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LoanDepot: Review

  3,862 Reviews on Trustpilot

LoanDepot Snapshot

Overall, LoanDepot is a speedy mortgage lender that offers a variety of home loans including VA, FHA, and home equity loans without needing to sign up.

LoanDepot Spotlight

Best For
Comparing Different Loan Options

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Home Refinance, Home Purchase

Loan Features
Fixed or Adjustable Rate

Repayment Terms
Multiple options, depending on the loan terms


LoanDepot is a portal homebuyers can use to compare different mortgage loan offers. Without having to sign up for an account, you can access their basic mortgage information. It’s simple to input or update your information. Plus, accessing additional loan offers is easy to do on their straightforward platform. A wide number of loans are available through their search engine, including difficult to find 10 and 20-year fixed loans.

Loan Types

In its class, LoanDepot is one of the few lenders that offers home equity loans. Plus, it also offers Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and Veterans Affairs (VA) loans for qualified borrowers looking for assistance. LoanDepot has a reputation of being extremely quick on closing on a loan, which can be very helpful if you’re needing to get into your new home as soon as possible.

Mortgage Loan Rates & Terms

Loan terms depend on the type of term you’re looking for. Easily search for different options, from 30, 20, 15, and even 10-year fixed loans. LoanDepot also lets you search for 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM). Depending on the information you put in, your results can vary, but it’s possible to find both 10 and 20-year loan terms.

LoanDepot includes a variety of annual percentage rate (APR) offers. The lowest APRs are mostly reserved for the 5/1 ARM offers. Adjustable rate mortgages aren’t the most beneficial option for every home buyer. Sometimes, interest rates are considerably lower than APR by a wide margin.

For adjustable rate mortgages, there are interest rates as low as 2.25% and for fixed rate mortgages you can get interest rates as low as 3.25%.

The one downside is that only those with a credit score of 700 or higher will have access to these rates. The further you dip below 700, the higher the rates get. For instance, if your credit score hovers around 650, you’ll likely see rates around 4%.

LoanDepot Pros

  • Easily access basic mortgage information without having to sign up
  • Search for additional loan types easily due to a simple platform interface
  • Easy-to-use mortgage calculators let you crunch numbers and build a budget
  • Choose from a variety of fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan offers

LoanDepot Cons

  • It’s not very easy to find mortgage offers without various adjustments
  • For some loan information, you’re required to enter income statements

Terms of Repayment

Your monthly payments are likely to be close to average when compared with other lenders. In the company’s Rate Quote form, you can use the large range of parameters to see numbers that are consistent among a number of other lenders.

For instance, if your credit score is 690 and you enter in a 30-year fixed mortgage for a $300K home, you’ll find monthly payments for as low as $900 per month.

LoanDepot’s site also includes a practical Mortgage Purchase Calculator that can give even more insight into what you should expect to pay each month.

LoanDepot Application Process

LoanDepot’s application process includes a few more steps than others on average. However, the entire process is also quicker than most. LoanDepot’s application process has 7 steps:

1. Fill Out a Short Questionnaire. After the questionnaire, you will be asked to be contacted with a Licensed Lending Officer.

2. Talk to a LoanDepot Licensed Lending Officer. One of LoanDepot’s 1,700 licensed lending officers will help you through a “no steering policy” which means you will get the best loan for your goals, not for their wallet.

3. Define Your Goals. Determine your budget, needs, wants, to find the home of your dreams.

4. Choose the Right Loan for You. Pick from fixed-rate to adjustable rate terms, or government loans.

5. Get Approved. Your Licensed Lending Offier will coordinated the necessary parties to make sure your laon is submitted properly for approval.

6. Submit Documents. Some documents you may need to submit include mortgage statements, paystubs, 2 years of employment history, etc.

7. Close Your Loan. When you’re approved, LoanDepot will schedule a closing appointment at a time that works best for you.

