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LoanDepot: Review

  3,240 Reviews on Trustpilot

LoanDepot Snapshot

Overall, LoanDepot is a speedy mortgage lender that offers a variety of home loans including VA, FHA, and home equity loans without needing to sign up.

LoanDepot Spotlight

Best For
Comparing Different Loan Options

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Home Refinance, Home Purchase

Loan Features
Fixed or Adjustable Rate

Repayment Terms
Multiple options, depending on the loan terms


LoanDepot is a portal homebuyers can use to compare different mortgage loan offers. Without having to sign up for an account, you can access their basic mortgage information. It’s simple to input or update your information. Plus, accessing additional loan offers is easy to do on their straightforward platform. A wide number of loans are available through their search engine, including difficult to find 10 and 20-year fixed loans.

Loan Types

In its class, LoanDepot is one of the few lenders that offers home equity loans. Plus, it also offers Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and Veterans Affairs (VA) loans for qualified borrowers looking for assistance. LoanDepot has a reputation of being extremely quick on closing on a loan, which can be very helpful if you’re needing to get into your new home as soon as possible.

Mortgage Loan Rates & Terms

Loan terms depend on the type of term you’re looking for. Easily search for different options, from 30, 20, 15, and even 10-year fixed loans. LoanDepot also lets you search for 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM). Depending on the information you put in, your results can vary, but it’s possible to find both 10 and 20-year loan terms.

LoanDepot includes a variety of annual percentage rate (APR) offers. The lowest APRs are mostly reserved for the 5/1 ARM offers. Adjustable rate mortgages aren’t the most beneficial option for every home buyer. Sometimes, interest rates are considerably lower than APR by a wide margin.

For adjustable rate mortgages, there are interest rates as low as 2.25% and for fixed rate mortgages you can get interest rates as low as 3.25%.

The one downside is that only those with a credit score of 700 or higher will have access to these rates. The further you dip below 700, the higher the rates get. For instance, if your credit score hovers around 650, you’ll likely see rates around 4%.

LoanDepot Pros

  • Easily access basic mortgage information without having to sign up
  • Search for additional loan types easily due to a simple platform interface
  • Easy-to-use mortgage calculators let you crunch numbers and build a budget
  • Choose from a variety of fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan offers

LoanDepot Cons

  • It’s not very easy to find mortgage offers without various adjustments
  • For some loan information, you’re required to enter income statements

Terms of Repayment

Your monthly payments are likely to be close to average when compared with other lenders. In the company’s Rate Quote form, you can use the large range of parameters to see numbers that are consistent among a number of other lenders.

For instance, if your credit score is 690 and you enter in a 30-year fixed mortgage for a $300K home, you’ll find monthly payments for as low as $900 per month.

LoanDepot’s site also includes a practical Mortgage Purchase Calculator that can give even more insight into what you should expect to pay each month.

LoanDepot Application Process

LoanDepot’s application process includes a few more steps than others on average. However, the entire process is also quicker than most. LoanDepot’s application process has 7 steps:

1. Fill Out a Short Questionnaire. After the questionnaire, you will be asked to be contacted with a Licensed Lending Officer.

2. Talk to a LoanDepot Licensed Lending Officer. One of LoanDepot’s 1,700 licensed lending officers will help you through a “no steering policy” which means you will get the best loan for your goals, not for their wallet.

3. Define Your Goals. Determine your budget, needs, wants, to find the home of your dreams.

4. Choose the Right Loan for You. Pick from fixed-rate to adjustable rate terms, or government loans.

5. Get Approved. Your Licensed Lending Offier will coordinated the necessary parties to make sure your laon is submitted properly for approval.

6. Submit Documents. Some documents you may need to submit include mortgage statements, paystubs, 2 years of employment history, etc.

7. Close Your Loan. When you’re approved, LoanDepot will schedule a closing appointment at a time that works best for you.

Customer Support

If you’re looking for extra help, LoanDepot lets you chedule an appointment through the website. Plus, you can also contact a customer service rep through the simple live chat option for even quicker help

Final Thoughts on LoanDepot

So, should you use LoanDepot to access a home mortgage loan?

Overall, LoanDepot offers home buyers a number of term options through an easy-to-use platform. Comparing and reviewing information is quite simple, especially since you don’t need to sign up.

