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AmeriSave Mortgage: Review

  10,258 Reviews on Trustpilot

AmeriSave Mortgage Snapshot

Overall, AmeriSave is a great mortgage lender thanks to their streamlined online application process.

AmeriSave is a full-service mortgage lender which operates in 49 states and the District of Columbia. First established in Atlanta in 2002, it has funded over 220k homes with a total value of over $55 billion. AmeriSave is known for its great customer service for those looking for help with their mortgage loan.

AmeriSave Mortgage Spotlight

Best For
Those who need a simple application process

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Home Refinance, Home Purchase

Loan Features
FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional

Repayment Terms
Multiple options, including 10-30 years, 5/1, 7/1, or 10/1 ARM


AmeriSave is one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the United States. With a wide range of loan options for both purchasing and refinancing, they offer jumbo loans, conventional loans, VA, FHA, and USDA loans.

For each loan you can choose between fixed or variable rates. Plus, you choose between flexible repayment options of 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 year mortgages. Interest rates are quite competitive, and AmeriSave has a number of calculators and tools to help you make an informed decision about your home mortgage loan.

Loan Types

AmeriSave offers borrowers a wide variety of loans for both purchase and refinance. While their menu isn’t quite as large as other major lenders, they do offer homeowners most of the common types of loans with competitive APRs.

Here’s a summary of the purchasing options:

  • Jumbo loan with amounts as high as $1.5 million
  • Conforming loans with a 20% minimum down payment
  • VA, FHA, and USDA loans with standard rates

Here are refinancing options:

  • Cash-out refinancing
  • Conventional rate-and-term refinancing

Mortgage Loan Rates & Terms

AmeriSave offers five different repayment terms including 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. You can take an ARM with 5/1, 7/1, or 10/1 options. Or, you can take a fixed-rate mortgage.

One of AmeriSave’s downsides is that it doesn’t actually advertise mortgage rates. If you want to see your qualified rate, you’ll have to go through the entire pre-approval process.

Overall, AmeriSave’s interest rates are a bit higher than average. However, they do charge less on closing costs like origination, so their APRs are quite competitive.

AmeriSave Mortgage Pros

  • Easily apply and submit forms through the website
  • Wide variety of loan options
  • No Social Security Number needed to secure pre-approved rates

AmeriSave Mortgage Cons

  • You can’t get a rate without filling out a quote request
  • No access to loans above $1.5 million
  • Not available in New York State

AmeriSave Application Process

AmeriSave’s application is straightforward. You can either start the application process on their website, or you can start it on the phone or through live chat with a licensed loan originator. The best thing about AmeriSave’s service is that it also serves potential home buyers as well. This means you can apply based on what you’re looking for rather than having to find a home first during or before the application.

To start the online application process, you’ll fill out a short application form that just takes a few minutes to complete. You’ll be asked for a few details about yourself, including your identity, where you live, what type of home you’re looking to purchase or refinance, the type of property, and your social security number, among a few other things.

It’s important to note that if you’re applying online, AmeriSave will run a hard credit check before you’re pre-approved. However, you can choose to speak directly with a licensed loan originator, so they can run a soft credit check instead to determine your eligibility.

After you receive your pre-approved rate, you’ll be able to complete the remainder of the process online. AmeriSave lets you securely upload your documents to the portal. Plus, you can even e-sign the documents online to speed up the process.

Customer Support

To get a hold of AmeriSave, you can either start a live chat online or call them to speak to the licensed loan originator. AmeriSave’s toll-free call centers are available Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM EST.

You’ll be able to have your entire application and approval process done over the phone. The support staff are very kind and are trained to answer every question quickly and effectively.

Emails are a bit slower, with a 1-2 day delay in response. But, you can also find answers right on AmeriSave’s website through their informative FAQ section.

Final Thoughts on AmeriSave

So, should you use AmeriSave Mortgage to access a home mortgage loan?

Overall, AmeriSave is one of the best mortgage lenders for easy-to-follow applications. If you have all your documentation ready and you know where you’ll be buying or refinancing, then they’ll be able to help you get this done quickly.

However, if you have any doubts about your mortgage loan, it’s important to know that there’s a $500 cancellation fee some applicants have reported.

Thankfully, the loan process is fully done in-house and includes a number of loan options. AmeriSave is a great choice for anyone looking to secure a mortgage. They offer both traditional mortgages and a few government-backed loans.


