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LoanDepot: Review

  3,285 Reviews on Trustpilot

LoanDepot Snapshot

Overall, LoanDepot is a speedy mortgage lender that offers a variety of home loans including VA, FHA, and home equity loans without needing to sign up.

LoanDepot Spotlight

Best For
Comparing Different Loan Options

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Home Refinance, Home Purchase

Loan Features
Fixed or Adjustable Rate

Repayment Terms
Multiple options, depending on the loan terms


LoanDepot is a portal homebuyers can use to compare different mortgage loan offers. Without having to sign up for an account, you can access their basic mortgage information. It’s simple to input or update your information. Plus, accessing additional loan offers is easy to do on their straightforward platform. A wide number of loans are available through their search engine, including difficult to find 10 and 20-year fixed loans.

Loan Types

In its class, LoanDepot is one of the few lenders that offers home equity loans. Plus, it also offers Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and Veterans Affairs (VA) loans for qualified borrowers looking for assistance. LoanDepot has a reputation of being extremely quick on closing on a loan, which can be very helpful if you’re needing to get into your new home as soon as possible.

Mortgage Loan Rates & Terms

Loan terms depend on the type of term you’re looking for. Easily search for different options, from 30, 20, 15, and even 10-year fixed loans. LoanDepot also lets you search for 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM). Depending on the information you put in, your results can vary, but it’s possible to find both 10 and 20-year loan terms.

LoanDepot includes a variety of annual percentage rate (APR) offers. The lowest APRs are mostly reserved for the 5/1 ARM offers. Adjustable rate mortgages aren’t the most beneficial option for every home buyer. Sometimes, interest rates are considerably lower than APR by a wide margin.

For adjustable rate mortgages, there are interest rates as low as 2.25% and for fixed rate mortgages you can get interest rates as low as 3.25%.

The one downside is that only those with a credit score of 700 or higher will have access to these rates. The further you dip below 700, the higher the rates get. For instance, if your credit score hovers around 650, you’ll likely see rates around 4%.

LoanDepot Pros

  • Easily access basic mortgage information without having to sign up
  • Search for additional loan types easily due to a simple platform interface
  • Easy-to-use mortgage calculators let you crunch numbers and build a budget
  • Choose from a variety of fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan offers

LoanDepot Cons

  • It’s not very easy to find mortgage offers without various adjustments
  • For some loan information, you’re required to enter income statements

Terms of Repayment

Your monthly payments are likely to be close to average when compared with other lenders. In the company’s Rate Quote form, you can use the large range of parameters to see numbers that are consistent among a number of other lenders.

For instance, if your credit score is 690 and you enter in a 30-year fixed mortgage for a $300K home, you’ll find monthly payments for as low as $900 per month.

LoanDepot’s site also includes a practical Mortgage Purchase Calculator that can give even more insight into what you should expect to pay each month.

LoanDepot Application Process

LoanDepot’s application process includes a few more steps than others on average. However, the entire process is also quicker than most. LoanDepot’s application process has 7 steps:

1. Fill Out a Short Questionnaire. After the questionnaire, you will be asked to be contacted with a Licensed Lending Officer.

2. Talk to a LoanDepot Licensed Lending Officer. One of LoanDepot’s 1,700 licensed lending officers will help you through a “no steering policy” which means you will get the best loan for your goals, not for their wallet.

3. Define Your Goals. Determine your budget, needs, wants, to find the home of your dreams.

4. Choose the Right Loan for You. Pick from fixed-rate to adjustable rate terms, or government loans.

5. Get Approved. Your Licensed Lending Offier will coordinated the necessary parties to make sure your laon is submitted properly for approval.

6. Submit Documents. Some documents you may need to submit include mortgage statements, paystubs, 2 years of employment history, etc.

7. Close Your Loan. When you’re approved, LoanDepot will schedule a closing appointment at a time that works best for you.

Customer Support

If you’re looking for extra help, LoanDepot lets you chedule an appointment through the website. Plus, you can also contact a customer service rep through the simple live chat option for even quicker help

Final Thoughts on LoanDepot

So, should you use LoanDepot to access a home mortgage loan?

Overall, LoanDepot offers home buyers a number of term options through an easy-to-use platform. Comparing and reviewing information is quite simple, especially since you don’t need to sign up.

The downsides are that you’re quite limited in the number of options available online, and LoanDepot can be pushy towards moving towards a phone call after you get past the loan rate estimator. If you do use the platform, one final tip is to get ready to negotiate a bit before you secure your finalized loan.