The downsides are that you’re quite limited in the number of options available online, and LoanDepot can be pushy towards moving towards a phone call after you get past the loan rate estimator. If you do use the platform, one final tip is to get ready to negotiate a bit before you secure your finalized loan.


What Will a Meeting With a LoanDepot Licensed Loan Officer Look Like?

When you talk to a licensed loan officer, you’ll be able to get all of your loan questions answered. Since everyone has different loan needs, the loan officer will be able to match you with the best possible loan and monthly payment.

They will also explain all the steps to start including locking in a low rate to closing your loan quickly (even in as little as 30 days).

Loan Depot Direct Customer Testimonials

Great   3,240 Reviews



09 April, 2021


Simplistic Excellence

Travis Whitman was super efficient, warm and professional at the same time. I had at least 10 companies reach out after I started shopping around. LoanDepot seemed the way to go because of his calm confidence in his abilities and the company's.


09 April, 2021


Sabrina Bilancione 949-470-6316

Great process and very happy with the outcome.


07 April, 2021


Thomas Le. 949-330-4761

While we were looking to refinance our home we were referred to Alvin Nguyen with LoanDepot. We had a great experience, he answered all our questions, returned or answered our calls promptly. The LoanDepot team gave us excellent service. We would recommend LoanDepot to our Friends and Family.


07 April, 2021


Terrible experience with loandepot

Justin Pla Licensed Lending Officer NMLS#: 2009901 was whom I spoke with. I told Justin upfront as well as the agent who called me first that I am browsing for rates and I don't want hard pull to my credit report. I was patiently answering all the questions and he was speaking very fast trying to push through the loan. He said about collecting employment info digitally as they have some tool and then asked for last 4 of social along with mentioning consumer report. Since I didn't give him full social, with employment verification and consumer report, I said yes with this understanding. Immediately I am getting notification that my credit is pulled. Unnecessarily I have have hard inquiry on my credit report. I doubt if this is the culture of loandepot for loan officers to not be clear and patient purposefully with people trying to get info. I would definitely not recommend loan depot and infact would spread the message to avoid loandepot as service is not good and the loan cost for the rates came back was horrible.


06 April, 2021


Completely Satisfied

Everyone did a great job despite the time it took.


06 April, 2021


This is the third loan of obtained from…

This is the third loan of obtained from Loan Depot and would highly recommend there services to anyone. The biggest reason was my loan officer Sabrina Bilancione. She made the process easy for me to understand and was always friendly and ready to go out of her was to complete the loan. Thank you Loan Depot, I was so blessed to have Sabrina as my loan agent.


06 April, 2021


Good rates, bad experience

You offered a great rates and starting process was good. I like your website and digital platform as well. However, your process was terribly painful, unclear, I never knew were are we and what's the next step. During the refinancing process with LoanDepot, I never knew what is the target closing date (even roughly). And finally, 8 days after closing I noticed that my loan was accidentally not funded and no one did notice it until I followed up and escalated the case! I am happy with the rates, but for the process, it was the worst experience I ever had


06 April, 2021


Great experience Sonya is EXCELLENT

Great experience Sonya is EXCELLENT, she told me exactly what I needed to do to get my credit score where it needed to be to qualify, after three years of working on my credit with her help and guidance I was able to qualify for a mortgage. She has been GREAT with answering any questions, concerns, etc.... that I have and helping guide me along the process to hopefully purchase my first new home!!! Also, that three years I tried five different lenders. After finding loan depot and working with her I instantly qualified. They have the lowest credit score requirements out of any lender I've seen. Best experience hands down out of all five I tried. She fought for my business for loan depot!!!


06 April, 2021


Total Incompetence

Loan Depot gave us an excellent rate, but they proved to be totally incompetent. It took 6 months to do a simple refinance on a home that was 50% paid for. No one knew what the other had done or was doing. They sent us to closing after 6 months with a pay off that was 3 months old. This was not a cash out refi so after we closed they had to redo everything and send us to closing again 3 weeks later with a current payoff. When questioned about the incompetency we were told that COVID was to blame, working from home, the flood of new refinances and having to hire 1000's of new people. We suggested they lower their cases of refi's and work on "getting IT right". UPDATE: Their response below says it all. They thought this 1 star review meant they EXCEEDED our expectations....Need I say more?


03 April, 2021


The ONE HUNDRED DAY adventure.