Does AmeriSave offer local expertise?

Yes. AmeriSave has over 500 mortgage experts around the United States. It has employees in every state (except for New York) so you can get local advice.

AmeriSave Customer Testimonials

Great   10,258 Reviews



30 July, 2022


The biggest joke of a company!

The biggest joke of a company I have ever experienced! Patrick Jennings was the only one who I have respect for as a businessman. Every other member of the "team" cannot communicate which creates havoc between the buyer and seller. I was ran around in circles for three months to close. After the second month, I started to cc the seller into the email conversations (never answer calls, they will tell you one thing and change it on paper) so they knew it wasn't me dragging my feet. I had document requests for the same item so many times I had to create new folders to help keep track of what was sent thrice and what wasn't. If you are being evicted and have nowhere else to turn, you're better off living off the land. Absolutely horrible company and the worst experience I could possibly imagine. I wish I had time to highlight the fumbling moments but I'd spend a year to do it justice and they aren't worth it. Stay away from Amerisave. They're nothing more than a bunch of entry level workers pretending to be endgame employees. Pmi throughout the life of the loan, not 20% of LTV. Thoroughly transparent after the niceties wear off. It makes me sick that people attempt to take advantage of others as they have me and the seller. It seems they don't care about anyone else's timeline. Send a document in a "rush" an hour after a request and it's two days before you are told it's wrong, fix it. After the "adjustment" it's two more days and then a document you sent in a month ago is needed again. You aren't informed on if it's rejected or never acquired, just that it's needed again. So sending the same document, if rejected, has the same result. I originally saw their reviews as iffy. I now know that ALL of the terrible ones are genuine. The rest are fabricated which explains why they have little time to handle your loan. If you choose to give this horrendous company a chance and you are given a "supervisors' contact information, it'll be great for a few days and then they join the same routine. My email was BLOCKED by a loan "specialist". I hope they all get relieved of public duties very soon. Especially since an underwriter sent documents to the seller with my entire social security number on it. One party claimed it is normal practice (HIPPA laws beg to differ) but another party claimed they NEVER shared personal information. Recently after "I applied for unemployment" Which I never have. Absolute trash of a company. Let's recap....if you enjoy eating paint chips and smelling bath salts, they still aren't for you!


30 July, 2022


Knowledgeable, experienced staff

We financed an investment property with Amerisave. We were fortunate to work with Tammy Schwartz, our processor, who was very efficient, reponsive and knowledgeable in helpimg to meet a tight deadline for closing.


27 July, 2022



Horrible. My loan officer MJ Wolfe did a lot of crazy things with my loan application like omitting credit, over estimating my home value, and never returning my calls. She had me believing the loan was all set to be approved, but it was not. One day, I get a call from a person who said he was my new loan officer. MJ just mysterious disappeared with all the documents I gave her which the new loan officer knew nothing about. After a few months, I shared my concerns to no avail. My new loan officer calls me after a week saying the loan was denied. I paid off bills using my retirement funds because MJ basically said the loan was a go. This company is suspicious. I would not recommend them.


23 July, 2022


Stay away from this place

Stay away from this place ! They do play used car salesman tactics. They lie and will keep changing the terms of the refinance, one excuse after another . Had locked in interest rate that changed the closer to closing I got .. no reason given. Was about a week from closing on this mortgage and all money numbers changed! Had to say NOPE I’m out ! I could go on and on about how unprofessional they are but trust me and the others STAY AWAY from this place


21 July, 2022


Jhon was the nicest mortgage agent i…

Jhon was the nicest mortgage agent i have ever dealt with. He was clear and simple, took us through the hole process and made sure we are satisfied with the terms and contract we closed in the end. i usually do not write reviews, but i was surprised for the best, and decided they defiantly worth it. Thanks Amerisave.


19 July, 2022



This company is a scam! They got $500 from us for a “lock in fee” and then after weeks of asking, refused to give us a final break down of the loan costs. Would not respond to our realtor and had to be emailed and called several times before they’d get back to us about anything. Still we gave them the benefit of the doubt because we were two weeks from closing. Until they explained they were charging us $7,000 in fees. We decided to back out and go with another lender and when we told them they were not happy, and were not polite when speaking to my husband through email. The appraisal had to be transferred and not only did they charge our new lender a “fee” to have it transferred, we are two days from closing and they have STILL not done their part to finish the appraisal transfer so our closing date got pushed! This is a very unprofessional company and I would not recommend to anyone! I don’t understand why their reviews are so high on here because they do not equate to the service we got. I recommend reading their google reviews because many of them are exactly what my husband and I dealt with. Save yourself some time and money and stay away from these people.