What Will a Meeting With a LoanDepot Licensed Loan Officer Look Like?

When you talk to a licensed loan officer, you’ll be able to get all of your loan questions answered. Since everyone has different loan needs, the loan officer will be able to match you with the best possible loan and monthly payment.

They will also explain all the steps to start including locking in a low rate to closing your loan quickly (even in as little as 30 days).

Loan Depot Direct Customer Testimonials

Great   3,285 Reviews



6 hours ago


Dishonesty and unreliable

Dishonesty and unreliable, this loan process is taking forever after sending different request paperwork and still qualified whereas cryptoboxloan.com granted me instant crypto backed loan without any paperwork. loanDepot keep up the slow processing


9 hours ago


Worst customer service, unreliable, unresponsive and very unprofessional.

They tried to change the rate on us last minute. They also submitted our documents last minute making us homeless for a week. To make matters worse, They never have time to call or talk to you and explain. They treated us like we were nothing! So disrespectful.and they kept forcing me to sign documents with so many mistakes including not even getting my names right!!!


12 hours ago


I recently received a letter regarding…my escrow account.

I recently received a letter regarding my escrow account. I needed clarification. I called in and got the rudest customer service rep ever. She was on the phone huffing and puffing as if I was annoying her. She didn't even ask for my information to begin the process of addressing my matter. I started by saying I received a letter regarding my escrow account and I need clarification, her response was, "what does the letter say". I began to read off the letter and that is when I heard huffing and puffing so I addressed it. She then states, what are you talking about? As if I couldn't hear her through the phone. She then says, well first of all I have to get your name and loan number. I said, I wondered why you didn't ask for that info to begin with. You only asked what does the letter say. I gave her my name and she says, I have to put you on hold for two minutes after a minute the phone hung up. I had already been on hold for an hour. I just have this to say, If you don't like your job, then quit. You are not helping anyone or the company you represent, with a bad attitude. I hate it when you are invested in a company and then you find out later how horrible they are with customer service. My time is valuable. I don't like being jerked around.


13 hours ago



I could not be more pleased with loanDepot. The level of service and execution was excellent. I worked with Phil and Melissa and they did a great job getting everything done on time. They not only delivered good customer service - they hit it out of the park. As someone who is in the business, I can say this is the best experience I have ever had financing a mortgage. The impression they left on me of the brand loanDepot is one that brings to mind a very positive experience.


08 May, 2021


I was chatting with a representative…

I was chatting with a representative and before I knew it he was calling me. No explanation of the process, just questions to complete the application. When I asked if my credit was going to be soft or hard pulled, he said I already run your credit. I told him I was not going to proceed with the process. That was 2 months ago, until this day I keep getting daily phone calls. Very annoying and disrespectful!


08 May, 2021



I could not be happier with loanDepot and the customer service I received from Phil and Melissa. They went above and beyond every step of the way. I knew I was in good hands the entire way by their knowledge, professionalism and attention. And the customer service wasn’t just good - it was out of the ballpark good. LoanDepot is lucky to have two people such as Phil and Melissa representing their company and establishing their brand. Thank you for making my refinance an easy and pain free experience.


07 May, 2021


Over 100 days later - still no closing!

We started the refinance process on January 27, 2021. We immediately sent all documentation requested. Over the next three months we sent additional paperwork as previous items "timed out". Today I am told (over 100 days later) that we do not qualify as our assets are mainly land. I asked "why didn't someone tell us this on day one? our situation has not changed in the the last 3 months. Very disappointed and angry that we wasted our time and money on this. I would have just refinanced through our current company who are more than willing to do so - and saved myself 3 months of the higher interest rate I have been paying. Only saving grace was the representative who handled our case - she was wonderful.


07 May, 2021


I went online and ended up chatting…

I went online and ended up chatting with a loan officer. I ended up applying for a refinance loan and the officer asked some questions and I answered most of them and said I need to check on a few items and would then sent in the information needed. I had went ahead and locked in my rates for a 30 day period. I had then had a lot of issues with my work that I was to busy to answer the items he needed. And then within a week the loan officer was calling me 3 times a day texting me and emailing. I said I was busy for a bit and would get back to him. He did not stop, I sent him an email stating I did not like being badgered and would send in my info needed. So then he sent me a email that my loan was canceled. which was fine, I found a better deal and was done. I'm the customer and do not like being pressured. If you want to be pressured and cannot step back and take a look of what you loan is this is the place to go. I had a $269,000 balance of my house. I was going to take out $60,000 and refinance. My payment was $2163.00, with 17 years left would have paid $441,252.00 at my finish. his loan would have gave me the $60,000.00 but would have gave me another 13 more years to pay and costing a total of $681,480.00. So the good finance loan he told me would have cost me $240,228.00 to get $60,000.00, Thats what I would have got if I didn't research my numbers. WOW!! Thank you AGENT was MIME ABRAHAM


