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LoanDepot: Review

  3,680 Reviews on Trustpilot

LoanDepot Snapshot

Overall, LoanDepot is a speedy mortgage lender that offers a variety of home loans including VA, FHA, and home equity loans without needing to sign up.

LoanDepot Spotlight

Best For
Comparing Different Loan Options

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Home Refinance, Home Purchase

Loan Features
Fixed or Adjustable Rate

Repayment Terms
Multiple options, depending on the loan terms


LoanDepot is a portal homebuyers can use to compare different mortgage loan offers. Without having to sign up for an account, you can access their basic mortgage information. It’s simple to input or update your information. Plus, accessing additional loan offers is easy to do on their straightforward platform. A wide number of loans are available through their search engine, including difficult to find 10 and 20-year fixed loans.

Loan Types

In its class, LoanDepot is one of the few lenders that offers home equity loans. Plus, it also offers Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and Veterans Affairs (VA) loans for qualified borrowers looking for assistance. LoanDepot has a reputation of being extremely quick on closing on a loan, which can be very helpful if you’re needing to get into your new home as soon as possible.

Mortgage Loan Rates & Terms

Loan terms depend on the type of term you’re looking for. Easily search for different options, from 30, 20, 15, and even 10-year fixed loans. LoanDepot also lets you search for 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM). Depending on the information you put in, your results can vary, but it’s possible to find both 10 and 20-year loan terms.

LoanDepot includes a variety of annual percentage rate (APR) offers. The lowest APRs are mostly reserved for the 5/1 ARM offers. Adjustable rate mortgages aren’t the most beneficial option for every home buyer. Sometimes, interest rates are considerably lower than APR by a wide margin.

For adjustable rate mortgages, there are interest rates as low as 2.25% and for fixed rate mortgages you can get interest rates as low as 3.25%.

The one downside is that only those with a credit score of 700 or higher will have access to these rates. The further you dip below 700, the higher the rates get. For instance, if your credit score hovers around 650, you’ll likely see rates around 4%.

LoanDepot Pros

  • Easily access basic mortgage information without having to sign up
  • Search for additional loan types easily due to a simple platform interface
  • Easy-to-use mortgage calculators let you crunch numbers and build a budget
  • Choose from a variety of fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan offers

LoanDepot Cons

  • It’s not very easy to find mortgage offers without various adjustments
  • For some loan information, you’re required to enter income statements

Terms of Repayment

Your monthly payments are likely to be close to average when compared with other lenders. In the company’s Rate Quote form, you can use the large range of parameters to see numbers that are consistent among a number of other lenders.

For instance, if your credit score is 690 and you enter in a 30-year fixed mortgage for a $300K home, you’ll find monthly payments for as low as $900 per month.

LoanDepot’s site also includes a practical Mortgage Purchase Calculator that can give even more insight into what you should expect to pay each month.

LoanDepot Application Process

LoanDepot’s application process includes a few more steps than others on average. However, the entire process is also quicker than most. LoanDepot’s application process has 7 steps:

1. Fill Out a Short Questionnaire. After the questionnaire, you will be asked to be contacted with a Licensed Lending Officer.

2. Talk to a LoanDepot Licensed Lending Officer. One of LoanDepot’s 1,700 licensed lending officers will help you through a “no steering policy” which means you will get the best loan for your goals, not for their wallet.

3. Define Your Goals. Determine your budget, needs, wants, to find the home of your dreams.

4. Choose the Right Loan for You. Pick from fixed-rate to adjustable rate terms, or government loans.

5. Get Approved. Your Licensed Lending Offier will coordinated the necessary parties to make sure your laon is submitted properly for approval.

6. Submit Documents. Some documents you may need to submit include mortgage statements, paystubs, 2 years of employment history, etc.

7. Close Your Loan. When you’re approved, LoanDepot will schedule a closing appointment at a time that works best for you.

