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LoanDepot: Review

  3,502 Reviews on Trustpilot

LoanDepot Snapshot

Overall, LoanDepot is a speedy mortgage lender that offers a variety of home loans including VA, FHA, and home equity loans without needing to sign up.

LoanDepot Spotlight

Best For
Comparing Different Loan Options

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Home Refinance, Home Purchase

Loan Features
Fixed or Adjustable Rate

Repayment Terms
Multiple options, depending on the loan terms


LoanDepot is a portal homebuyers can use to compare different mortgage loan offers. Without having to sign up for an account, you can access their basic mortgage information. It’s simple to input or update your information. Plus, accessing additional loan offers is easy to do on their straightforward platform. A wide number of loans are available through their search engine, including difficult to find 10 and 20-year fixed loans.

Loan Types

In its class, LoanDepot is one of the few lenders that offers home equity loans. Plus, it also offers Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and Veterans Affairs (VA) loans for qualified borrowers looking for assistance. LoanDepot has a reputation of being extremely quick on closing on a loan, which can be very helpful if you’re needing to get into your new home as soon as possible.

Mortgage Loan Rates & Terms

Loan terms depend on the type of term you’re looking for. Easily search for different options, from 30, 20, 15, and even 10-year fixed loans. LoanDepot also lets you search for 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM). Depending on the information you put in, your results can vary, but it’s possible to find both 10 and 20-year loan terms.

LoanDepot includes a variety of annual percentage rate (APR) offers. The lowest APRs are mostly reserved for the 5/1 ARM offers. Adjustable rate mortgages aren’t the most beneficial option for every home buyer. Sometimes, interest rates are considerably lower than APR by a wide margin.

For adjustable rate mortgages, there are interest rates as low as 2.25% and for fixed rate mortgages you can get interest rates as low as 3.25%.

The one downside is that only those with a credit score of 700 or higher will have access to these rates. The further you dip below 700, the higher the rates get. For instance, if your credit score hovers around 650, you’ll likely see rates around 4%.

LoanDepot Pros

  • Easily access basic mortgage information without having to sign up
  • Search for additional loan types easily due to a simple platform interface
  • Easy-to-use mortgage calculators let you crunch numbers and build a budget
  • Choose from a variety of fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan offers

LoanDepot Cons

  • It’s not very easy to find mortgage offers without various adjustments
  • For some loan information, you’re required to enter income statements

Terms of Repayment

Your monthly payments are likely to be close to average when compared with other lenders. In the company’s Rate Quote form, you can use the large range of parameters to see numbers that are consistent among a number of other lenders.

For instance, if your credit score is 690 and you enter in a 30-year fixed mortgage for a $300K home, you’ll find monthly payments for as low as $900 per month.

LoanDepot’s site also includes a practical Mortgage Purchase Calculator that can give even more insight into what you should expect to pay each month.

LoanDepot Application Process

LoanDepot’s application process includes a few more steps than others on average. However, the entire process is also quicker than most. LoanDepot’s application process has 7 steps:

1. Fill Out a Short Questionnaire. After the questionnaire, you will be asked to be contacted with a Licensed Lending Officer.

2. Talk to a LoanDepot Licensed Lending Officer. One of LoanDepot’s 1,700 licensed lending officers will help you through a “no steering policy” which means you will get the best loan for your goals, not for their wallet.

3. Define Your Goals. Determine your budget, needs, wants, to find the home of your dreams.

4. Choose the Right Loan for You. Pick from fixed-rate to adjustable rate terms, or government loans.

5. Get Approved. Your Licensed Lending Offier will coordinated the necessary parties to make sure your laon is submitted properly for approval.

6. Submit Documents. Some documents you may need to submit include mortgage statements, paystubs, 2 years of employment history, etc.

7. Close Your Loan. When you’re approved, LoanDepot will schedule a closing appointment at a time that works best for you.

Customer Support

If you’re looking for extra help, LoanDepot lets you chedule an appointment through the website. Plus, you can also contact a customer service rep through the simple live chat option for even quicker help

Final Thoughts on LoanDepot

So, should you use LoanDepot to access a home mortgage loan?

Overall, LoanDepot offers home buyers a number of term options through an easy-to-use platform. Comparing and reviewing information is quite simple, especially since you don’t need to sign up.

The downsides are that you’re quite limited in the number of options available online, and LoanDepot can be pushy towards moving towards a phone call after you get past the loan rate estimator. If you do use the platform, one final tip is to get ready to negotiate a bit before you secure your finalized loan.


What Will a Meeting With a LoanDepot Licensed Loan Officer Look Like?