05 May, 2021


Tim Foreman - 949-575-5239

We inquired about a refinance to take advantage of the low rates and from there everything moved quickly. Tim & Kyle made the process smooth, simple and quick. We appreciate their help with answering all our questions and staying on top of our loan. They will work with you to see what works best for your situation. I would definitely work with them again!


05 May, 2021


Okay constructive feedback

Okay constructive feedback - Grace Fedroff should be fired! In all my years I have never been dealt with as treacherously as this person dealt with me. She lied about so many aspects of this loan process it’s amazing she is still employed. She purposely screwed us out of our agreed upon closing date by delaying delivering closing disclosures by 24 hours. It’s unconscionable that she in the position she is in.


04 May, 2021


“Sabrina Bilancione 949-470-6316”

Excellent service and support from Lending Officer Sabrina Bilancione during refinance of our 2nd home. Sabrina and Account Manager Teketha Woods were very clear and prompt with communications and provide guidance on all steps in the process. As always, unique situations occur as did with ours, but Sabrina and Teketha helped through the entire process. I would definitely recommend loanDepot, Sabrina, and Teketha and in fact plan to refinance another loan soon with loanDepot.


03 May, 2021



Lies! This company hides behind lies of "computer glitches" and just about everything else to hide the fact that they haven't done their job and secured a loan for their client well into the escrow, and in my case, up until the 3rd week of extension of the close of escrow. Don't believe this company, their business practices and their word means NOTHING


02 May, 2021


Easily the best loan experience that I…

Easily the best loan experience that I have ever had. Smooth processes and great personalities made this experience wonderful. Nick and Jennifer were great!


02 May, 2021



On our 3rd month dealing with LoanDepot. They just continue to ask for little bits of info. Here’s an example of one of the requests....Letter of explanation why WFB has this address on your statement. This goes on every few days. Although in the first month we had to have a home appraisal that we paid for out of pocket that cost $495. Now they have extended closing our loan not till June 1, 2021. So, if it closed on June 1st it would be after almost 4 months, $495 out pocket for appraisal, $20 something dollars for credit report, plus hours, and hours of sending them more, and more info. I’m ready to stop everything and find another lender.


30 April, 2021


They sell off your loan, which creates innumerable headaches

I'm not sure many read these reviews - I wish we had before refinancing with Loan Depot. While our sales manager was great, that was the end of anything positive we have to say about Loan Depot. We asked if they were 'keeping' (servicing) our loan, or selling it off, and were assured they were servicing it. Not the case. It has subsequently been sold multiple times in just ONE year, and now we're with TIAA using 'LoanCare' as the servicer, and it's the absolute worst possible experience we've ever had, by any bank or mortgage company, ever. Beware if you use Loan Depot - your mortgage payments are going to be an absolute mess as they sell it off, then it gets sold off again, and again, and woe to you if it happens to end up with TIAA and LoanCare...


30 April, 2021


Horrible loan processing timelines & customer service

Horrible loan processing time, I was promised to get my loan refinance closed in 30 to 45 days. I understand due to recent low rates in market, loan depot folks were busy ! It took 121 days for them to get my loan closed after following up with them for approximately 43 times. The initial loan officer (Rohan S) was better at least he used to respond after sometime, whereas the Sr Account Manager(Makenna D) was horrible and not even once reached out proactively to update or check on my loan status and never picks her phone when called or reverts back to voice mail. You would only receive a call from her when you escalate via customer care call center.


30 April, 2021


Excellent customer service by Ashley Seo (in North California) at LoanDepot

I talked to Ashley Seo (in North California) at LoanDepot. She gave excellent mortgage refinance options to me. She gave detailed information to me and was very patient with me in explaining details to me. She is highly knowledgeable in mortgage field, very polite and excellent Mortgage Loan Officer. I would highly recommend her to anybody. Thanks so much Ashley for everything!!


29 April, 2021


Excellent experience, would recommend.