Customer Support

If you’re looking for extra help, LoanDepot lets you chedule an appointment through the website. Plus, you can also contact a customer service rep through the simple live chat option for even quicker help

Final Thoughts on LoanDepot

So, should you use LoanDepot to access a home mortgage loan?

Overall, LoanDepot offers home buyers a number of term options through an easy-to-use platform. Comparing and reviewing information is quite simple, especially since you don’t need to sign up.

The downsides are that you’re quite limited in the number of options available online, and LoanDepot can be pushy towards moving towards a phone call after you get past the loan rate estimator. If you do use the platform, one final tip is to get ready to negotiate a bit before you secure your finalized loan.


What Will a Meeting With a LoanDepot Licensed Loan Officer Look Like?

When you talk to a licensed loan officer, you’ll be able to get all of your loan questions answered. Since everyone has different loan needs, the loan officer will be able to match you with the best possible loan and monthly payment.

They will also explain all the steps to start including locking in a low rate to closing your loan quickly (even in as little as 30 days).

Loan Depot Direct Customer Testimonials

Great   3,680 Reviews



6 hours ago


Scott Kirkeby

My experience with my refinance started off very slow and with slow movement until my loan was moved over to Scott. He was thorough from the beginning and made sure to always follow up with me on next steps via text or phone call. He and Deambria pushed really hard to expedite closing my loan since it started out not so good with my initial loan officer. They kept their word in getting me refunded appraisal fees etc and when eventually closing it happened at just the right timing before year end. Them keeping their word and pushing to make things happen in an expedited fashion proved their customer service to me.


15 hours ago


Bad Service

Sorry to say -- that our experience with LoanDepot, was at best -- very bad. We waited for a few days -- before Loan Depot decided our credit score was too low to get a VA loan -0 this was after all submitted documents -- at appears that LoanDepot knew our score was too low -- but that they could then give us a FHA loan. Then they gave us new loan documents -- that had mistakes -- our income wrong and the bills that we wished to pay off wrong. -- That same day -- we emailed about the mistakes -- then two day later the so called loan person called and after talking to him -- it showed that he had not reviewed our emails. We can not tell anyone good things about Loan Depot. If asked -- we must tell people about the lack of good service from Loan Depot. Sorry, but LoanDepot did not do a good job for us !!


16 hours ago


Cameron Munden was the lending officer…

Cameron Munden was the lending officer assigned to assist me throughout the loan process. He was awesome at every step of the process. He responded quickly to all my questions and ensured that I was informed and satisfied with the Loan Depot. I have no reservations about recommending this company to friends and family. Thank you for diligence and professionalism!


15 January, 2022


We tried to refinance

We tried to refinance. The first person was great set our rate. The next people had lost emails. Did not accept what was sent until the rate increased. We turned in everything that was asked of us. Lisa A. at loandepot was no help. My wife and I retracted out application.


15 January, 2022


I just closed on my loan depot mortgage…

I just closed on my loan depot mortgage loan and had a great experience with Josh Aaron. It was timely with no problems. They exceeded my expectations now I have a much lower payment on my home. Thank you loan depot.


14 January, 2022


We just closed with Loan Depot

We just closed with Loan Depot. They are the best at Over Promise and Under Deliver. They promised SO many things then at closing said things changed. No warning. Shop elsewhere.


14 January, 2022


Loan Depot is a scam

Loan Depot is a scam, typical bait and switch. Darvell Meyers is a smooth-talking liar ! They lured me with low rate , we locked the rate and a week later they significantly changed the rate. I have heard its normal practice for loan depot to use different tricks to first lure you and later change the terms of the loan.


