SoFi: Personal Loans Review

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SoFi Snapshot

SoFi is a direct lending company founded by four Stanford Graduate School students in 2011. Offering a fresh approach to lending, the alternative lending platform was created to offer a service that could help university students pay back their student loans without having to go through a bank or other traditional means.

SoFi has been committed to their mission to help college students pay back student loans and have even expanded their services. To date, SoFi has extended over $7 billion in loans to customers. The company offers advanced lending technology and also provides money management solutions, alternative loans, and life insurance.

SoFi Spotlight

Best For
Recent college or university graduates and young professionals

Marketplace or Direct Lender
Direct lender

Loan Types
Multi-purpose personal loans

Loan APR
5.99% to 18.28%

Repayment Terms
24 to 84 months


SoFi offers very low interest rates to their customers and are dedicated to customer education, making it one of the best choices on the market for young borrowers.

Not only do they offer lower interest rates, but they also offer longer terms than most lenders. As a direct lender, SoFi offers terms from 2 years all the way to 7 years to help college graduates with lower monthly payments as they get their feet off the ground while starting their careers.

Loan Types

While SoFi is known for its great personal loan offers, it offers prospective borrowers several options, including mortgages, mortgages refinancing, student loan refinancing, and parent loans.

Plus, SoFi is committed to help those seeking loans develop financial independence and help them make responsible financial decisions through various educational resources.

Personal Loan Rates & Terms

SoFi has 2 different offers when it comes to securing a personal loan: variable or fixed interest rates.

Their interest rates may change depending on how you decide to pay out your loan. For instance, if you choose to do automatic payments, SoFi can offer you better interest rates. Plus, there aren’t any fees on any of their personal loans.

SoFi’s loans are mainly aimed at recent graduates and young professionals. Their loans amounts are available in terms of anywhere from 2 to 7 years, making them one of the most flexible lenders.

While many personal loan providers only issue fixed loans, SoFi lets you choose your term and your amount.

SoFi Pros

  • No fees
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Unemployment protection (loan payments freeze in case of job loss)
  • Long terms (84 months)
  • Little or no credit history to get approved

SoFi Cons

  • You need good credit to apply (680+)
  • Application takes longer than competitors
  • Approval process takes longer than competitors

SoFi Application Process

Since SoFi’s qualification process is a bit more in-depth, they don’t have the quickest application process compared to other lenders in the industry. However, this has its advantages.

Eligibility for a loan depends on a few factors, including your income, expenses, career experience, and financial history.

While the application process takes longer, SoFi is committed to helping young people get their feet off the ground, even if they have little or no credit history.

To apply, you start by creating a SoFi account. Then, you’ll fill out some basic information which takes a few minutes.

In order to apply, you need to:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a permanent resident or US citizen
  • Be employed, or have an offer to start a job within 3 months of your application
  • Have a minimum credit score of 680

SoFi’s loans range from anywhere between $5,000 and $100,000, although you’ll need a higher credit score to qualify for a high loan.

Customer Support

As they’re committed to helping young people get their feet off the ground, SoFi offers great customer service and financial education resources.

They have a full FAQ section which can answer many basic questions about the loan process. Plus, they offer a ton of articles to learn more.

For even more help, you can contact them through email or phone throughout the week (during normal business hours).

Final Thoughts on SoFi

So, should you use SoFi to access a personal loan?

If you’re a young professional or a recent graduate, then you’ll want to consider SoFi. They’ve set themselves apart in the lending industry as a direct lender by providing transparent financial services.

Despite their longer application and approval process, they’re one of the best direct lenders available, particularly for college students and young adults looking to secure a loan.

Whether you’re wanting to pay off your student loan or make a large purchase, SoFi offers great flexibility in loan terms while keeping interest rates low.


What can you use a SoFi loan for?

You can use a SoFi loan for a variety of reasons. While borrowing between $5,000 to $100,000, you can use the loan for personal, household, or family expenses. However, you can’t use the loan for higher education, starting a business, investments, bridge financing, real estate, or buying securities.