I had an excellent experience with loan depot. They handled an accelerated closing date no problem, all documents were scanned and signed through a secure portal, there was nothing confusing about the process. Competitive pricing, and their payment portal for the mortgage is top notch, very easy to manage payments and make changes online.


28 April, 2021


A great experience

From the first contact with Heather Oliver we had a very good experience. The process moved along at a steady pace. I’ve never had a refinance go so quickly or as smoothly as this one did. Everytime we encountered a problem Heather found a solution. We had special circumstances, my wife was is recovering from cancer. Heather worked around our schedule with no problem. And the appraiser LoanDepot found for us did a great job and had no problem changing to a new time with short notice. The whole experience with Heather and LoanDepot was great. The process from start to finish took half the time I expected, and they did all the work. I would use them again and have already recommended them to a friend. Chris and Carolyn


28 April, 2021


Renato Lovo 949-575-5482

This is my 3rd loan with Loan Depot and I can say they are always improving with their communications. The process from Application to funding took less than 3 months. Great job! I will recommend Loan Depot to friends and family.


27 April, 2021


We had an excellent experience…

We had an excellent experience refinancing our mortgage during this health pandemic, specifically with Ricky Pacheco. I would certainly recommend him to friends/family.


26 April, 2021


I always use Colin Kim at Home Depot

I always use Colin Kim at Home Depot. We have purchased and refinanced several homes with this fantastic loan officer and efficient company-, we will never use anyone else!


26 April, 2021


Very horrible experience

Very horrible experience. I applied just before Christmas was approved with conditions first of February the conditions are very minor, just copies of insurance documents and tax forms. Every two weeks they requested additional documentation on some item or another which i usually provided within two hours and after 120 days they said that my loan could not be approved. Apparently they added some “questionable“ pension income that did not exist, nor Was it stated on my original application. The person I was communicating with very confused could not communicate well. In the end they could not provide me the loan that they had offered back in December at the great rates that were in existence at that time. I had been warned by some of the other loan companies but I did not heed the warning. Please be extremely cautious when dealing with this company.


26 April, 2021



Incompetent! After more than five months loan depot is still requesting documentation they’ve already received to do a 20% loan to value cash out. Every few weeks they’d ask for documentation, I’d go to my sent items and resend. They are substandard and un-intelligent from top to bottom! Beware and avoid!


26 April, 2021



HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! The processor did not communicate and the process took forever. I am glad to be finished with them and will never do business with them again!


26 April, 2021


mi experencia fue increible

mi experencia fue increible, son muy profesionales, los recomiendo 200%


23 April, 2021


Unbelievably slow. Look somewhere else.

Unbelievably slow. I wouldn't say slow to communication, I would say "NO" communication. I love the response on this site to negative posts. Please call our customer care team. For what? I have. They don't know anything. Only tell you status.


22 April, 2021


LoanDepot process simply the best

LoanDepot offered the best interest rate and lowest points. Information requested of us was not superfluous and to the point. Ali Noor the Lending Officer was simply the best and Teleka Tillman the Senior Account Manager made sure the whole process went through without any serious hitches.


22 April, 2021


What a joke of a company..

What a joke of a company... 6 months into trying for a loan they just want more and more and more and more documents. Stay away from this trash company at all costs.


20 April, 2021


Ricky Pacheco 949-465-9121

Extremely knowledgeable, providing a taylored support system to my specifics needs. Outstanding ....Thanks Mr. P !


20 April, 2021


Terrible, frustrating experience.

If I can give 0 star I will. Nothing went right. I have 2 loans with Loandepot. It has been almost 5 months, neither of them is closed. They kept making mistakes and lied about almost everything. For example, they told us the process was blocked by HOA document which they never sent out to neither of the HOA even after we told them so again and again. Another example, one of the loan was mistakenly funded without even closing!? Now they have to unfund it and lock and rate again! It just a plain terrible, frustrating experience.


19 April, 2021


Nightmare to work with.

Process took 6 months. Lost documents, unreturned emails and calls. No advice to complete loan approval. Process was a nightmare. Stay away.


18 April, 2021


Incompetent and poor in communication

The complete process from start to finish took 3 months and 2 weeks. It was a nightmare, I had to follow up every step of the way to make sure the loan was moving forward. They would respond half of the time. I tried talking to the manager but it didn't help at all. The manager was willing to listen but took no actions and never follow up with me as he said he would. You are at their mercy, just hope they would do their job. I would not recommend it.


16 April, 2021


Great experience....