14 January, 2022


Nic Reed and Parnaz Nahidi were very…

Nic Reed and Parnaz Nahidi were very nice to work with during this process. They both spoke with me and used language easy to understand. Nic spoke at a speed that was easy for me to follow. He sped up when I was easily understanding what he was stating and he slowed down when needed too. During my loan process we ran into a problem receiving the payoff amount from PNC. Nic called them several times. I called them many times as well. This ran on for a few months. Unfortunately it came down to me having to be the person obtaining the payoff amount by going to a PNC location and asking for it. Going forward, customers should be told that some banks are not releasing their payoff amounts and if a customer wants, they may want to go get it themselves very early in the process. Nic kept be up to date regularly which was greatly appreciated. When Parnez took over, she ran into a few problems with PNC as well. Parnez was able to get PNC to react to her requests within a very short time helping my loan to process quickly after I provided the payoff amount document that I obtained.


13 January, 2022


No hassle refi

No hassle refi


13 January, 2022


My experience has been really bad

My experience has been really bad, I wouldn't to recommend loanDepot to anyone, they have cheated me by saying your closing cost will be taken care at the beginning but at the end they have charged $2100 in closing which is ridiculous, They initially put wrong amount (5k higher than the balance from previous lender) and when asked they said they will adjust or refund the difference later but at the end they applied the difference towards the closing costs. There was so much confusion in the process, I strongly recommend to stay away from their loan officer Enrique Coto and his managers


12 January, 2022


Sergio Custodio-Noriega (949)-434-5474

We contacted Sergio in early December to refinance our loan and pay off a HELOC we had with a different company. Sergio completed the loan application the same day for us. We love the online portal - so easy to access and understand! We had final loan approval quickly and the loan manager acquired the 2 items the underwriter requested quickly and smoothly. We could have closed the last week of December, but because of holiday events, we had to move it to the first week of January which was done without question and with ease. Communication is one of the most important pieces of a loan of considerable size and Sergio and Christine definitely excelled at this. We'd definitely use LoanDepot again!


11 January, 2022


This loan went as smooth as glass

This loan, was done internationally across eight time zones and with lots of potential pitfalls. Troy and his team of pros got it done and made it not only look easy, they did make it easy. Absolutely the most professional financial wizards to ever pick up a wand! We will swear by them and use them always in the future! The team at LoanDepot are absolutely the best, bar none!


09 January, 2022


Veronica R. is the best loan officer I’ve experienced.

I’m only partway through the process so far when asked to give this review, but I’ve refinanced in the past, and compared to that, this process is so much more relaxing. Our loan officer Veronica R. Is very trusting and personable. So far she has made a complicated process very easy and convenient.


08 January, 2022


Poor at following simple instructions

On Tuesday, I agreed to receive a follow-up phone call Friday afternoon. Between Tuesday and Friday, I received at least 10 phone calls from LoanDepot. When the agreed to phone call on Friday afternoon came in, I informed the representative that I was not going to be doing business with LoanDepot due to the inability of following a simple request.


07 January, 2022


My experience was so amazing,had some…

My experience was so amazing,had some of the best people working on my behalf in making my home buying easy. No struggles, no hassles with any of the paperwork, it was like walking in the park on a cool summer beautiful day. I loved the communication with all of the right people. Most of all… I was able to get into my new home before Christmas 2021. Gratefully grateful in Blessings .


07 January, 2022


Sabrina Bilancione 949-470-6317

I have been in the process of trying to refinance my mortgage I had in an investment property for the last two years. I initiated the process with the same financial institution that had my mortgage, but they made a mistake that they didn’t correct. After 8 month of delay I called it off. Then I tried with another institution and the closing cost were huge. Same thing happened with the third institution so finally I contacted LoanDepot. I talked to Sabrina (the Lending Officer) was really, really helpful. She suggested ways to lower the interest rate. She was fast, precise and very responsive. She provided all the information I needed and then transferred the process to Jersey Laracuente (the Account Manager). Jersey was also great. I am very happy of the entire process and the way Sabrina and Jersey interacted with me. I have bought several properties in the last 30 years and refinance about 15 times. Sabrina and Jersey are the best.