Let me start this off by saying that the only saving grace with LoanDepot was that I got another lender to match their rate and actually close in a short period of time. That said, here's my LoanDepot experience: We rate locked on this application in mid-Dec and provided financial docs. I didn't hear back anything until mid-Jan and they requested more detailed financials for underwriting approval... a month into process and just now requesting more information... maybe delayed by the holidays? Sure, I gave them benefit of the doubt and handed over a bunch of documents. Then, cricket chirping until a few days before my 60 day rate lock was about to expire... which they gladly extended by 30 days and was also told "the finishing touches where done" ... so I should be plan to sign soon, right? Wrong. I waited about a week... heard nothing. As a contingency I went back to another lender who happily BEAT loanDepot's "unbeatable" rate and started anew. I didn't want to pressure LoanDepot, so just patiently waited... I figured if I got closing docs within 10-15 days, I'd still close with them. This time, instead of crickets, I got a message about once a week apologizing for the delay and that they were working diligently to close. We're sorry for the delay, but we're working on it, yadda yadda yadda... since I had started application with another lender that was moving fairly quick, I didn't bother pushing them. Around the 90 day mark they extended my rate lock again and I hear something semi-fruitful... underwriting needed more financial docs! Yes, they were still validating my financials 90 DAYS into the process! At that point, I was very happy I had started with another lender, as the other lender had already tentatively scheduled my closing / signing! I closed my loan with the other lender on around LoanDepots 100 day mark. Let that sink in, ONE HUNDRED DAYS and underwriters still want bank statements!?!? After this experience, I have ZERO CONFIDENCE in loanDepot's abilities to close a refinance. Our credit scores are near 800 and we have enough cash/investments on hand to cover the entire mortgage, but we also own a business, so I understand underwriting can take a little longer than normal. But OVER 100 days?!?!? SERIOUSLY!?!? STAY FAR, FAR AWAY. I can only assume they will close your loan if you have a rate they make a massive profit on... in which case you probably should shop around a little....


02 April, 2021


Don't use LoanDepot!

LoanDepot was quick to respond to get our business - calling at least twice a day until we committed. From there on, it was a complete disaster of an experience. Our assigned Loan Manager Michelle Smith was very unresponsive. This was the complete opposite experience now that they had our loan in process. Her supervisor Fredy Vasquez was just as unresponsive. We had to call and email Michelle a countless number of times to get an update on where our refi process was. All employees have a tag line in their signature blocks to reach out to their supervisor if not receiving excellent customer service. After countless emails went unanswered by Michelle, Fredy (copied on emails) still failed to respond until we called with a very angry voicemail. Michelle didn't coordinate and schedule an in-person document execution until 16 hours before our scheduled time (causing us to have to reschedule work calls and other logistics). Even on day of closing, she failed to send our closing package to the notary, causing further delay on our closing. The notary/agent loandepot assigned kept lying to us about how he couldn't meet at our scheduled times. Fredy said he was finding someone else to come meet us instead, and never did. They once again stopped responding. Frank, Fredy's supervisor was also copied in, and eventually Ian who is the VP. Neither were of any use. Don't be fooled by the customer service tag line in their signatures, the supervisors can be contacted, but do not actually respond and mitigate issues. This was all such a headache, it's not worth it. Go somewhere else. I would definitely NOT recommend LoanDepot.


01 April, 2021



From start to finish it was a smooth an uncomplicated process. Any questions along the way we're answered immediately. I would not hesitate to do it again. I will be recommending their services to all friends and family.


01 April, 2021


Recently I did my refinance with LoanDepot and the whole process was smooth and completed. Thanks to Chris and Toni

Recently I did my refinance with loandepot.com . And I had very pleasant experience with their team. My special thanks to Lending officer Chris Porfeli who is very nice , helpful & very professional. More-over he understood my personal concerns and addressed all of them by talking to his top management. Chris is very prompt in giving responses to all important e-mails and Texts and I never felt that my calls were ignored or my file was ignored. LoanDepot is genuine and I recommend every-one who is looking for refinance / new home loans to give a call to Chris Call/Text M-F 8 AM-6 PM PST: 949.553.6384 Work Call/Text Anytime: 424.744.7806 Cell or reach him at cporfeli at the rate of loandepot.com. or apply at apply.loandepot.combackslashCporfeli. Also I do appreciate the work done and effort kept by the loan officer Toni Stroth . Both Toni and Chris did a great job and completed my refinance task in less than a month. So Good Luck to you also. Give a try with reaching-out to Chris. It might work for you also.