We had a great experience with LoanDepot and we are very happy and loan went very smooth. Tim Foreman and Jennifer Chaney were very helpful and very professional. We had a great experience, they answered all my questions promptly during the entire loan process. The LoanDepot team gave us excellent service. We would recommend LoanDepot to our Friends and Family!!


16 April, 2021


Great experience with loandepot

A great experience with loandepot and we are very happy with the outcome. Zach Honnes and Heather McKeen gave us an excellent service


16 April, 2021


One of the worst experiences ever with…

One of the worst experiences ever with a lender. Received a notice of late pay and immediately researched the issue; checked bank and showed funds had been delivered through auto payas they had been in the previous months. After looking into this matter further they refused payment with no explanation. I have two loans through them on two different properties; issued the payments the same way, no problem on one and late fees and notices on other. Worst part cannot get them to do anything about it. 30 minute plus wait times on every call. They will not let you speak to management, they pass your call off to the eternal hold line.


15 April, 2021


Sabrina Bilancione 949 470 6316

The loan went very smooth Sabrina was very helpful and professional. Jesse also kept me inform on the process of my loan.


14 April, 2021



ZERO customer service! I have been calling/emailing since March 22, 2021 to get them to pay my taxes that were due in December 2020. Every person I talk to, I have to repeat the same story over & over. The taxes were sent by them in December, yes. The county tax office sent them back because some other bank paid them by accident. Other bank came back and said they made a mistake and took their money back. Loan Depot has the taxes returned in my escrow, but have not resent them to the tax office. One person I spoke to (in March) said they would be paid in 48 hours. Another said I had to send my tax bill to their "delinquent tax" email. Which I did (March 22). I can't remember how many times I have asked to speak to a manager only to be hung up on after waiting for 5-10 minutes. There is no phone number to reach "customer service". Just a computer where you can ignore all the prompts until an agent comes on the line. That agent takes your call back number and never calls you back. Absolutely time to refinance!!!!!


14 April, 2021


Great experience with Loandepot

I had a great experience with Loandepot and everything went smoothly with the closing of both loans. A big shout-out to the loan officer Zach Honnes, who is customer friendly and has dealt professionally during the entire loan process.


14 April, 2021


Do not hit Submit with your loan…

Do not hit Submit with your loan application!! Yes, their rate is competitive but it is a process from hell. I am going into my 3rd month and it is still “with the underwriter”. They take a peek, ask for more supporting docs, nothing done, 2 weeks later, request for latest supporting docs because the ones you submitted are a month old now we need the latest; and so the cycle starts and never ends!! You don’t have to take just this review to make your decision; just go to other review sites and look at the other complaints against these guys to draw your conclusion. Be warn!! Some folks took 6 months to close!!!


14 April, 2021



I’m putting a two. I want to close with these guys but I feel like I’m getting a rope-a-dope. Loan salesman- Jerimiah told me if I got everything in he requested on day one his team would wave any points charged to the loan. I had everything needed and the process And he helped made it do-able. Then the case is handed to the loan processor. He works the final paperwork and also has different questions. This man, John Tate and I seem to get along well. I give him 5 stars. But Mr Tate tells me he can’t take the points off and it has to be done by Jerimiah. I called Jerimiah when I first noticed the points still there and he acknowledged it and said he would fix it and send the papers to Mr. Tate. (Abt a week ago) I called again and he said he sees it gone from my paperwork but Mr Tate and Jerimiah, just minutes ago sent me a document with the almost 1300 dollars in points. So if Jerimiah doesn’t see it in a conversation 60 minutes ago, why is it in a document he sent 30 minutes ago??? I went to these guys for a no appraisal, but I got the appraisal issues fixed and have another lender waiting. I want to honor what I started and I’d love someone from loan depot to listen to Jerimiah’s promises on the recorded line and honor them as a company. Otherwise I’m moving on if this isn’t fixed in the next few days. It’s a matter of honor, not rates.


13 April, 2021


Run away from this lender

I would give them negative infinity stars if able. The agent ran a hard credit check without my permission! I have to suffer that incompetency for the next 2 years on my credit report. I would never recommend your services.