11 July, 2022


Update to Horrible Experience post

Horrible experience! The sale of our home has been delayed for over 3 weeks, because of the extremely poor communication and poor service this company provides. Update: Even though it was our Buyers who had trouble with the loan, AmeriSave customer service still took the time to reach out to me immediately. Teri, from AmeriSave, respected our Buyers privacy while being very apologetic for the frustration we experienced. She is having management review the case. I believe her apology was sincere and that AmeriSave is looking into ways to improve their service and communication. It means a lot to have a company take the time to find ways to improve their service.


17 June, 2022



DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. We have been overpaying escrow for 3 years, when shown the proof we were ignored, representative stated "What do you want me to do about it?" Going to remove everything from escrow and talking to our lawyer


14 June, 2022


wasted my time

wasted my time filling out the quick credit check application (811 credit score) only to get a smartass rep with attitude. David Nam NMLS ID # 1847597 didn't even realize his company sends a rate prior to talking to him. i advised him it was too high (5.8 to 6) prior to the fed rate hike. he laughed an said he hasn't given me a rate. they play car salesman games over there. the high ratings must be paid for. now i'm waiting for 200 unwanted phone calls.


09 June, 2022


do NOT help Veterans on VA loans, period.

UN-believable! We are Veteran Borrowers. Entered into contract on May 31st to purchase a townhouse that is classified as a condo. We KNOW the VA has to approve Condominium Associations and HOAs. We TOLD that, in WRITING, to our Loan Officers (2 working together) many times. They quoted an amazing interest rate, so amazing in fact that 3 other lenders said "can't be true". We received a Lock Sheet, yeup, true. Well, hold on. Sit down and have a read on experience. Amerisave orders the VA appraisal a few days later (June 4th or 5th?)...... tick tock is the timeline in our 17-day-loan-funding-contingency..... and what do you know- someone ELSE at Amerisave suddenly "discovers it's a condo" and they are at a standstill. June 6th, now 6 DAYS into a 17 DAY contingency, the dynamic duo writes and texts us urgently - "1) We do NOT and will NOT seek approval on your behalf of the Condo HOA with the VA; 2) It's a long process to seek approval- and only YOU, the borrower, or the HOA itself, or your AGENT can obtain this approval; 3) We cannot keep you in a VA loan, but hold on- you can go Conventional, with an ADDITIONAL $150,000 DOWN, and at a HIGHER rate, because you no longer have the Rate Lock on this type of loan". The garbage they spewed was backed up in writing by another Amerisave colleague in Customer Support. I quickly "call them out" on it, prove them WRONG, that YES, the lender does, should and can apply for condo approval with the VA through their lending portal, on behalf of the Veteran borrower and the association. I find the actual VA.Gov guidelines, list of requirements, and process, and send it to the entire lending team we've worked with. Customer Service replies "oh, well, that was my guess, and FHA blah blah". #1 FHA =/= is NOT the VA. #2 you are wrong, dear lending team. Original Loan Officer phones me, trying to backtrack on the whole thing. Her: " It'll take a long time, you'll never close" Me: "how many VA Condo / HOA approvals have you done"? Her: "none yet". Me; "how do you know about the timeline, then?" silence. Her: "you can not order an appraisal until the VA approved the Condo/ HOA association". Me: "then why did you try to order it on June 4th, when you knew of the VA limitation and need to have the association approved?: silence. Her: "no one can get it approved on time to lift your contingency on June 17th." Me: "our backup lenders, Veterans United and SunWest, are both in process of the approval with the VA, and it looks like it will be approved in hopefully a few days (June 8th). We will make our timeline for contingency lift, OR we can do an amendment to the Purchase Contract with all parties agreeing to a few more days, as long as we make COE at the end of June." Her: "oh, good, so we can cancel the Conventional Loan application, and have you then start again with us and a VA loan." Me: "we never approved the shift of our application from VA to Conventional. The Rate Lock and application were for a VA loan with you, only." silence. WHY should we trust these people speaking out both sides of their mouth? Bottom line, they do NOT get it done, and do NOT follow VA guidelines for Veterans. PASS. Semper Fi, families, keep it safe!