06 January, 2022


Sabrina Bilancione 949-470-6316

I have used Home Depot several times now and each time it was with Sabrina Bilancione. If the time ever comes that I need another loan Sabrina will be the only person I want to process my loan. So professional and detailed with all the steps necessary to complete the loans in a timely wanner.


06 January, 2022


loanDepot is top notch!

Bryan our loan officer was recommended to me by my sister and I will recommend him to anyone who asks! He listened to my needs related to my cash out refinance and provided several loan options and their benefits. He was more than patient as I asked for several financing options to be modeled. Kim my account manager was great in quickly answering any questions I had, and assisted in getting my closing completed as quickly as possible. Their rates and time to closing beat anything my credit union could offer. loanDepot will be my first stop for any future mortgage needs.


05 January, 2022


Nic Reed (949)-620-2509 and Maria Gutierrez

I'm so glad that my refinance was processed by loanDepot- they had really effective and friendly automation that made my input of information easy and a time saver. Agent Nic Reed was super knowledgeable and professional, advising and guiding me every step of the way, from application to successful funding. Also, a very helpful contact was made available via Maria Gutierrez; Nic and Maria ensured I always had immediate contact with them to answer any questions. I highly value the professional, effective, and friendly loan service I received.


05 January, 2022


Kajal Patel was great

Kajal Patel was great, very knowledgeable and professional. She was always available to answer questions and was very efficient. She made refinancing extremely easy and simple. I appreciated her services and highly recommend her to everyone for all their financing needs. Thank you Kajal for a job well done!! -Noreen :)


04 January, 2022


I have been refinancing since 2007

I have been refinancing since 2007, in my experience this refinancing experience has been outstanding! Loandepot has provided exceptional service in refinancing the loan, giving best rates, providing updates, closing and making it faster and easier to close the loan! The loan officers Ricky Pacheco and Jose Robles especially has been fantastic is planning, updates and delivering! When I had questions, they replied immediately, when furnishing details they were always on the top! There work is truly phenomenal!


04 January, 2022


Kajal Patel (949) 516-8976

My first point of contact was Kajal Patel. It was a pleasure working with her. If the entire team had been as thorough and efficient as she I would have given a five star rating. She explained every step in detail answering my questions as we went along. We discussed the documents they would be needed for me to furnish. I did the loan to pay off remolding expenses and another loan I had on a different piece of property. I furnished a list of the creditors along with my account numbers and balance owed at that time. I had more than one bank account that had direct deposits of my regular income. Everything was clear, we had set a loan amount and even had estimate of monthly payment. When the paperwork reached the underwriters is when delays began. I was told my debt to income ratio was to high so I didn't qualify. They were looking only at one bank statement that had only one income posted. When I asked about the second bank statement that had my other two incomes posted the reply was I wondered why that had been sent to us. They had not looked to see the other incomes. It was decided then I did qualify. Days later I receive a call that I would have to pay more at closing than planned because I owed more property tax than had been reported. It was discovered they had pulled the wrong tax statement. It was for a different property with a totally different address than what I was using for this loan. It took a few more days for this to be researched and corrected. This loan had started the first of August but closing papers were not signed until October 10. Before I could close I had to have a statement from my former employer that my pension was a lifetime pension with the fixed monthly payment that was being deposited to my bank. I have been receiving this pension since april 1998 in the same amount every month. I personally felt that to be discriminating. An employed person is not required to have their employer provide a statement of what the length of employment and rate of pay will be in the future. My pension is more secure than some payroll checks are in these times. They even had me to send proof of insurance on the other property I owned. It seemed every day it was some misunderstanding because they were not reading the information they already had. At closing in October they used balance amounts from August & September statements. This caused a difference in my loan amount because of the overpayment. I received refunds from all the accounts involved. I just borrowed money with interest to wait sometimes 30 days to get refund from the creditors. I wish Kajal had been able to handle everything for me. It would have been a rating of 5+


04 January, 2022


Don't use Loan Depot

I applied for a loan with Loan Depot over 30 days ago. I gave the loan officer ALL of my tax information before we even started. He told me he saw no problem. My situation is complicated because I am self employed but they knew that in the beginning. The loan officer was Omead. He was a fast talking salesman. Loan Depot is not equipped to handle self employed borrowers and they should disclose that up front. Now, a supervisor says they are still working on it but no news on January 4 and no estimate of time. Omead will not return my calls. My lock is expiring and rates have gone up almost .5%. I am horribly disappointed. I would never use Loan Depot again.