13 April, 2021


The loan person assigned to me was Adrian Arechiga

The loan person assigned to me was an aggressive, disrespectful, child who wasted my time and irritated me. He also didn't follow my specific request not to contact me via telephone apparently my cell phone is paid for his personal preferences so he text me several times despite reminding him that he should email me - only. After wasting well more than an hour on the phone with him REPEATING myself because he obviously wasn't paying attention to my responses the first time, he then asked me if I even wanted to refinance my loan and informed me that he takes his job seriously. I'll have you all know that I take my TIME seriously - I have less of it since I'm more than 23 years older than he is and I didn't appreciate his condescension after spending so much time on the phone with him. He also read to me - as if I can't read - mind you I have a juris doctorate degree and I read in 2 languages - but I had to endure him reading to me wasting more of my time upon his then completion he basically ordered me to sign some document so that he could commit me to a loan. In totality my experience with Load Depot amounted to the stereotypical used car sales: he wasted my time trying to wear me down then demanded that I commit before I read the document for myself and make an informed decision. No thank you. I'm not a fool, I can read for myself, and I'd rather pay more - if I'm paying more - to have the confidence that my loan will be completed properly. I should also add that my credit score instantly went down after he ran it and when I told him that he said "so what! it's still high." SO WHAT .. Well again, dear ignorant child, my credit is consistently high because I don't follow the direction of children unless we're playing duck, duck, goose. Ugh .. No, no, never, never again.


13 April, 2021


Very smooth transaction

Very smooth transaction. Second loan with LoanDepot and no issues. Will use again if needed.


11 April, 2021


“Thomas Le - 949-330-4761

Alvin & co. were spot on. This was an easy process. I would recommend Loan Depot for a ReFi !


11 April, 2021


Mr Art keener

Mr Art keener , and Andrew his stated manager were very disconcerted about my refinance questions, He asked me on Saturday 4/3 if I'm serious or wasting his time, or I'm serious Not sure If I own a house valued 1 million and I'm in the market for refinancing with another three other rental properties that I own and as I explained to him I need him to all close in the same time, with the same paperwork and same procedure. He did not provide me with a rate until 4/5 when he contacted me in the evening to check the offer on the website, he failed to provide me with a different option for the rate, when I asked him he said ohh you mean sheet work? They failed to provide me with details about my request for investment loans I had three of them they did manage to delete the details of my applications I enter online instead of sharing it with someone that can help He did not care about providing me with advice on 4/3 or 4/5 to provide a separate application for the investment properties. I was very clear on 4/2 that I'm looking for refinancing for 4 properties, not one When I told him that yesterday, he said again (Do not waste my time if you are not going to do it ) after I told him I have already rates from 2 different loan providers and I'm waiting for the Loandepot offers to make my decision. Very poor conversation manners and understanding about my need and helping me to navigate your website, very poor follow up from him, very poor to talk to customer refinancing 2+ million refinance and asking me if I'm wasting his time. Still I'm asking for his manager to provide me with a different agent, so I can make my final choices about which firm to proceed with?? I hope to hear from someone different today, or I'll have to proceed somewhere else SO I WASTED MY TIME WITH THESE TWO AGENTS THAT HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THE LOAN BUSINESS AND VERY DECEIVING. If you serious about your loan service, LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE ???


09 April, 2021


Simplistic Excellence

Travis Whitman was super efficient, warm and professional at the same time. I had at least 10 companies reach out after I started shopping around. LoanDepot seemed the way to go because of his calm confidence in his abilities and the company's.


09 April, 2021


Sabrina Bilancione 949-470-6316

Great process and very happy with the outcome.


07 April, 2021


Thomas Le. 949-330-4761

While we were looking to refinance our home we were referred to Alvin Nguyen with LoanDepot. We had a great experience, he answered all our questions, returned or answered our calls promptly. The LoanDepot team gave us excellent service. We would recommend LoanDepot to our Friends and Family.


07 April, 2021


Terrible experience with loandepot

Justin Pla Licensed Lending Officer NMLS#: 2009901 was whom I spoke with. I told Justin upfront as well as the agent who called me first that I am browsing for rates and I don't want hard pull to my credit report. I was patiently answering all the questions and he was speaking very fast trying to push through the loan. He said about collecting employment info digitally as they have some tool and then asked for last 4 of social along with mentioning consumer report. Since I didn't give him full social, with employment verification and consumer report, I said yes with this understanding. Immediately I am getting notification that my credit is pulled. Unnecessarily I have have hard inquiry on my credit report. I doubt if this is the culture of loandepot for loan officers to not be clear and patient purposefully with people trying to get info. I would definitely not recommend loan depot and infact would spread the message to avoid loandepot as service is not good and the loan cost for the rates came back was horrible.






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