Customer Support

If you’re looking for extra help, LoanDepot lets you chedule an appointment through the website. Plus, you can also contact a customer service rep through the simple live chat option for even quicker help

Final Thoughts on LoanDepot

So, should you use LoanDepot to access a home mortgage loan?

Overall, LoanDepot offers home buyers a number of term options through an easy-to-use platform. Comparing and reviewing information is quite simple, especially since you don’t need to sign up.

The downsides are that you’re quite limited in the number of options available online, and LoanDepot can be pushy towards moving towards a phone call after you get past the loan rate estimator. If you do use the platform, one final tip is to get ready to negotiate a bit before you secure your finalized loan.


What Will a Meeting With a LoanDepot Licensed Loan Officer Look Like?

When you talk to a licensed loan officer, you’ll be able to get all of your loan questions answered. Since everyone has different loan needs, the loan officer will be able to match you with the best possible loan and monthly payment.

They will also explain all the steps to start including locking in a low rate to closing your loan quickly (even in as little as 30 days).

Loan Depot Direct Customer Testimonials

Great   3,862 Reviews



09 August, 2022


They only care about refi quotas

The first contact was with a man named Greg Deskin - who told me he would reach back out the following week with rates for a Home equity loan after the Fed met. I never heard back. The 2nd contact AJ called and I went through the same process all over again telling him the exact information I gave Greg. I informed him multiple times I was not interested in a refinance of my entire mortgage (I have 2.75% rate that cannot be duplicated in this environment). He pushed multiple times to get me to refinance, I reaffirmed I was not interested. He then told me he would follow up with quotes for equity and heloc rates. I instantly received a quote for only a refinance (again, not what I want). He then proceeded to call and email me repeatedly with paperwork as if we were moving forward with a refinance that I emailed 3 times I was NOT interested in. So A: first guy never called back as stated with rates I requested and he said he could get. B; second guy cares only about his refinance close rate and not what is best for the customer. Why on earth would I double my mortgage rate on a 30 year commitment at a total loss to me of $189961.60 over a 30 year period to pay off $26,512.00 in debts that have less than 3 years left on the balance, anyone with a brain knows this is bad math. Please train your mortgage "professionals" to listen to customer's needs and not practice predatory lending practices.


07 August, 2022


Farid has made our entire process way…

Farid Zeinal has made our entire process way easier than imagined and has kept us informed proactively throughout the entire process. He even secured us a better rate!


07 August, 2022


Worst experience ever.

Up until my shop burned down I was satisfied with LoanDepot. When we bought our property the shop didn't exist. A few months later I built a shop and paid for it in cash. A couple months ago a tragic accident burned my shop to the ground. Since our insurance policy is a blanket policy over the entire property LoanDepot is on the check. LoanDepot has siezed my insurance money to rebuild my shop and will not listen to reason. My loan is not only up to date but I generally pay minimum $600 over the mortgage payment every month. I have spent over $50,000 out of pocket to get my shop started on the rebuild and provided LD with receipts, contracts and copies of checks yet I only get stupid questions and no money released to me. At this time I honestly hate LoanDepot and wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. The worst part is there is nobody to talk to. I'm trying to rebuild after a tragedy and they are giving me grief when honestly, they didn't even know the shop existed until it burned down.


03 August, 2022


Excellent Service

Andre Golsby has assisted us in a professional and helpful manner.


02 August, 2022


I'm so grateful to loan depot for the…

I'm so grateful to loan depot for the support and expertise they provided during my first home purchase.


01 August, 2022


Great experience from start to finish

Great experience from start to finish! Communication was clear and expectations laid out from the beginning


01 August, 2022


Great experience from start to finish

Great experience from start to finish! Communication was clear and expectations laid out from the beginning.


01 August, 2022


A Good Experience!

Julie Nash was great! Outstanding assistance using loanDepot and would recommend them to others. Overall, a good experience.


29 July, 2022


Great Service

Great Service Scott and Lee were both very helpful and made the process about as easy as it could have been.