03 June, 2022


Great company to work with

April was amazing to work with and got everything completed quickly. The documents were easy to sign and the gentleman who did the appraisal on the house was professional, kind and friendly. It was a great experience from start to finish and plan to work with this group again!


24 May, 2022


This company called me at least 22 times

This company called me at least 22 times in a four hour period, with 18 of those calls in a two hour period. They texted once just prior [1 minute] the first call. From the text I responded they had the wrong phone number. Then the calls began from Hale, Mi, Akron, Mi, Elsie, Mi, and several numbers from Indianapolis, Indiana. I finally answered one of the calls and the person wanted to speak to James. The first time I explained that there was no James at this number and the obviously had the incorrect number and to please show that on their records. This was in the first hour of the calls. Obviously they continued from the several different numbers and not one person left a message. Finally hour 4 I started answering and telling them to stop calling me. I did get the name of the person allegedly applying for a mortgage and the town he was buying in. However I kept hearing well that's the number he put on the application. NOT MY FAULT. I finally told the last two people I spoke to that that application was fraudulant and to not call me again and remove my phone number. The last person I spoke to I told him that since my ID has been stolen I wanted that application voided. He told me he couldn't but would put my number on a do not call list. So I contacted the Corporate office and no one ever answered even though it was not yet 5 pm their time. I did leave a message so we will see if they respond back to me. I did remind them I was in another time zone and to remember than when calling me back tomorrow. I also said since this was going on for over 4 hours, I expected compensation for the harassment and inconvenience. Because of their relentless harassment in calling every few minutes [example-10:03, 10:04, 10:09, 10:20, 10:26, 10:28, 10:30, 10:32, 10:34, 10:37, 10:38, 10:50. 11:02, 10:03, 11:08, 11:10.] then I put my phone on airplane mode to make it stop. Nope, once I turned it back on - 12:05, 1:05, 1:12, 1:49, 1:50, and 1:55. Ridiculous - absolutely. They took turns calling and harassing me. If I were to be in the market to refinance or finance a mortgage, I would NEVER use this pest company. Nor will I ever recommend this to anyone else.


22 May, 2022


Real or a scam??

I was so happy with Amerisave,until they stopped answering my calls and emails. They just kept sending me these robo emails asking for the same information I'd already sent. It was like once they got the $500 to hold the quote they just weren't interested any more. It made me think they were trying to string me along until the could ask for more money. I hade to go back and check to make sure my information hadn't been put on the dark web. They made me feel like it was all a scam. Really disappointed. I'm a first time home buyer who's faith in on line lenders has dropped.


19 May, 2022


"Lock and Shop"... more like "Dream and Drop"...

Dealing with AmeriSave was a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!! Seeing the interest rates skyrocketing this year, we opted to use AmeriSave due to their "Lock and Shop" which allegedly would give us the security of waiting to find the right home with no rush from the rising rates. In the extremely competitive buying market, just going under contract was a challenge. We thank God that we chose a highly experienced real estate agent who was an expert in VA Loans and had been a VA home assessor. AmeriSave dropped the ball all through the process due to new employee incompetence. From submitting everything from employee records to flood insurance NUMEROUS times (online portal doesn't always work) to no internal communications to incorrect paperwork, the people we worked with had no clue as to what they were doing, but were still snarky all the same. It was like they were hired the day before with no training on handling mortgages whatsoever. It was also like dealing with a good cop (loan originator), bad cop (loan processor) scenario with them whom would not communicate amongst themselves. To have the loan originator call us to get word from the loan processor was ridiculous. The loan processor seemed more determined to be an obstructionist than help us. She even argued with our real estate agent about VA inspection terms which she knew NOTHING about and delayed the process by a week. Chaos ensued when they contacted us the DAY BEFORE CLOSING stating that the job I was relocating to needed a 30 day pay stub to be approved, which they had repeatedly stated needed only an offer letter from the employer to be approved. My new HR even sent a letter detailing my pay to show my start date, employee number, and detailing my pay so they knew EXACTLY my YTD. Our payment is less than 20% of our income. We moved on from AmeriSave and their shenanigans. We got approved by a local lender at a similar rate but with lower payments because of Amerisave's high financing costs. We are blessed that the sellers would postpone the closing date for the new lender. Learn from us and start with local lenders!