04 January, 2022


We have worked with Loan Depot in the past with excellent results

This time took a little longer due to the new tighter banking rules, but our team carried us through the process with great personal service and communication.


04 January, 2022



My assigned loan officer ADRIANNA ROSS i have spoken with on numerous occasions who's been handling my MORTGAGE REFINANCE LOAN with LOAN DEPOT is & has been cheerful, courteous,very knowledgeable, professional & has showed a GENUINE OVERALL CONCERN in HELPING ME resolve my situation matters with my MORTGAGE REFINANCE LOAN which she did in a very EFFICIENT MANNER along with answering ANY & ALL questions i may have had in a VERY POSITIVE INFORMATIVE UNDERSTANDING WAY making it a PLEASANT EXPERIENCE!!! Thank You ADRIANNA ROSS & LOAN DEPOT for your EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUPPORT!!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ I would highly recommend ADRIANNA ROSS & LOAN DEPOT for ALL of your Mortgage Financial NEEDS!!! Best Regards, Joseph Mesaros


03 January, 2022


Rosella Campion is the best in the…

Rosella Campion is the best in the business. Attentive, knowledgeable, and an advocate for the customer. 5 Stars


03 January, 2022


Not knowledgable of VA loans and do not return calls

The company failed to schedule my appraisal for almost a month. I called, texted and emailed but they failed to return my messages. After about 45 days into the process they miscalculated my VA entitlement and lowered my loan amount. I knew they were wrong and after arguing with them, then finally sending in a spreadsheet showing them how to correctly calculate the loan amount. They finally corrected it and we were able to close about 30 days past the original projected closing date.


03 January, 2022


My experience with Loan Depot

My experience with Loan Depot, was very good and very professional. My calls were returned immediately and my doubts and questions, were clarified and answered.Patrick Castelo, 949-465-8393, was very informative and attentive to each detail in reference to my loan application and it's process, which in detail helped the process expeditiously.


01 January, 2022


Ghosted by my representative

I rarely do reviews. I wish I was here with a great review but if I can give anyone else the opportunity to avoid the fear giving all of their most important info out and being ghosted by the person who has it. In the beginning LoanDepot called me and forwarded me to whom they said was a great loan officer Jonathon Devries. Jonathon gathered all of our personal information and because we are self employed there was substantially more information than if I were a W-2 client. Jonathon exchanged a few emails with me and said he would get back with me as he was super busy. I have sent him multiple emails and left multiple messages on his voicemail add tried to contact others with LoanDepot to get me in touch with him on the status of our application/refinance with no reply whatsoever. It seems I am unimportant and of low priority. The concern is not just that I waisted time or wasn’t getting helped by the services they offer but that I have given all of my information and documents that are super confidential. I do feel they have broken the fiduciary trust I expect from a mortgage company. Even a call back to say that they are not interested or cannot move forward with my refinance would be sufficient for me, I have not received return call, text, or email. I have not yet experienced having been ghosted to this level. Perhaps this shouldn’t reflect on LoanDepot or my loan officer, but with the lack of communication on their part I can only guess. Please consider my experience as your learning experience. I would love to change my mind and to hear that there was some kind of mistake but it has not happened yet. William English


30 December, 2021


Scott Kirkeby (949)-330-4958

The process was smooth and easy. Scott Kirkeby got the ball rolling and Alexis Smith brought it home. They found me a crazy low rate and a shorter term than what I had just closed on months before - so much so that I couldn’t NOT work with them! It was a great experience and super easy!