27 July, 2022


I was very pleased with Lisa’s…

I was very pleased with Lisa’s knowledge, and patience! She walked me through the entire process and told me what to expect. She answered all my phone calls because I had a few questions after I started the paperwork. It was a pleasure working with her. Sincerely, William M. Coverdale jr


21 July, 2022


There are no words in the English or…

There are no words in the English or any other language that can describe how amazing MEGAN HANSON has helped me through this process! It has been as if, a friend or loved one held my hand all the way. MEGAN HANSON is a true asset to your company, and should "NEVER" go unappreciated. MEGAN is the reason that Loandepot is a household name.


16 July, 2022


I wasted hours and was strung along and…

I wasted hours and was strung along and the officer never got back to me with the information that was requested. There was no explanation.


14 July, 2022


Carlyn Garcia Castillo 949-299-3947

Carlyn was so great to work with! She helped me through every step and continued to check in on me and follow-through with any action items that were needed. I will recommend Carlyn to all my friends and family! Thank you !


12 July, 2022


This was the best team effort I have…

This was the best team effort I have experienced over 30 years. Caleb Sommers always on top of things and Stacey Grein , no words. She was awesome. Whenever asked a question to both , I received an immediate response. I will always recommend this company as they are truly professional and personal as well. Thank you again.


12 July, 2022


Raed Bjeijeh is poor representative of…

Raed Bjeijeh is poor representative of this company. He was very very aggressive. Rude kept interrupting. He insisted that he could guarantee the interest rate, the monthly payment etc. He ran my credit score and information w/o my permission. Sent paperwork for a loan I never EVER authorized!!! It was a lousy experience with what seemed to me like a scammer. I am surprised this company has this class of employee


09 July, 2022


Total waste of time

Total waste of time. Promised to make a refin happen and legally couldn’t do it Sierra Contreras - total waste of time and energy. We knew that Texas doesn’t allow cash out because our current mortgage company (Mr Cooper) and our previous mortgage company Rocket told us. NOOOOO She could do it and save us money. We have a 3% mortgage and wanted to consolidate our pool loan and mortgage. Loan Depot you need to hire people who know what they are talking about and not just a schmoozer.


08 July, 2022


Exceptional service and processing

LoanDepot was absolutely exceptional in processing my loan. From the very beginning, the process was thoroughly explained, all my questions were answered, my concerns were heard, and from my position it couldn't have been easier. When mortgage rates drop to a more sensible rate, I will go back to LoanDepot for a refi. Huge shoutout to LoanDepot!


07 July, 2022


Worst experience ever!

Worst experience ever!! I started a refinance loan last year. My credit is 750+, yearly income > $150k and Zero debt other than a mortgage of $215k on home valued > $350k. Getting a refi should have been a walk in the park. I locked in a low rate and started the refi process in june. Took a few weeks for them to get appraiser out. Appraisal came in where expected and thought we'd wrap up quickly. Weeks turned to months... Kept calling/emailing getting run around. Then finally I hear whole process is being held up because it needs appraisal... Again, old one I paid for "expired" so I had to pay for a new one... More weeks stretch into months and after ALOT of badgering I finally get final papers in October and now is it not only a higher % than I had locked in, but the out of pocket for me went from Zero to >$9k!!!!! Did LoanDepot want to correct their mistake? No! Did LoanDepot try and make it right? NO! Basically when I protested their mistakes in dragging their feet and then jacking up $$ their response was more or less Too bad, take the offer or not, we don't care. Never, I repeat Never, use LoanDepot. I ended up not getting a refi at all and was out $1000 I paid towards two appraisals.... And worst of all the original loan I was attempting to refi was one I got through them in the first place. If they call you, hang up. If they send you mailers, shred them. Don't get suckered, take it from me.


06 July, 2022


excellent terms, rates and service

We have a complicated loan application package. Team at Loan Depot was able to get us great rates and terms, and even better, no unexpected surprises at closing. Promises made at the start were kept, and no terms were changed out of what we were promised.