10 May, 2022


Do not bother. Scammers

I started an application on their website, but didn't even complete, because my credit window was closed, later an agent named Bridgete Quinn callled me and insisted to submit the documents, I explained her my situation but she still encouraged me that they have no problem with my situation. So I sent all my documents, and they did a hard pull on my credit report (my credit score is good) and then voila, she's not responding my email or calla anymore. My credit score was dropped because of them. Very disappointing


03 May, 2022


Very easy experience and very well…

Very easy experience and very well knowledge team.


25 April, 2022


AmeriSave TeleMarketing- TCPA/DNC ISSUES

I'm not sure If this is AmeriSave or an outside company calling but I'm getting telemarketed like crazy for refinancing my house. My number is on the DNC and I have inquired about doing business with them or any third parties they work with. Just had another call today and had to update my review this company is just not getting IT.


02 April, 2022


I just had a terrible experience in…

I just had a terrible experience in general. I got preapproval from them and made some offers on some houses and were in the waiting process. I mainly had a bad experience with the loan officer Kelly Grace. He was very pushy and really wanted me to do the $500 finance lock. I wasn't going to do that and he got really mean and disrespectful to me for no reason and hung up on me. I've never had a customer experience like that ever before, total disrespect calling me names and being super unprofessional. He offered to send me to another officer but I am never going to use their business again after that bad taste in my mouth.


24 March, 2022


Great service deserves recognition, so does poor service

I pride myself on contacting mangers for great service as well as sending a ding for poor service. Unhappily this is the later. Once they get your signature, it's all downhill. Curt representatives, placaters (my kind way of identifying them as liars) I will not speak to my previous exchange in 2020 as t has been too long and things may have changed, but suffice it to say it was less than satisfactory. I have been attempting to get an escrow check reissued. I contracted Covid and only the most essential activity was done for several weeks. I was told, in February, 15-30 days to reissue. Today, 37 days later, it was still a no show. I called. The customer service rep put me on hold because it was indeed overdue. After approximately 15 minutes, the system, independent of any action by me, defaulted to collections. The young woman was zombie-like in her responses. She remained in collection mode, and after looking up my account told me there was nothing about an escrow check. I told her to look on 2/17. Hazaah! She found it then let me know I needed to speak to customer service, but wanted me, zombie-collections- style, to agree to Amerisave contacting me with any changes in my account. I told her no. She was audibly surprised. I asked for a supervisor in CS. I was transferred to CS where Ryan answered the phone. I asked if he was a supervisor, he said no. I told I wanted a supervisor since Amerisave had already taken 30 minutes of my life to accomplish nothing. Priscilla, the supervisor, apologized for the two CS reps who had apparently lied to me about the time to reissue checks and it was actually 30-90 days. Who's the real liar? I'd put my money on Priscilla. Note to Amerisave-don’t bother with the standard "just contact us BS", just send me the check and tell your supervisors to stop the lies and reprisal garbage.


22 March, 2022



Amerisave, completely dropped the ball on my loan I was straight upfront that I wanted one contact through the process...it was agreed but did never happen I was called by persons that I could not even hear on the phone, documents where sent over and over and not filed or lost on their end. I paid for a loan lock and they did not perform they could not even remember or have reviewed my income accurately after 45 days of the process. they completely screwed up the whole loan and now have to date kept my lock fee and with interest rates rising i will have to pay much more for the loan ... totally incompetent run away from this company, if you have a significant issue they will never respond...so frustrated and completely dishonest in their practices


08 March, 2022


this was an awful experience

this was an awful experience. it took months to get a $100,000 loan on a $1,270,000 house. i never want to hear the phrase 'this is the last thing we will ask for' again.


26 February, 2022


Nick Wolf was awesome in communicating…

Nick Wolf was awesome in communicating with us and walking us through all the steps in the re-financing process.