31 March, 2021


Do they teach their associates to badger prospects instead of customer experience?

Wow. For a "reputable" loan company, they sure teach their associates bad behavior. They teach them to keep calling and keep talking and telling me that they'd like to give me a lower rate, and lower costs even after I've told them that I've done my homework and have started the process with another company. And this didn't just happen with the original associate. A different one called. I explained the situation. And after he could tell I didn't want to hear the new rates, HE MUMBLED UNDER HIS BREATH AND HUNG UP! I will not voice my opinion of what you should do when looking for a loan company, these are just my facts I'm sharing for your knowledge.


30 March, 2021


Ricky Pacheco 949-465-9121

Our refinance with Loan Depot was very smooth and uncomplicated. Both Ricky Pacheco and Briana Lightner Lynch did a great job managing the process.Given the volume of refinancing going on, the process took less than a month , but both Ricky and Briana did a good job of maintaining communications and keeping us informed. The closing was very convenient. I would certainly recommend Loan Depot to others.


30 March, 2021


Ashley S was amazing throughout the…

Ashley S was amazing throughout the entire process. She was always on top of our case with constant follow up and ensured we were fully informed and prepared throughout the process. Happy to report we are now saving 1200 a month in mortgage costs!


30 March, 2021


Loan Depot home loan…

Sabrina and Mark were my loan officers and did a great job for us. Loan went quickly with great communication from them. Thanks again for helping us on our loan!!


30 March, 2021


Add Loan Depot to your list of finance options

Loan Depot is an excellent player in the Mortgage industry. I trust their products and service. I was able to secure a refinance on my home with an excellent rate in a matter of 2 months. Some of that time was just me getting through and understanding the process. I would recommend Loan Depot.


28 March, 2021


Loan depot is HORRIBLE!!!!

Loan depot is HORRIBLE!!!!! DONT USE THEM!!!! They dont communicate and there customer service is absolutely terrible!! Don't believe any of the positive reviews on here Im almost 100% sure that they were written by share holders and employees cause the negative ones are spot on to my experience. Willie and Rudy of loan depot Im sorry but they weren't any good either. I have been waiting 2 months and just got a email on a Friday night saying " we need w2s,check stubs" and get this " access to my bank account to verify assests" Uhh no!! DONT GIVE OUT THAT INFO TO SOMEONE YOU'VE NEVER MET!!! online are you kidding me??!!! Wow they were an absolute joke!!! The reason I tell everyone not to give out that kind of info is because I shortly after I gave them a ton of info my identity was stolen yeah like 2 weeks later! Im not able to prove it but a pretty big coincidence wouldn't you say? Anyways I just want everyone to know that this loan company is not where you want to blow 600.00 bucks! Oh and they took 200 or so dollars from my account without telling me so I went in the hole that week. It's been an absolute nightmare do not use loan Depot people just a warning!!!


26 March, 2021


Absolutely Terrible, steer away

The loan officer was easy to work with, and acted quickly to start the process of the loan. However, working with the eventual account manager was absolutely terrible. You will not be able to reach them via phone, or email. I had to wait 2 weeks before I would even get a response. Its been over 60 days, and the loan still hasn't closed! Steer away.


26 March, 2021


They are amazing and get it done…

They are amazing and get it done quickly. I would recommend LoanDepot to anyone who is looking to refinance their home.


26 March, 2021


Took longer months but at least it…

Took longer months but at least it finally closed


25 March, 2021


LoanDepot is a nightmare

LoanDepot is a nightmare! After scamming $500 from me for a low appraisal for a refi, I sent 6 mo. current paperwork to Claudia, Natalie and their website, a month went by and then they claimed they didn't receive it. Then they asked for the same paperwork again and more bank info, saying they were closing soon. I sent it again and then they asked for access to my bank account (I said no), they gave my info to telemarketers, they doubled the closing costs and to this day, 6 months later, they still claim to be processing it.