29 June, 2022


Great experience

I had a great experience with Loan Depot. My lending officer was Nate Ferrer and he was responsive, kind, personable, and knowledgeable. Melissa Martene was my loan processor and she was also responsive and kind. They were also very patient with me during the process while I was waiting for my attorney to draw up documents needed for me to buy out my ex before signing the closing documents. I would recommend them.


29 June, 2022


I had an overall good experience with…

I had an overall good experience with Scott K. He was very proactive. Based on a prior conversation, he called me on a Saturday exactly 60 days before I would be eligible to refinance my property and got me a rate lock at 5.5% on an investment property (which was good during the rising inflation of 2022). The hand off between him and his team was done well, although I would have liked to work with a few less people throughout the process (I think 4 or 5 in total). The only disappointment was that my rate went up slightly when my property did not appraise as highly as expected. I dont really feel that a consumer should be punished for this, but it was part of the loan terms, so i guess I can complain.


28 June, 2022


Ryan was my loan officer and I received…

Ryan was my loan officer and I received excellent service from him from beginning of the process until the end, when our loan application was approved! My husband and I are very thankful to Ryan for the guidance and support he provided in the process. He was prompt in informing us of the progress and any need for documentation. Indeed, we received EXCELLENT Service overall! I will gladly share my experience with my friends, who might need such service. Guia Caliwagan


27 June, 2022


Refi with loan depot

They have alot of knowledgeable people working here, but I really recommend Rebecca Paredes,so easy to talk too!!!!


27 June, 2022


Thank you for Everything you have done…

Thank you for Everything you have done for my family I would recommend this company to my family and friends. The team is amazing and they do a grate job on everything


24 June, 2022


Excellent service

Excellent service


23 June, 2022


They canceled our loan without talking…

They canceled our loan without talking to us. The reason being it was taking too long. However, after they approved an extension on the loan, their appraiser took too long. Now we are out $500 for an appraisal on a new construction home which we paid over $800. However, their appraiser sent in a value at less than $600. Not only was their appraiser slow and reason they cancelled our loan, but he was also incompetent in his job. Today they had the nerve to send us an invitation in the mail to refinance with them. Worst experience in real estate in my entire life.


20 June, 2022


Horrible experience

Horrible experience. We always got the run around when it came to Joe Medrano. He would always advise us to get a hold of him for him to calculate accurate numbers for us for a mortgage and when we would need him he would get back to us days later knowing the home we were looking at in this market would be gone by that time. I would not recommend this company to anyone! Honestly if you have a lender that lender should be available in a hot market like now during business hours. While I understand we need to live life if you are doing this job you are servicing people whom are trying to obtain a home. We went through a fire and lost everything we have NOTHING left and Joe KNEW we were looking for a home and the budget of no more than $1,900 per month our homes were looking for were no more than $250K w/ us putting down at least 5% he couldn't make it work unless I brought to the table $20K+ so no I am not happy. I fired Joe, and found a private lender whom actually got a approval NOT a pre-approval but an actual approval for more than what LoanDepot approved me for. So no I would not recommend this company nor Joe Medrano.