When you talk to a licensed loan officer, you’ll be able to get all of your loan questions answered. Since everyone has different loan needs, the loan officer will be able to match you with the best possible loan and monthly payment.

They will also explain all the steps to start including locking in a low rate to closing your loan quickly (even in as little as 30 days).

Loan Depot Direct Customer Testimonials

Great   3,502 Reviews



9 hours ago


Smooth experience - Thank you Erin Maddox 949-330-4759

What a great experience. Right from the initial call to final disbursement, everything was smooth and always focused on customer experience. Thank you Erin and Grant for your help. Strongly recommend Erin for your mortgage needs.


15 hours ago


I tried to give this company another…

I tried to give this company another chance and they once again let me done. At least the 2nd lender was nice even though she left me hanging.


18 hours ago


Recently refinanced two homes with loan…

Recently refinanced two homes with loan Depot. Morgan McDougall - 949-242-8991” Was Excellent. Knew what I was looking to accomplish and got the job done. Can't say enough about Morgan and LoanDepot . Great Job Cheers


19 September, 2021


Karissa Sampson and the Loandepot team

My wife and I did some research on refinancing our mortgage. We decided to use Loandepot based on our conversation with Karissa Sampson. She was a ray of sunshine with her knowledge, professionalism & patience with all of our questions and concerns throughout this whole process. Without hesitation we would highly recommend Loandepot to any and all individuals looking to refinance or purchasing a home. Thank you Karissa Sampson & the team of Loandepot.


17 September, 2021


I recently retired and decided to look…

I recently retired and decided to look into lower interest rates for my current mortgage and Home Equity LOC. Found Loan Depot through a Senior discount email and gave it a shot. Have been working with Kalvin Cruz who has offered superior customer service. He was extremely patient while I (with great difficulty) managed to pull all the necessary information together...no easy task with a faulty mouse and many very stubborn websites! He is personable, professional and made me feel that I could trust his expertise! I highly recommend Kalvin and Loan Depot!


16 September, 2021


Excellent home buyer experience

We had an excellent home buyer experience with the Salem, OR team at loanDepot. They were personable, responsive, and knowledgeable, and guided us through a complex transaction. They listened well and acted as true partners in our transaction. Their communications were excellent and timely throughout the process. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone.


16 September, 2021


Great service and friendly staff.

Great service and friendly staff.


15 September, 2021


HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! Go with another company!!

I had a horrible experience with loan depot. I went through the whole process and then about two weeks before the loan was to close they called and said they couldn’t find an appraiser for my property. They were unwilling to work with me and go out of their way to find an appraiser. Very disappointing. I would recommend that you choose another mortgage company and don’t waste your precious time with them.


15 September, 2021


My experience with this lender was…terrible

My experience with this lender was incredibly frustrating and the level of customer service the absolute worst. The service manager that was assigned to my loan totally ignored all my phone calls and e-mails. She NEVER answered her phone. They will tell you anything to get you in. Very disappointed.


15 September, 2021


Seen all the ad from this company and…

Seen all the ad from this company and thought seriously about refinancing with them. After working with agent Aimme was guaranteed they had all the paperwork needed and just needed appraisal. Appraisal was done, no word from Aimme or senior account executive. No responses to emails closing date was rapidly approaching still no response. Emailed again finally one of them said oh no we need more paperwork or wont be done. Would never NEVER NEVER NEVER recommend this place to the last person on earth. NO Communication from agents. Will gladly take my business to AmeriSave. They had a full point less than Loan Depot even though had assurances they would get me best rate. Run away.


14 September, 2021


Sabrina Bilancione 949-470-6316

Sabrina was polite, prompt and courteous. Extremely helpful through out the entire process, her and Jeff handled all of my questions and concerns and made me feel very comfortable with the whole deal. Thank you, Sabrina. Tracy Spoonemore


14 September, 2021


This company was awesome

This company was awesome! The service was stellar. Edwin, my loan office was so efficient and continued to keep me informed of the process of the loan. I sent all of the documentation and my loan was ready to close in 25 days. I am 68 and have dealt with many Banks and other financial institutions in my past as a Business owner; No financial institution comes close to the service and fair closing cost I received! I highly recommend LoanDepot!!


13 September, 2021


“Thanh Tran - 949-595-7197”

I had decided not to refinance my mortgage because I was tired of getting deluged with unsolicited phone calls. I even stopped answering phon callse from unidentified callers until one day I received a call from Loan Depot. It was a company I had considered years ago and thought I would at least speak to an agent. As it turned out, speaking to Thanh Tran convinced me I should refinance. He is extremely polite, knowledgeable, patient, available to help and has a good product to sell. I felt he was telling me the truth and put in writing everything he offered over the phone. This resulted in a very good experience with Loan Depot.