24 March, 2021


Stay Away from Loan Depot

I had three loans processed by loan depot. Their message says they “pride themselves in having the best customer service in the industry.” Having worked with several other lenders, I would rank Loan Depot at the very bottom in customer service. They have a dashboard that is generic enough that gives very little information and leaves the client in the dark as to where in the process the loan is. I had an appraisal from one of their clients in another state posted in my dashboard. When I brought that to their attention, it stayed there for over a month. It seemed like this would be a privacy violation. My Appraisal needed a sketch labeled. The three loans had all the same underwriter and the sketch for two of the loans was asked to be corrected in January. It wasn’t until final closing that the loan for the third identical building was held up when the underwriter asked for the same correction he had asked from the appraiser on the other loans 7 weeks earlier. There were conditions given by the underwriter to be met. Nothing posted to my dashboard, so unless I had called in, I never would have known the loan was stalled waiting on a conditions. I was told that final approval from the underwriter took 72 hours and that we should close the first week in February — we closed the third week in March. I was not told that the underwriter could have it sitting in the cue for several weeks before the final approval started. In calling my processor, from the first time I called her, the first time she returned a call was over 2 weeks later. During that time I would email and ask 1-2 specific questions requesting a direct response. The responses I received were mostly generic company messages and only after requesting information several times did I get a direct answer to one of my questions after 3 weeks. They seem to have so many levels of customer service, processing, loan officers managers and supervisors that no one seems to have the total picture what is going on. You try to contact your loan processor and get no response for days. Their message says if you are not receiving excellent service to contact the supervisor. Which I left several messages for and got an email response back to contact the original processor who does not respond. It wasn’t until I contacted my processor's supervisor's supervisor that I received any calls back. When we received the final disclosure there was a condition for a pay off for a loan that that had no connection to the property we were refinancing. It wasn't needed for our debt income ratio and we could not figure out why it was included. We brought this to the processors attention and it was dropped, but why was this included and we never were told about it except me reading the disclosure? When we finally did sign the closing documents on a Saturday, I was told to have the docs scanned so that they can be processed soon.This would allow us to get funded and closure to these loans. That was done. I messaged first thing Monday morning to see if the scans were received. I received a message they would let me know. At the end of the day, I received a message "I am not seeing that the notary scanned the documents back to us.” I followed through with the notary and she verified they were received by Signature Disclosures and they responded that Loan Depot had never requested the scans after they were loaded to the portal. So we lost that day. On Tuesday they still did not request the scans and so on Wednesday, when the originals arrived from Hawaii, they used the scans from that copy. This resulted in 2 of our loans funding on Thursday. The third loan I received an email that they were missing an page and will start looking through the fed ex packaging to see what they could find. It was found and a day later, on Friday, the loan funded. This series of errors costs us hundreds of dollars as we have to plan and replan around the misadventures of Loan Depot not finding and then losing documents. Below this post Is a comment from loan depot to call them to discuss my review. I called them and was told it was just a standard message they use and they really don’t want to discuss anything. That comment was the icing on the cake and epitomized my whole experience. Overall ( except for two people) I felt they just didn’t want to put effort into the process and just didn’t care.


24 March, 2021


"Customer support" was snarky and condescending.

Got an unsolicited mailer from this company and called to be removed from mailing list. Operator was extremely condescending and hung up on me. Called back and second operator said I'd be removed from list without even asking for my address; when confronted about this he paused and then admitted that he didn't know the address. He then asked for the address in a snarky way (who knows whether he actually wrote it down or not).


22 March, 2021


Choose Loan Depot at your own risk

Loan Depot provides competitive rates. However it comes with big headaches. Their customer service, processing times, internal operations snafus are completely out-of-whack. Overall it's a horrible refinancing experience. Brace yourself if you are going to select them for your refinancing.


22 March, 2021


The process was Slooooow! (But I recieved a great interest rate)

The best thing from loandepot was the interest rate.. The communication of what was going on and being clear about timelines was awful, that I seriously had to question whether or not they were a scam. The whole process took well over 60 days and I had to drive the communication. They may be a really good company, but my experience would force me to question to work with them again if I were looking to refinance..


22 March, 2021


I HAVE to tell everyone about my recent expereince doing business with such a WONDERFUL man who serviced us as we refinanced our home recently!

I am so happy to write a review about our refinanace experience with Loan Depot and most importantly, our expereince with COLIN KIM who we worked with. Colin's care and attention to our needs is uncommon, these days. He was thourough, honest, sincere and Colin was so consciencous! He did everything he said he would do. He communicated with us so well every step of the way. Should we ever need mortgage services again, we will ask for Colin, again!