11 June, 2022


Absolute deception

Absolute deception, pure bait and switch. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Staff: Chanel Shaba and Leon Smith (primary and secondary contact). Angela Atwood, supervisor who never responded. Yes Loandepot, I have EVERY single email and documentation. Trustpilot requires ID checks. Maybe I got a corrupt crew, or fake reviews are sneaking by. No, I did not proceed with the loan. The 3-month scam ended with a 200% fee increase. All else below is for your education. Lessons Learned 1. If you don't have a signed final contract WITHIN 2 weeks or less... Do not walk, RUN away. "Good faith estimates" ultimately mean NOTHING. 2. If you've used a mortgage company before, they handled your loan in a timely manner, and you are confident you received a fair price in their specific charges / fees, then stay with them. Better to pay a little more, even up to $500 I might say, to ensure you actually get your freaking loan processed right?! My background Real estate and financial skills for over 40 years, purchased and refinanced houses, handled every single detail. It's June of 2022 as I write this. It actually angers me revisiting it... the corrupt people that we have in so many businesses. Note we are ONLY talking about the money that Loandepot makes on processing the loan. This is known as the "origination charge", including points and a flat "origination fee". Loandepot wanted to charge me a $1,595 origination fee. Note the POINTS are ALSO a internal commission structure... If they can sell you on a HIGHER point structure, that is additional commission. Think of double dipping, getting paid in two different ways. Low points would be considered 0.25%, perhaps .5%. High points would be 1.5 to 3 points (3 being you would have to be on crack and heroin, and living in a brothel to be stupid enough to buy into anything like that). For example, I quote you a high rate and low points (let's say .5%). You look at the estimate, wow this looks good. Okay let's go. A reputable mortgage company will simply proceed with the actual loan process, getting it done within 30 to 45 days per whatever the agreement is. Deceptive people will do the following to eventually lead you to doubling or tripling the fee they charge you. Bait 1. VERY friendly and responsive, initially. This is known as building trust and rapport. 2. I spoke to them about trust, ethics, etc. They heartily agreed. 3. Reasonable (or low) initial quote. 4. Greatly affirm how quickly they work and that your loan will close on time. Switch 1. Points increased with each subsequent quote. 2. Concerns were deflected. A $750 credit was promised. 3. Points kept increasing. 4. Final quote was 200% higher cost. After the bait portion... Emails went back and forth as I questioned increasing point costs on quotes, became confused because they sold me on their ethics and honesty, then there were delays and responses... Then I was handed over to another rep... Don't worry everything's fine.... When I started raising concerns about the point increases... No problem! I'm going to get a $750 "credit" (this is in writing). This of course never happened. So by the end of the three months, their charges went from $2,698 to $5,633, a 200% increase. So that's the scam. Corrupt people (they aren't "companies") KNOW you are in a timeline, and they know they will lose you quickly if they simply quote you a high origination fee up front. They KNOW this is a big deal refinancing a home. They know that most people are honest and trusting. To a deceiver, you are the BEST target. In my case they kept stringing me out, literally over 3 months. Not only did I get screwed for a $500 appraisal (never credited), I've suffered great financial loss because I was going to take that money and pay off my student loan, I was also maybe going to take that money and put it into investment property. Due to a range of employment problems, it is 2022 and I have not been able to refinance my home. Now interest rates are going to double, and you see where this is going... Back to the 2019 scenario. Note the LOAN RATE did not change, thus they were simply increasing the points with ZERO BENEFIT to me. And remember, all of this time I'm asking questions, trying to understand what is happening, continuing to have faith in the ethics of a document literally called "good faith estimate". Below are progressive change in points increase. Note this is in addition to the $1,595 "origination fee". - $1,103 @ .649% (Nov 2019) - $1,527 @.898% - $2,158 @ 1.148% - $4,038 @ 2.148% (Feb 2020) Homeownership has been completely perverted by greedy people in positions of power, in banking and in government. It seems as people have such strong desire to improve things, or deliberately complicate them for corrupt reasons.


09 June, 2022


Lisa is awesome

Lisa is awesome. From the time we made contact to closing, she explained every cost, and event that needed to occur for a successful closing. My goals were to consolidate my heloc and mortgage, and reduce my monthly payments at a low cost and interest rate and I achieved all of them. I would certainly do business with her again


08 June, 2022


My Loan Depot team was great!

My Loan Depot team was great! Matteo Berg listened to my situation and suggested an alternative to the standard loan that fit my case better and saved me money, yeah team!


06 June, 2022


I almost bought my house with loan…

I almost bought my house with loan depot and I almost paid triple what I ended up paying. If I didn’t contact Devontae brooks with rocket mortgage I would have been stuck with loan depot! Stuck with a very high interest rate. And almost stuck paying more in mortgage and more in down payment. Loan depot will not respond to you in a timely manner. And they will ignore you. They will give you the highest prices. Look at multiple lenders before deciding! I will never recommend or work with loan depot. Terrible all around


05 June, 2022


Our mortgage loan representatives did…

Our mortgage loan representatives did everything they could to make it a smooth transaction. They were promoted and always kept us updated through the process. Having someone come to your house to do the closing was a big plus. We had a great experience with Loan Depot and will definitely use them again in any future financing.