12 September, 2021


I have nothing to complain about…

I have nothing to complain about loanDepot. My agent # 949595-7197 Tran Thanh has been particularly professional and efficient. He promptly communicated with me, answered my questions and concerns throughout the process. Phone calls and emails are answered with no delay and the closing was made right in time. I will recommend loanDepot to anyone without hesitation. High Five to Tran !!!


10 September, 2021


The Loan Depot is great with…

The Loan Depot is great with communication, always being ready to answer any question super fast! They keep you informed every step of the way in the loan process, being prudent and informative of what is required and NOT keeping you in the dark! I went through many loan companies before Loan Depot and they all lack sincerity and communication...they treat you like another number...very impersonal. With the Loan Depot, they treat you like family. I was super impressed of the level of communication. Also, the Loan Depot interest rates are very comparable and even better than others. A special shout-out to Anna with the Loan Depot!


10 September, 2021


I am tired of Loan Depot sending out…

I am tired of Loan Depot sending out notices about refinancing. I cannot tell you how many times I have called and asked them to stop. Here I am now trying to let other people know of their practices. If this is the way they advertising, just think how bad their service would be.


08 September, 2021


Jake Jones and his team are phenomenal

Jake Jones and his team are phenomenal. Very informative and responsive. I highly recommend using them for mortgage needs


07 September, 2021


Best experience in obtaining a refi

Best experience in obtaining a refi. We have done a few for several properties.


06 September, 2021


Great experience.

Thank you LoanDepot. You have made my first-time home purchasing experience the best. Trustworthy and committed to excellent service.


06 September, 2021


Superior Service

The process was easy, professional staff and loan consultant was very personable, knowledgeable and it was an almost painless experience, as good as dealing with mortgage can be, I think.


05 September, 2021


Horrible experience, horrible underwriting team

The underwriting team created lot of unwarranted issues for us and delayed the closing of our home by full 1 month. We had 800+ credit scores and solid job with W2 income in 150K+ - the issues were not related to anything related to that. The loan processing and underwriting team just disappeared for 3+ weeks and then asked us for an extra plumbing inspection cause the appraiser saw a small dark spot in the basement ceiling and mentioned that in the appraisal report. We had got a full home inspection done which talked about it as a small leak in the past (not active anymore), but the underwriter made us do 2 more plumbing inspections 3 weeks after that appraisal report (and past the scheduled closing date). All in all very frustrating experience while we were staying in a hotel waiting for this home to close. This experience was so so horrible that we have decided we will never do a loan with Loan Depot again. And we will never suggest anyone to go with Loan Depot. In fact, we are going to dissuade everyone from going with Loan Depot.


05 September, 2021


Nic Reed and Jennifer Alessi were…

Nic Reed and Jennifer Alessi were awesome from start to finish!! They worked very hard and kept us up to date on the progress of our refinance. Nic was instrumental in getting the ball rolling- he was very positive and always answered my calls and/or texts! Jennifer was great - same positive attitude as Nic, answered all of our calls, emails and our questions. I would recommend Loan Depot to everyone.


04 September, 2021


Sabrina Bilancione (949) 470-6316

Sabrina Bilancione (949) 470-6316 She was great through the whole process with communication and being upfront and honest. We had a couple hiccups like having to extend our lock and some fees that she was able to immediately rectify and get covered by the lender on their end. They were also able to do a no appraisal refi for us saving us additional money. We got a great rate, we’re able to eliminate our PMI improve our rate almost .75% and overall lower our payment a substantial amount on a month that basis. The process took a little longer than I expected but that’s the world we live in, patience is a virtue. Overall great experience with us having to come in with very little cash to close.


03 September, 2021


Unethical practices

Danielle was a really nice person to work with, but this process seemed a bit like a bait and switch to run my credit and get me "hooked" since the initial quote was based on an escrow that was way too low... like $1000/mo too low- so it looked like any option was going to equate to a significantly lower payment. Magically the lower escrow payment equated to a cash to close maxing out the 36 mo recoup mandate for the VA IRRL.... Weird, eh? After I asked for a rate lock and I went through a bunch of paperwork, the "discrepancy" was resolved and thus, the quoted rate was impossible given the higher escrow requirements and now it would take 360 months to recoup the cash to close. I even gave the Loan Estimate to another lender to compare against and they questioned the ethics behind leaving out taxes in an escrow in a loan estimate. I'm all about low rates, but not about wasting people's time.