20 March, 2021


Call Juan Rodriguez

Call Juan Rodriguez, 619-865-5826. He helped us out a lot with refinance. Very good customer service.


19 March, 2021


Sabrina Bilancione and Katie Bond…

Sabrina Bilancione and Katie Bond started and facilitated the refi process for us. They were amazing, kept us up to date on the process from beginning to end. I would highly recommend these two for all of your Loandepot needs.


19 March, 2021


Dennis Giakos: 949-860-4791 BEST loan officer

Dennis Giakos at LoanDepot is the BEST loan officer we have ever worked with. We purchased our dream home and were super nervous about the loan process. Dennis walked us through every step of the process. We loved how we were always able to get a hold of him any time we had questions. He was so knowledgeable and professional. We got a super low rate and I love how we didn’t have to haggle anything. His team was great to work with from start to finish. We will be customers of Dennis’ for life.


19 March, 2021


New Home purchase with Dennis Giakos

We recently purchased a new home through Dennis Giakos: 949-860-4791. Great Rate, Great customer service, Super friendly, Super knowledgeable. He took great care of my family. I can't recommend him highly enough, although I will try. He is the only one I want to do my loans in the future.


18 March, 2021


competitive rate, horrible service

They had a good competitive rate in the beginning, but the process was so bad, I would have gone with another company. It took over 3 months with little to no communication from the company. Changed reps on me multiple times. No one had any answers or could get the process on track. Loan Depot didn't seem to care that I had to make extra payments on my old loan while waiting on them to do their job. Would not recommend Loan Depot.


17 March, 2021


My experience of Refinancing home…

My experience of Refinancing home mortgage with Loan Depot for the given staff was a night mare. I really don't like. I have told this multiple times to all the staff members also who involved in my refinancing process. I would never recommend loan depot to anyone. I felt I been cheated, manipulated, lied, poor customer service, no communication at all on process. All phones call and emails are records if you need real evidences. This is that one of life time experience where you don't want to see such people or services. I can go on an on but what's the points, does anyone looking this ever?


16 March, 2021


LOVE the lowest price guarantee

LOVE the lowest price guarantee, quick response and attention to detail, kindness and knowledgeability of my loan officer. Im wowed by how he quickly earned my trust and I really wish him great things in life I could tell what an amazing person of great character he is.


16 March, 2021


Chris Porfeli and Ashley Salerno

Chris Porfeli and Ashley Salerno were both exceptional individuals to work with for my refi. The process was quick and simple. From locked to close was about 3 weeks. I highly recommend Chris for anyone looking to refi with LoanDepot. He is very knowledgeable and he will take care of you as he did with me. Thanks again Chris and Ashley!


16 March, 2021


Sabrina Bilancion 949-470-6316

Well I refinance with loan depot twice. My first experience was with Sabrina Bilancion she was awesome. She kept me informed to what I needed to get as far as all the paper work. She always answered my calls and answered all my questions for me that was great. The second time around was a nightmare my loan officer never there to answer any of my calls, and when he did, it would be in an email. I like hearing people’s voice it make me feel reassuring. With this loan officer I was getting upset. I was going to look for another company. But I’m glad I stayed with loan depot. Thanks to Sabrina she’s the best. If you need to refinance call on Sabrina Bilancion at loan depot. Thanks loan depot


16 March, 2021


Ricky Pacheco and Trish Wellmaker were great!

Our refinance with Home Depot was very smooth and uncomplicated. Both Ricky Pacheco and Trish Wellmaker did a great job managing the process.Given the volume of refinancing going on, the process took about 3 1/2 months, but both Ricky and Trish did a good job of maintaining communications and keeping us informed. The only snafu was that we were not informed that we needed a witness to close the loan, so when the lawyer who was coming to our house called, he mentioned it and we had 45 minutes to scramble and get a neighbor to be a witness. Otherwise the closing was very convenient. I would certainly recommend Loan Depot to others.


12 March, 2021


Chris and Rachel helped me for my home…

Chris and Rachel helped me for my home refinance. Their Service was incredible. Chris was so helpful during initial application filing, going over through disclosures and also got me the best rate in the market with minimal closing costs. Rachel helped me during loan processing, she is very knowledgeable and we had a long conversation on final closing to go over through final disclosures, best options for me on closing windows to save money in interest. I have seen other lenders taking 6 months to process refinances, but Loandepot processed with in 2.5 months which includes Christmas & New Year breaks, not bad at all. In overall it was great experience working with Chris, Rachel and Loandepot.