04 June, 2022


Bad experience and bad customer service

Bad experience. I prepaid principal and still was charged interest on the original principal amount of the loan, not the new principal amount of the loan. This is wrong but loanDepot won’t fix it.


03 June, 2022


Lisa was great

Lisa was great. She stuck with threw a very long process. I hoped the rest of the process went better but Loan depot kept delaying for minor things. But overall I’m very pleased.


03 June, 2022


Lisa was super helpful and honest about…

Lisa was super helpful and honest about pricing, options, etc. I have already referred her to others and will continue to do so. Give her a call!


03 June, 2022


Lisa worked very hard and got me the…

Lisa worked very hard and got me the best arrangement possible. She had my best interests in mind from the very beginning.


03 June, 2022


better to poke yourself in the eye with a sharp stick

Slowest lender I have ever seen. Took them over a week to review survey, blew past contracted closing date. We ended up having to find another house. Calls to management go unanswered. They charge $22 to check your credit, other lenders do not. Their rates were higher than other lenders. They actually wanted to charge me $2k to buy down to the rate all other lenders were at with no fees. They say they might approve recasting after a long period and $30k min down. This is also way above the expectations of other lenders. Really cant come up with one good reason to get involved with loandepot except to maybe short their stock.


01 June, 2022


Scott and Denise were very helpful and…

Scott and Denise were very helpful and informative. They answered all questions in a timely manner. They reached out to me through the entire process. It was very easy and I would do it again and will recommend people to Loan Depot.


27 May, 2022


Unknowledgeable Loan officer put my down payment at risk!

After fulling explaining my situation before moving forward with a mortgage loan, the mortgage officer Yolanda assured me that they would be able to help. She pre-approved me for $400k and I talked to her every step of the way, after telling her I got a contract and was putting money down for a new construction build she called a week later saying they couldn't verify my income after linking my bank account, sending in my tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs and whatever they asked. They couldn't "verify my income" denied my loan and put my down payment in jeopardy of being lost all because I trusted her word that she could get the loan done. Before even putting down a payment I asked her to run my loan through underwriting to be sure I would get approved and she would encourage me everything was fine and no problem. BS. Get your mortgage somewhere else with knowledgeable people that won't waste your time and money!


26 May, 2022


Look out for Joseph Burke....very childish!

My wife and I have excellent credit, both over 800. I received a quote from Joseph Burke at LoanDepot and the closing costs were high $19k and a lot of the fees were way off what others have quoted. I told him we were going with another company. He said he understood but the company kept bothering us thru texts , emails and phone calls. My wife answered the latest and told the person on the line that we went with someone else. THEN a couple of days later we get an email from Joseph Burke and it says, "We appreciate your interest in a loan with loanDepot. Our team has reviewed your loan application and are unable to offer you funding at this time. Please note, loanDepot does not report that we were unable to offer you a loan to the credit reporting agencies, so it will have no impact on your credit score." I could not believe this email! This sounded like a child who didn't get his way. You company doesn't deserve my business. I will tell anyone who asks who I used AND more importantly WHO not to use!


25 May, 2022


LoanDepot was very professional

LoanDepot was very professional and worked with me to get a rate and monthly payment that I could feel comfortable with on my mortgage. This loan provided a great relief and had taken much stress off my shoulders. My family and I thank you LoanDepot team for a successful and smooth closing.


23 May, 2022


Horrible communication

The refinancing process was a nightmare. I gave everything that was asked of me and in a timely manner but the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing over there. Communication was horrible! The title company they use was the biggest issue. I highly recommend using a different one! I almost didn't close in time which cost me!