03 September, 2021


Shoaib Ayub 949-575-5348

Sho was fantastic to work with. I was not expecting much from LoanDepot to be honest, but after talking to Sho, I felt really good about our decision. Sho knew his stuff and was able to explain it really well. He also worked to get us a great deal for our refinance and we got everything that was on our list and more. I'm really happy we made the switch when we did and feel extremely lucky that we ended up working with Sho!


03 September, 2021


WOW Extremely fast, easy and hazzle free

Loandepot provided not only the best rate but is easy to work agents and platform to make this REFI very easy and hazzle free!!


02 September, 2021


Sabrina Bilancione 949-470-6316 and Kimberly Garcia 949-434-5415

The refinance was very easy and straightforward. Loan Depot also offer the best closing cost compare to other lenders. Kimberly and Sabrina was very helpful and always available to answer all my questions. They both keep me updated on my loan process. I would definitely recommend and keep using Loan Depot for my mortgage or refinance.


02 September, 2021


Renato Lovo 949-575-5482

Excellent service, professional and yet friendly. Thanks to Renato Lovo and Lisa Advani in facilitating the loan. Refinancing one property is tedious enough what if you have a second property to pay off. First spoke to Renato on 7/25, Lisa emailed the loan was funded on 8/25. Loan was funded in 4 weeks. They are prompt to return your calls. Lisa even called at 6am Pacific her time, 9am Eastern my time.


02 September, 2021


They started out great

They started out great. I was refinancing 2 homes and explained that in 2020 it appears like we made no money, about 40k, on our tax returns. It just so happened that we were in a world wide pandemic and both my husband and I were furloughed not to mention the price of lumber went up to stupid prices effecting both our professions. That being said we never missed a payment on ANYTHING and we have credit scores in the high 700's. The profit and loss statements I provided have us right on track making what we did in 2019. I explained all of this to Robert Pleasant upfront, he assured me we were good, I stated, I did not want to proceed and pay for an appraisal unless we were a slam dunk at getting these done. Well I get a call from "someone" that the numbers are out of whack. I call my "Sales Guy, Robert" and cannot get a return call for the life of me. Unbelievable! and now I'm out over $500 for a terrible service and excuses!


02 September, 2021


Forever Grateful to Loan Depot for excellent service!

I cannot express how grateful we are to Karissa Sampson and Desirae Campbell for their excellent service during our recent refinance. Karissa went above and beyond to help us find the best solution for our home loan, and was thorough, kind and quick to assist. Desirae helped us throughout the approval process as well, and thoroughly explained all necessary documentation needed to complete the process. We will always use Loan Depot for any future loan/refinancing needs, and would recommend Karissa, Desirae highly - thank you so much! Karissa Sampson (949)-297-1471 Desirae Campbell (949)-598-1164


02 September, 2021


THE WORST SERVICE I have had ever no…

THE WORST SERVICE I have had ever no joke. They set a low rate and then raised it. When we picked 15 ( they offered 2.87) and 30 years they 3.5 last month, but both where .5 lower when we started on A 30 year. Not only that but excuses and not answering the phone and emails are common place with them. Please do not use them learn from my mistake. Also there appraiser had are home valued 100 K lower than what it was. Their is something fishy about them and now I’m jumping their ship. I’m only a month in.


01 September, 2021


RICKY PACHECO 949-465-9121

The process was a smooth, quick and professional. Mr. Pacheco was responsive by calls, text and email. Excellent service. Thank you Mr. Pacheco.


01 September, 2021


I have to say getting a home loan is…

I have to say getting a home loan is not always easy but working with Thanh Tran, he made the process very pleasant. I appreciate all that he did to support me through my loan process.


31 August, 2021


haslefree lender

1.Making sure you don't lose a prospective customer 2.Timely communication 3.Timely closure of loan 4.haslefree process


30 August, 2021


It was great working with Sarun

It was great working with Sarun, she was able to answer all questions and beat any competitors quotes.


29 August, 2021


The process was very efficient and the…

The process was very efficient and the service was excellent. The agent answered all of my questions and concerns


28 August, 2021


Great experience

Great experience. Excellent customer service all along the lending process. Highly recommended.


28 August, 2021


Great experience

Great experience. Friendly, knowledgeable, and there for any questions you will have during the process.


28 August, 2021


Ali Charmander went above and beyond…

Ali Charmander went above and beyond helping me refi my mortgage during a trying situation I'm going thru. A professional to the max, he explained the process and requirements in a way I could understand and patiently waited as I scrambled to find the paperwork needed to finalize things. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ali to friends and acquaintances needing to refi their mortgages.


28 August, 2021


Refi loan completed in 5 weeks!

