rocket agent was the best as was the Amrock settlement agent. I would highly recommend Rocket.


11 January, 2022


I can't even express how disappointed…

I can't even express how disappointed we are with this company!! They gave us our first loan and when we decided to sell years later, we wanted to stay with them, HUGE MISTAKE!! I hope someone else reads this and saves them the money and their sanity! We were days away from closing when they stated they could not give us a loan! how do you get pre-approved and then they change their mind?? Needless to say, we went with another bank and were approved immediately! best decision I made!!


11 January, 2022


The entire process from applying for…

The entire process from applying for the loan until closing were awesome. The entire staff very knowledgeable from start to finish. Wouldn’t think about using any other Mortage company.


10 January, 2022


The process is like a well oiled…

The process is like a well oiled machine from start to finish. Every person involved is on task and highly professional.


09 January, 2022


Should be a zero review

Should be a zero review. My experience with Rocket Mortgage was a disaster. My case was a divorce matter and I had a due date for closing. After they requested a whole bunch of paperwork (my whole life in writing) and promises like; we’ll pay your two car loans and making paid my two secured loans around $13,000 with low interest, the closing never happened. However “ The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” it goes perfect with this company. I worked with 3 agents Jason McDonald, Joe Blank, and Jarret Smith and after going over and over with my situation and sending all the requested paperwork to all of them, they took their sweater time to work on it. No one cared. My appraisal came a little lower than what they expected, I told them that a few amenities were missing from on it which it will increase my report, but nothing happened. I even called the appraisal company and not a call back. I presented an income of $160k+ my house worths around $650+, never a missed payment on my mortgage Closing fees around $41k+. I can say a lot more. My advise to all of you, please DO NOT go with this company. Wasting time, efforts and not caring for the customers.


08 January, 2022


Quick and painless

I worked with Jeff Magill, he was very helpful. My work schedule conflicted with business hours, but he made himself available for questions past those hours. If he didn’t answer I was able to leave a voicemail or text and he would reply in a timely manner. The whole process with Rocket Mortgage was quick and painless. They are not pushy like other companies I spoke with.


06 January, 2022


This was the easiest refinance I have…

This was the easiest refinance I have ever experienced. I was able to follow the process via the online portal, had quick responses to questions, and get a great rate. From the time I submitted the initial inquiry to closing was less than 30 days and about 10 of those were me waiting to pull the trigger and follow through.


06 January, 2022


Great folks to work with

Great folks to work with. They really make it easy to refinance.


06 January, 2022


I refinanced my house at a lower rate…

I refinanced my house at a lower rate and used the streamline version. It took Rocket Mortgage less than three weeks to close the deal. Everyone I dealt with were knowledgeable and courteous. I had a very good experience.


05 January, 2022


Process was very discombobulated and…

Process was very discombobulated and even after I closed, nobody seemed to know how to get me the complimentary Google Nest Bundle Rocket Mortgage had promised.


05 January, 2022


Julie Kaplan was a pleasure to work…

Julie Kaplan was a pleasure to work with. She was patient, very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions promptly.


05 January, 2022


Great service from Rocket!!

A representative kept me informed of where we were in the process of my refinance, and what was needed. Closing happened within 20 days of requesting refinance. Thoroughly pleased with Rocket!!


05 January, 2022


They did a great job understanding my…

They did a great job understanding my needs and putting together a loan for me quickly.


03 January, 2022


Smooth and efficient

My experience with Rocket was smooth and efficient. From the first time I spoke to my representative to the closing I was satisfied with the process as a whole and with everyone I came in contact with. Thanks so much


01 January, 2022


This is my 3rd or 4th time with Rocket…

This is my 3rd or 4th time with Rocket Mortgage and they're wonderful. They're friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. They explain everything and answer as many questions as needed to help you understand what is needed and what will happen.


01 January, 2022


Lightning fast closing!

Great experience. Only took a couple weeks to close. No surprises. Great rate.


01 January, 2022


We had a wonderful experience with…

We had a wonderful experience with Rocket. They make refinancing a simple and pain-free process.


30 December, 2021


I worked with the Rocket Mortgage on…

I worked with the Rocket Mortgage on the purchase of my first home. The level of care, attention to detail, and professionalism demonstrated surpassed my expectations. As a first-time home buyer, I really appreciated their honesty and transparency throughout the mortgage process. They stayed on top of every detail. I highly recommend Rocket Mortgage.


30 December, 2021


Not at all as promised. But they made their money.