29 December, 2021


Scott Kirkeby was very helpful and…

Scott Kirkeby was very helpful and really understood what we wanted quick ly. Professional help and service. First rate experience. Would recommend hime to anyone. The whole team worked fast and made the entire process quite easy to go through.


28 December, 2021


Until my loan closes I cannot rate it…

Until my loan closes I cannot rate it for the overall process. I am only rating my initial interaction with the agent I spoke with in the phone, which was Carl de Ocampo.


27 December, 2021


Challenging Loan Application

It was easy to get started with Loan Depot but processing the loan was challenging. There were 3 different loan officers during the approval period, and documents were requested repetitively. They kept asking for documents that had already been submitted as part of the condo package. When a city permit process caused a delay they were gracious to extend the lock rate. However, they expired the financial statements and had to be resubmitted. This is more of an assembly line with limited personal relationship. I think I will look elsewhere next time. Yes, the loan did fund!


27 December, 2021


Sabrina and Loandepot

Sabrina Bilancione 949-470-6316 and LoanDepot are true Professionals at what they do. Sabrina made feel comfortable and at ease. What I thought was going to be a stressful day turned out to be a pleasant experience. Sabrina help me along with a smile in her voice as We got all the necessary paperwork done. And Lateshia provided me with updates on my loan. Thank You Sabrina, Lateshia and LoanDepot


23 December, 2021


John and Robin were very helpful and…

John and Robin were very helpful and guided me through my refinance process.


23 December, 2021


Karissa and Jami were great to work…

Karissa and Jami were great to work with, and my refi was processed extremely quickly and painlessly!


23 December, 2021


Thanh Tran

Thanh Tran - 949 595 7197 I am very happy with the process to refinance my loan in less than 30 days! Thanh was very professional and responsive, he explained the process very clearly. I definitely recommend him. Thank you.


23 December, 2021


The lending agent goes by DJ

The lending agent goes by DJ, I contacted Loandepot to see about lowering my interest rates on my mortgage, but he wasn’t able to help me, but the way he worked with me and my situation was nothing short of great, and he was very knowledgeable about his job, and treated me with a lot of respect, he also worked very hard trying to get the job done and even though he couldn’t get it done because of my situation it didn’t stop him from trying his best and I was very satisfied with everything he done and would go back to Loandepot again if I could be helped in the future, I have a lot of respect for the job he done trying to help me, Thanks DJ


22 December, 2021


Loan Depot I can not say anything but good.

Loan Depot I can not say anything but good about them. Karissa Sampson always responded promptly to questions on our refinance. Explained the process and helped us close within 4 -5weeks. Everyone we worked with during the whole process was wonderful, knowledgeable, step by step of what happens next. Thank you all for all you do.


22 December, 2021


Second time working with Thanh and Loan Depot

This is the second time that i used Thanh Tran - 949-595-7197 to refinance my mortgage. I felt that he was knowledgeable, professional and patient. I am actually shocked to read so many negative reviews of the company. My experience with Thanh and Loan Depot was quick and easy and I have recommended Thanh to my daughter and son-in-law and they had the same good experience.


22 December, 2021


Thanks loanDepot!

we want to thank loanDepot, specially Thanh Tran-949-595-7197 and Jennifer Alva for their good service, we will definitely recommend you to all of our friends, God Bless!!!


22 December, 2021


Ended up with being blackmailed by loan officer

Sterling Campbell is a nice person at the beginning, but when he suspected that the loan won't get approved, he insisted to tell the listing agent that I told him to terminate the loan, which is not true. I told him not to contact the listing agent and please only inform my agent, he still insisted to do so. He lied and said he's obligated to do so and we know that's not true. Then he started to call me multiple times and told me if I don't respond within the same day then he will tell the listing agent that I am the one who wants to terminate the loan. At the end, there's full of lies and blackmailing, this is unacceptably ridiculous and unprofessional.