10 March, 2021


Sabrina Bilancoine 949-4706316 was…

Sabrina Bilancoine 949-4706316 was super knowledgeable honest and helpful with my home refinancing. She explained everything clearly helping me understand terms throughout the whole refinancing process. Definitely will refer her to my family and friends.


09 March, 2021


Excellent choice for refi

Excellent choice for refi ! Great rates and great customer service!


09 March, 2021


DO NOT work with Leann Fiore

DO NOT work with Leann Fiore and LoanDepot ! They will give you mis-leading and false reasoning to negotiation. Stating that it is "illegal" for them to negotiate/waive fees. They also double dip charge you that you need to look out for and call them out. Not to mention a random Flood Certificate fee for $5.00. That fee was when I knew Leann was scamming me.


09 March, 2021


I just closed with loanDepot on a 15-year fixed refinance

I just closed with loanDepot on a 15-year fixed mortgage. They offered the best rate (and I looked on a lot of different websites), but warned me that it would take a while to close. I had a good feeling about the folks at loanDepot I was working with (Victor Amey and Danielle Ables), and I stuck with them, and we just closed at a rate that was substantially lower than the other best available rates. I would highly recommend loanDepot. Once you lock in the rate, you are protected, so if you don't mind it taking a little while, it is well worth it!


09 March, 2021


Bait and Switch

I got a good rate, but the experience was pretty bad. The loan officer continued lying about the loan being zero cost throughout the process. After my application was started, he was not responsive to my emails. It took me several reminders and days to get his responses. Towards the end, I was told rudely that zero cost is not happening. I involved their manager who also did not help other than threatening to cancel my loan. Finally, I knew that I was being taken for a ride, for the sake of my time, I decided to pay up and continue with my loan application. Edit: Reached out to LoanDepot customer service via email based on their response below. Nobody even cared to respond.


09 March, 2021


Leaves a lot to be worked on

I had applied for my loan on Dec 22nd 2020. My case had some complications as my wife is in India and we had to do split signing and all the associated hassles. I had to really keep the loan processor on top of things as the chances of she dropping the ball seemed obvious. She wouldn’t respond to phone calls and emails would take anywhere between 48-72 hours for response nor would call back (i found the trick later on) used the portal call back facility to ask for a call back. In matters where time is of essence, she would be sending an email and keep waiting till the end of day. In most situations i would have to call her manager to get things resolved and he was pretty helpful in resolving things. All in all it wasn't that smooth of an experience but would give her the benefit of doubt on this as it came with the complications.


09 March, 2021


My refi project has been completed and…

My refi project has been completed and I must give a big, huge shout-out to Anthony Herrera of Loan Depot for his tireless efforts in securing my refi. He promised a time frame to complete the entire process up to the closing and he certainly did not disappoint at all, not in any manner. Anthony was very easy and very pleasant to work with. Two thumbs up and five stars for Anthony. Easily this was the most pleasant and smooth refi I have ever been involved with during the last twenty years. I am extremely happy and very satisfied with the experience I had with Anthony Herrera and Loan Depot… best refi process ever!


09 March, 2021


Sabrina Bilancione 949-470-6316

My 5 star rating is specifically for my loan officer, Sabrina Bilancione. She is the loan officer on 2 loans that I am working on. She is always very responsive and provides excellent customer service! If it were not for her, I probably would have moved on to another financing institution.


09 March, 2021


It was a smooth and easy loan…

It was a smooth and easy loan transaction on our second home. Nicole Dalton was the best!


06 March, 2021


Once your phone number is in their…

Once your phone number is in their database, it seems impossible to get it out. I spoke with representatives about refinancing, went with another company, but since then I have received at least eight calls from different people wanting to help me with my loan. I told them EACH TIME I went with someone else, but later another rep will call and I have to tell them to STOP CALLING.


04 March, 2021


Very satisfied, again.

Very efficient process, did almost everything in the first couple of hours using my phone. Follow-up on phone calls was great, Got a competitive product at a good price. This is my second refi with Loan Depot - highly satisfied and highly recommended.






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