23 May, 2022


Very personable staff that work to make…

Very personable staff that work to make sure you are taken care of


21 May, 2022


Eric Brooks 949-609-6615

I contacted LoanDepot out of curiosity and from the moment that Blake Cook answered my call, I felt that I was dealing with someone who really knew what he was talking about. Totally professional and different from other CSR that normally answer the phone. He was a great listener and acted upon the information that I provided. My whole experience was flawless from beginning to end and he was part of the whole process. I definitely will recommend LoanDepot for any mortgage needs and if all their personnel are or act like Blake Cook, their experience will be nothing but special treatment.


20 May, 2022


I contacted Experian and they said a…

I contacted Experian and they said a soft credit check pulls the same info that a hard credit check. Though the hard credit check is an official way of analyzing credit worthiness. I did say yes to the hard credit check. I asked doesn't the soft credit check provide you discrepancies, Delinquencies , debt owed? I was advised no. Now I am getting 100s of calls from india and God knows where else! Why do you do businesses with agencies that sell my info or publish my info! Your company should have contracts that do not sell consumers financial info! You should offer some king of credit check that does not announce to the world that I may want to borrow money! All the calls are for refi the mortgage. I said I am only interested in a HELOC! There should a warning that you are required to state that once you do a hard credit check everyone in the world will know you may want to borrow money & they will continuously call you!


20 May, 2022


Our experience with LoanDepot was incredible

As first-time homebuyers, we were overwhelmed and had heard many horror stories about bad loan experiences with other companies. Everyone we encountered at LoanDepot was friendly, understanding, and helpful. Customer service is definitely top-notch. Our broker, Michael, was astounding - he was incredibly helpful, kind, patient, and took the time to explain everything to us. We are so grateful for a smooth, enjoyable experience - securing a mortgage loan is not for the faint of heart, but we'd do it with LoanDepot again in a heartbeat!


20 May, 2022


Great Experience!!!

Jeff Chang from Loan Depot has gone above and beyond providing me with exceptional customer service since day 1. Jeff is extremely articulate and pro-active in following up with the customer and confirming they have all their questions answered. Jeff is very easy to work with and walks you through the Loan process while educating the customer. Jeff is also available 24/7 in case I have a question I need answered, he makes himself available with no issues. Jeff is a Rockstar and Loan Depot is very lucky to have him as a Loan Officer!


19 May, 2022


Scott Kirkeby (949)-330-4958

I contacted Loan Depot after trying to refinance with a local bank, and after being told I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, Scott and Christian at Loan Depot came to my rescue. I admit that I was a bit hesitant after my local experience, but when Scott reached out to me, he listened and put me at ease, and made the whole refi process much easier than I expected. At each step of the process, I was told the name of the employee who would reach out to me next, so I knew who was calling me each time. The texts, emails and calls were very professional. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for their help with a loan, and specifically a home refi as I did. Thank you to Scott and Christian!! I appreciate all you did to assist me!!


19 May, 2022


I informed them my spouse was trying to…

I informed them my spouse was trying to get a fraudulent loan, they didn’t do anything to her and gave her a home improvement loan which she plans to use for buying another house in Florida instead of for improvement to the mortgaged property that was paid off in full. I’ve lost 14 years of paying property taxes and home expenses and being forced to move out of my home


17 May, 2022


The greatest loan office I've ever had!

Susan Paerels has been the most amazing person in my entire home purchase transaction. She was the point person who kept the balance among all people involved. I know for a fact that had it not been for Sue I would not own my home today. Sue was very patient, thorough, efficient and very detailed oriented in dealing with a first time home owner. And did I mentioned that she was very patient with a very 'inpatient' client like myself? More than a mortgage broker, she was a psychologist, who kept me sane in this paperwork insane process. I would rate her a thousand stars if I could and I would suggest all my friends, family and coworkers to absolutely and without a doubt consult and work directly with (and only with!) Susan Paerels for any and all home loans and home mortgaging needs.






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