21 December, 2021


the worst process

the worst process for refinance. the depts. dont communicate with each other or the borrower. over 3 months and still asking for documents. I finally decided not to close.


21 December, 2021


Highly recommend Thanh Tran

We recently worked with Thanh Tran - 949-595-7197 to refinance our home. He was extremely patient, gracious, assertive, responsive, and efficient. He was always a phone call / text away the second we needed him no matter the time. He was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend him.


20 December, 2021


Avoid LoanDepot at all costs

The LoanDepot loan approval was the single greatest source of stress in our home purchase process. The entire LoanDepot system/process was intrusive, haphazard, and disorganized. The web interface is confusing, and my career was in technical support - I can't imagine how the average person would figure it out. The final loan approval took place VERY late in the process, and the last-minute demands for additional documentation - much of which were either unnecessary or previously provided - caused delay in loan approval that made us to miss the original closing date. We had a terrible experience overall, and I only wish I could provide a lower "recommend to others" score than one star.


20 December, 2021


Pressure tactics

I inquired online about refinancing my rental properties held in my LLC. I immediately received a call and was transferred to Jun. I told him I wanted to keep the loan in my LLC. He said he'd check on that and then started the lengthy loan process was on the phone nearly two hours. Finally, after I'd answered all the questions, he told me the loan couldn't be in my LLC. After he pushed loan documents through, he called wanting to go through each document one by one which was completely unnecessary as he already knew I had a primary residence that I'd recently refinanced for lower interest rates. I told him I didn't have time at the moment to review the documents. He called and left a message twice a day for 3 days afterward, plus sent text message. I was considering other loans option especially after he told me the closing cost would be $6,500 plus appraisal fee. Then with pressure tactics, I will not now or ever consider loan through LoanDepot.


20 December, 2021


Highly recommend Teresa Laporte and loanDepot

Ms. LaPorte with loanDepot has provided us excellent service and communication throughout the process. She made the process easy and answered all our questions quickly. Her experience with the mortgage industry shines through. I highly recommend Teresa and loanDepot!


18 December, 2021


‘KAJAL PATEL 949- 242-8976’

‘KAJAL PATEL 949- 242-8976’ We are very impressed with Kajal’s unmatched efforts to make our refi experience as smooth and quick as possible. We closed in less than 4 weeks all because Kajal helped us through the process and even uploaded or documents when we had difficulty with the site.


17 December, 2021


Very disappointed with loan depot

Very disappointed with loan depot! Because they and Herritage insurance company couldn't get their communications together, my homeowners insurance was cancelled for non-payment. All the while paying loan depot, not only our regular p&I, but also $200 extra each month toward principal. When my home owners policy came up for renewal, the 2 big corporations apparently called back and forth, but couldn't figure out that the insurance Co. Had the wrong loan number. Never a call to me, they say they sent notices, but they were definitely not received by me! So after being cancelled for nonpayment they took the liberty of taking out a forced insurance policy on my home, again without notice! At 10k/yr premium! When we realized what was going on and after hours and hours of phone calls , neither Herritage insurance, or loan depot would take responsibility. After a call to an investigative reporter, and a news story, loan depot responded with the promise to work with us to resolve the problems, and the thousands of lost $. After talking to several different people and getting enough lip service for the news story to become history, thet once again went back to saying they weren't doing anything for us.. So.....I was cancelled for non-payment while paying on time every month to loan depot! THANKS ALOT LOAN DEPOT POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE!


17 December, 2021


Great rates and pricing

Great rates and pricing. Professional. Friendly. Reasonably responsive. Closed quickly. But they had to reduce the loan amount at the last minute due to some incorrect initial assumptions about income sources (though I provided all information correctly upfront), which was not ideal. It felt like the rug was pulled out from under me.






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