My loan fully funded last week! The whole process took 5 weeks from the day I spoke with Lisa to the loan being fully funded. One of the things that stood out the most to me was Lisa's attention to detail on the whole process and the quote she gave me with my closing cost was exactly what I paid. No hidden fees was very refreshing. If you are looking for a loan I would strongly suggest reaching out to Lisa Kuchta 1-949-330-1134.


26 August, 2021


Contact: Thanh Tran - 949-595-7197

We just refinanced our home with loanDepot and the process was stress-free. The lending officer was knowledgeable and he responded promptly to all our questions and emails. My wife and I signed all our settlement documents from our dining room table because loanDepot sent the public notary agent with the document to our home - it was hassle free!


26 August, 2021


Self Employed Don't Waste Your Time

I have a mortgage with Loan Depot, I am in good standing. I was never late and added a principle extra payment. My rate is 4.75% After spending six months working on my refinance of my existing mortgage, they denied me a lower rate. Every effort was made to deny me because they didn't want to lower my rate. They claimed I insufficient income. Bottom line, they don't stand behind their re-finance guarantee to existing customers.


26 August, 2021


Processing agent

My experience with my processing agent Asia Robinson was excellent she gave 100% she should give classes on organizational skills.


26 August, 2021


Ricky Pacheco 949-465-9121

The service was outstanding. Ricky Pacheco kept me well informed. And as I moved up and on in the process I felt Jill Gonzalez was perfect in getting us finished. It took about 4 weeks, start to finish.


25 August, 2021


Thanh Tran - 949-595-7197 is an excellent loan officer

Thanh is an excellent loan officer, extremely professional with superb communication. So much so that after my refinance years ago, I came back a second time just last month and refinanced Again!. Then I had my in-laws refinance through him. Then I just had him do my mom and Dad. And shoutout to Genevieve Varela who was the loan processor on this last refinance. Well done! I wouldn’t go anywhere else than Loan Depot and Thanh will always be my go-to person from here on out. EXCELLENT service every time from start to finish.


25 August, 2021


Positive Experience

I had a great experience with Loan Depot! This was my first time refinancing and of course I was extremely nervous about it, hoping I wasn't making a mistake that would cost me more money in the long run, but I had an awesome team of loan officers that helped make the process easy! Neil Desai and Tim Moon were very professional and efficient in helping me throughout the loan process! Neil helped get the ball rolling with taking all of my information and getting me a great refinance rate. He then referred me to Tim who completed the rest of the loan process. I was always kept up to date about the loan through emails or phone calls. I submitted the paperwork online so it was easy in that I didn't have to stress about if it was received via mail. And finally, the loan was funded in a timely manner around 35 days. I would highly recommend Loan Depot (and I actually was referred to them by a family member who refinanced with them and had a great experience!) Thank you so much Neil, Tim and of course Loan Depot for a relatively easy and pain free refinance!


25 August, 2021


Renato Lovo 949-575-5482

It was a pleasure to work with Renato from Loan Depot and getting the low interest to refinance our home. Every time I ran into a situation, I would call or text Renato and he always came through. He is dependable and reliable and follows up to ensure that all goes well with the loan process. We were lucky to get Renato.


24 August, 2021


Sergio Custodio-Noriega (949)-434-5474

Very impressed and satisfied with the work and help that Sergio and Jocelyn provided. Sergio was very professional, knowledgeable and precise when handling and explaining the details of my loan, I feel he had my best interest in mind. Jocelyn was prompt and courteous during the process of my loan, awesome team.


23 August, 2021



This was most definitely the easiest home refi we have ever done! The loan officer Thanh Tran 949-595-7197 made it the easiest most pleasant experience we’ve had refi our home and if we were to have to do it again I would go back to LoanDepot and will recommend to any friends and family looking to er any kind of home loan! Congratulations you all did an awesome job!


23 August, 2021


Matteo Berg - 949-504-9274

Matteo and team were awesome to work with ... kept everything flowing from beginning to end. Fast turnaround, totally up-front with everything. Answered all my questions, and kept me updated on the process. Website is very easy to use and navigate. Documentation and explanations are all upfront. Provided three or four options the next day after I gave him my basic information. What can you say ... professional all the way!






Rate of 1.75%, Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 1.75% and $0 fees are for a 15 year fixed refinance loan available through Better Mortgage based on Excellent Credit Score, Single Family House, Primary Residence, in the state of FL, with an anticipated mortgage balance of $500,000, property value of $950,000 and an estimated monthly payment of $3,160 as of 07/23/2021. Monthly payment does not include taxes or insurance. ID: 369585376

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