23 February, 2022


I absolutely hate hate hate this…

I absolutely hate hate hate this company. Like dislike them to the point I’ll forever wish they go bankrupt and Patrick markert has his 28 million dollar janky house foreclosured on!! Or worse it sinks into the ocean and he doesn’t have flood insurance or better yet it gets hit by a hurricane with him inside it that’s how ticked off to the moon stars and sun I am. Good riddance and i hope Biden destroys your life, your stock portfolio and your wife leaves you for a beautiful man and your Tesla leaves you for a homeless man.


18 February, 2022


Lies and misses deadlines

First was the number of documents. At first, it was 10, then 20, when I finally thought I was done, I had 10 more, then another 10. All in all, by the time I finally completed the process, I must've submitted somewhere between 120 documents and missed two closing date deadlines.


17 February, 2022


Customer Service and Support needs improvement

Amerisave representatives are non-responsive and miss important details. We never received our Settlement Statement at Closing and were pressured into signing the refinance paperwork before we could fully review it. This resulted in debt being missed. After the refinance was completed we attempted to contact Amerisave to obtain documentation and never received a return call. We attempted to remove a name from the loan and it was a hassle even though the representative reassured us it would be simple. The representatives do not read the documentation correctly and continuously misunderstand simple communication. Their rates may be low, however, their customer service is lacking.


15 February, 2022



As a real estate agent, I work with a lot Ienders. Amerisave is BY FAR the absolute WORST!!! The WORST!!!! I can’t even begin to say enough horrible things about the experience I personally had. Unbelievably slow, unresponsive and incompetent. We finally close after 3+ months of torture and go figure, they likely intentionally messed up our escrow and our payment has gone up almost $200 / month. Run far and fast!


06 February, 2022


My application was handled…

My application was handled professionally and with expertise. When my Loan Officer was not available, her assistants were knowledgeable and were able to move my application forward.


06 February, 2022


Fast and easy refinance!

Fast and easy refinance!


05 February, 2022


The initial process was reasonably easy…

The initial process was reasonably easy and our loan originator Aimee was knowledgeable, good at follow up, and patient. Our process was hampered by communications with my 90 year old mother (whom the loan was for) and Amerisave was accommodating to our needs which is why there are four stars and not two. My number one complaint which I expressed loudly and often, was that the system would spam me with instructions about next steps, sometime contradictory. There must have been four separate people demanding different actions. That is crazy for a SaaS company to not coordinate client communications better. After several weeks this was mitigated by bringing in a supervisor. Another issue was that their documentation standards seem to be higher than other mortgage companies. Account statements for proof of funds for certain account types didn't meet their criteria, even though the statements meet Securities and Exchange Commission criteria. Seems like the underwriting process is a little heavy handed.


05 February, 2022


Please can you stop with the endless…

Please can you stop with the endless email spam. Every day I delete and block your emails, only for you to resend under spoof names the next day. Tedious and illegal. Doesn't reflect well... And I’m not going to call a company in the US offering US mortgages to ask you to stop sending spam to the UK - or reply to spam emails inviting more spam. Please check your own data before marketing, as the law requires.


23 January, 2022


Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service Dan Cohen from Amerisave is truly awesome to work with. He is reliable, timely, straightforward, and friendly. Refinancing our house with Amerisave was one of the best decisions that we have made financially.


17 January, 2022


Sean Greenberg was very helpful and…

Sean Greenberg was very helpful and helped me get the home of my dreams! Thank you so much!


12 January, 2022



This company told me that they would not do a hard pull on my credit because the credit bureau that I deal with had already pulled my report. Then Rodney Fights also told me it would not affect my credit even if they did a hard pull for the next 45 days. But they did a hard pull and it did affect my credit score!


05 January, 2022


Quick and easy refinance

Quick and easy refinance! I would definitely use AmeriSave Mortagage again.


02 January, 2022


If your a business owner

If your a business owner, forget it. They don't know how to read more than a simple tax return. Forget it if you have a cash business or bought equip and wrote if off. And be prepaid to chase your tail before they tell you no. Need this, need that , then ask all over again. Must have gotten 50 emails from them for the same and different things. Total waste of effort.