This is my third time in two years using Rocket Mortgage. The first two transactions were exactly as advertised and I would rate them 5 stars. This most recent transaction wasn’t and I would give them 1 star. While away on a business trip, I received a cold call from them offering a better rate on a streamlined refinance. Without all my loan information in front of me, they assured me I would be saving considerably and would need no cash out of pocket at closing. Since I had already closed two loans in the previous year, they would need very little paperwork from me. I began to get concerned when I made it home and was better able to look at the numbers. The “considerable” savings would only really begin after more than 4 years; I told them from the outset that I would only be in the house another 5 years at best. Then the limited amount of paperwork began to steadily increase. They seemed confused that I had a home equity line of credit with a zero balance. They wanted the prior 12 months of statements…I explained that since I owed no money, the bank issued no statements. They then asked for the prior 6 months…same problem. I told them I could send the last statement available online that showed a zero balance from two years prior. I could also screenshot the current zero-balance page and send that. They accepted that, until 3 days before closing, when another arm of the closing team suddenly needed a letter from my bank with my “payoff” information (for a zero balance). I could have worked two overtime days and made more money than I am going to save if I stay in the house 5 years. And of course…I needed $156 at the closing. HaHa.


29 December, 2021


The debt payoff process was so bad

The debt payoff process was so bad, it made us regret using this company at all. Either send the payments off or give us the funds to do it electronically. Sending us physical checks made out to other places where we have to track down addresses and account numbers is a horrible way to do things. We did not even know what one of the checks was for because we had never heard of that company.


29 December, 2021


Worst Business Experience I've Had

This has been one of my worst experiences with any company! I am a small business owner and I gifted money via a business check to a close friend. They keep asking them for information and access to accounts that they wouldn't have access to. I've had my friend give them my contact information to deal with me directly. I've sent information via email to multiple people. Once I respond I never hear from them again and then I get another person asking for the same info! There seems to be too many people with hands in the pot and no communication between them. The information they are requesting is ridiculous as well. I sell decor, barware, and furniture both wholesale and at art shows. As most of my products fall in the realm of gifts, my business is very seasonal. This means for a few months I have very little income and then closer to holidays I get slammed with large transactions. At art shows I use Shopify as a POS for credit card transactions. This means a large amount will be deposited in a lump amount. As for cash we don't issue receipts as it is a quick paced environment. I report that as well for tax purposes. My accountant has never had any issues with this. I can also show myself as a vendor in attendance on the art shows website. Requesting individual receipts for every transaction during the holidays is crazy. I did not have these issues when I purchased my house. My recommendation is to stay away from this company!


29 December, 2021


Smooth and easy refi

The refi process was so easy and simplified. The Rocket Mortgage app had everything I needed in one place to make the process go smoothly.


28 December, 2021


Its like buying clothes off WISH.com

I applied for a preapproval letter on their site. After entering all my info that was more than adeq to get an approval, I recvd a screen that said they had to pull a hard credit to continue. Aggravated I allowed it. The next day, I recvd ZERO communication, not even an email that I applied, much less a preapproval letter. I signed back in, to see I was assigned an agent..who was on vacation. I had zero documents in my account. I emailed the said agent, where I recv a bounce back email saying Michael HErtzeg was handling the matter. Hertzeg also had his phone diverted to VM. I called the 800 help line. No live person could be contacted. I DID however recv an email from TRANSUNION that my credit had been inquired and lost about 10 points. Ive been on hold 15 minutes, then a rep picked up, and told me she couldnt help because I didnt have a loan #, and when I tried to explain..she hung up on me. Mind you, it says the calls are recorded. IF YOU deal with this company, you deserve whatever happens


28 December, 2021


Simple is the best word to describe my…

Simple is the best word to describe my experience. Simple and easy. Thanks to the design experts who make the process easy to follow and complete in a timely manner.


28 December, 2021


Great Experience from the first day…

Great Experience from the first day until the last day. From the very first call with Aaron, we felt that Rocket Mortgage was the right company to help us with our needs. Will definitely recommend. Great staff, excellent service, closed a week sooner than expected. Great team!


28 December, 2021


Despite their endless advertising on…

Despite their endless advertising on every medium, Rocket Mortgage is a disaster to work with. Far from "one button quick mortgages", I've worked with no less than 5 different people over 4 months who each have their own process, clearly are incented to close on certain refinance product types, and are inflexible and silo'd. Surprise fees and next steps continue to show up. If you can't work on their hours, they don't want to work with you. DO NOT START THIS PROCESS WITH ROCKET. Jay Farner, Rocket CEO, does not understand how hard his company is to work with and that his advertising is patently false from a prospect's perspective. Other companies are responsive. Buyer beware. Matthew Fitzgerald was the only positive and professional element. (Addendum: note the reply from an employee is a cut and paste job with the same typos and inability to find a loan and no email - exactly how customers are treated, cookie cutter, stay away)


27 December, 2021


Rocket Mortgage gets 5 Stars!

This was my third time working with Rocket Mortgage and the first time I've worked with Jeano Kashat.The best experience yet! No delays, no glitches and closed in record time (16 days) and got a great interest rate. I highly recommend Rocket Mortgage to anyone interested in refinancing or purchasing a new home.






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