02 January, 2022


Timothy Taylor

The representative that helped me refinance my house showed some red flags from the start, which I unfortunately I ignored. For staters he made a transphobic joke when asking for my personal information (Race, Gender, etc.) The real problems came as we got into the refinance process. We talked one morning, around 8am, and he told me I could get an interest rate of under 3% (2.8% or something). I told him I needed to call my partner and confirm with her before I locked it in. I did that, and called him back an hour later. I got no answer (which was pretty common in my dealings with him). He finally called me back around 5pm. By that time the interest rate was no longer available, and the best he could do was a little over 3%. He explained that rates can change quickly, and there wasn't much he could do. I told him I didn't think that was fair since waiting was no fault of my own, outside of the 1 hour it took to call him back. He talked to his boss and they offered to cover a small portion of my closing costs. I begrudgingly accepted, which was a mistake. The difference in rate will cost me way more in the long run, than what they offered. As part of the process an amount of money was built in for outstanding escrow balance. This was a few thousand dollars. I was told that my current mortgage company would cut me a check for my current escrow amount, which would offset the amount built into the refinance. I did get a check for $400, but to my knowledge it was for a difference in the loan payoff, not escrow. I reached out to the individual at Amerisave several times after I closed on the refinance. I knew there was a chance I was misunderstanding something, or maybe there was a mistake that could be corrected. He's yet to return my emails or calls (it's been about a month). I reached out to Amerisave customer service, and they ignored my question about the escrow as well. As soon as it financially makes sense I'm moving my mortgage to another company. I regret doing business with this company, and feel that I've been taken advantage of. I don't know that they did anything illegal or even wrong, but I do know the way I was treated as a customer was far below the standards any reputable company should exhibit.


27 December, 2021


Thank you for the quick and easy…

Thank you for the quick and easy process with my refinance!


27 December, 2021


Allex & Dian did a stellar job Refinancing my 10 investment properties

Allex & Dian did a stellar job in getting all ten of my investment properties Refinanced (We closed 6 of them all in one day! .... This is very hard to do). AmeriSave was the only lender who wasn't artificially lowering my credit scores. I know this because I was subscribing to all three credit bureaus.


27 December, 2021


Allex & Dian did a stellar job in getting my 10 investment properties refinanced

Allex & Dian did a stellar job in getting all ten of my investment properties Refinanced (We closed 6 of them all in one day! .... This is very hard to do). AmeriSave was the only lender who wasn't artificially lowering my credit scores. I know this because I was subscribing to all three credit bureaus.


24 December, 2021


Thank you for making a challenging experience worthwhile.

Thank you for making a challenging experience for us a very worthwhile one. We are very glad that in the process we were treated very professionally, and felt comfortable because we were kept informed through out. Thanks again.


20 December, 2021


Great service and a great new loan.

We already had our mortgage with AmeriSave but did a refi to take advantage of a better rate and term. We were able to finally remove PMI and reduced the loan period by 5 years with a payment that is $12.00 per month less. This is a HUGE savings for us over the life of the loan. This is our last home purchase and we are very pleased with the service and the final terms of the new loan. Everything went very well and the communication was great. I have recommended AmeriSave to several friends already.


20 December, 2021


The refinance process was a breeze

The refinance process was a breeze! Timothy Apenbrinck has been always a pleasure to work with. He is always on top of things and hase been instrumental in closing the loans timely on both occasions.


18 December, 2021


Very quick and professional

Very quick and professional! Laid out my options in a cost benefit analysis way that was easy to understand.


18 December, 2021


Refinance and Mortgage management was…

Refinance and Mortgage management was great. Was disappointed when I went to purchase a new home and they dropped the ball on getting me pre-approved, would have given them my business if they had just given me timely responses.


18 December, 2021


We wanted to complete our refinance…Excellent service

We wanted to complete our refinance before the end of the year. We had a small window and Amerisave came through for us! Excellent service and communication the entire process!


18 December, 2021


Was very hard

Was very hard, I think because I'm a single divorced woman, had to fine paper work from over20 years ago. Also was asked for paperwork every week instead of asking all at once.


18 December, 2021


Good Job

Everyone involved in this transition were exlet and were good at what they were doing so I say thanks to all involved


18 December, 2021


Amerisave is way above their competition

Michael Cuva and Hussein were amazing!!!! Love Amerisave, they were fast, a better price than the competition, and very helpful!


18 December, 2021


Good service

Good service for my refinance


16 December, 2021


Our Refinance Experience

Our experience refinancing with AmeriSave was extremely quick, easy and painless. Our mortgage specialist, Tara Gale, was very helpful and always available when we had questions. I would recommend AmeriSave for anyone's mortgage needs.






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