What fees does SoFi charge?

SoFi doesn’t charge any fees for origination, prepayment, or closing. Plus, they don’t charge any late fees!

SoFi Customer Testimonials

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16 hours ago


Extremely professional

Extremely professional! everything completed in less that 8 hours, just amazing!


18 May, 2022



UNHAPPY customer!! SOFI LACKS TRANSPARENCY. SOFI LACKS TRANSPARENCY. SOFI LACKS TRANSPARENCY. They advertise the option for up to four 90 day forbearance periods for unemployment. I lost my job and called them for accommodation the same day. They gave me 30 days, AND NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THE FOUR 90 DAY FORBEARANCE ACCOMMODATION. I haven’t worked for 5 months now but have kept up with payments. Twice I’ve called them for forbearance help and the answer is “your account is in a six month cool-off period”. So they could have been transparent on the first call and explained the policy, instead they gave me only 30 days and said nothing about the “cool-off” period. Sofi is another cutesy finance company that behaves as bad or worse that a traditional bank. MAY 17, 2022


18 May, 2022


They rejected my personal loan for a lame excuse.…

They rejected my personal loan application due to 'Unable to verify identity' but have never requested any additional documents to verify it! My credit score is close to 800, good stable income. How can you be confident that tomorrow they do not override your balance and say it was never there?! Company processes are unpredictable, they make random decisions and ruin your credit score with hard inquiries.


06 May, 2022


unsecure technology - stay away

I started a new account. I logged on with a password and 2 factor authentication. With my account, I saw someone else's account information. Worse, I was able to see the detail and had full access to their account. Only after I notified their security, did I lose access. Huge security risk because their software technology merged/mixed up the accounts. This bank is not there yet.


30 April, 2022


Bad for loans

SoFi cannot possibly make the process of applying for a student loan refinance any easier. i had to find another alternative in order for me to get the required loan i needed, thanks to reviews about this professional agent he helped with my student loan and he also gives out different kinds of loans to people in need of it......1 609 975 96 11.... thank me later.....


30 April, 2022


I applied Wednesday

I applied Wednesday. Got prequalified for a large amount pending proof of income for 2 years. If anyone recalls, there was a pandemic that began 2 years ago. Nonetheless, I chatted with a rep about how to go about income docs as my self-employment had just begun Dec in 2021. The rep said submit it. I did. Thursday I get an email from Dustin saying they need my sched C 2020. I responded and asked if some could contact me to discuss as I had W2 from 2020. Friday- I get an email saying they can't approve my application. Interesting how they determined this without seeing my income. I think it was just a couple of LAZY employees who didn't want to put any effort into their job and wrote me back a generic notice. Again, in 3 days no one called, they did not get my income proof. But declined...


28 April, 2022


Absolutely ridiculous

Absolutely ridiculous. I have been trying to wire money for a home purchase for two days. I called early as instructed and followed all of the protocols I was given. The first representative wrote the information down incorrectly and I was not informed there was any problem with the transfer. If I had not called then I would simply lose the property. Once correcting the information I was assured my funds would be sent that same day. It is now 9 am the following day and my funds still have not been sent. This is a simple procedure that every financial institution in the world besides SoFi can seem to get right. I will never be using this service again and I will recommend all of my friends and clients to stay as far away as possible.


22 April, 2022


I Would Leave Sofi 0 Stars if I Could!

DO NOT put any of your money into this institution! They will hold your transferred funds from another REAL BANK for 5 business days, even though they know good & well that you're aware of the other bank already releasing the funds to Sofi. Also, if you file a debit card dispute with them, you'll receive an EMAIL (NO Phone Number Attached for Contact) stating that your dispute could take up to 90 days to be completed! After SEVERAL phone calls to their useless regular customer service department, I had to call their Escalations Department and threaten to file a complaint with the FTC this morning in order to get them to cancel my dispute so I could close my account with them. The number for Escalations is: 833-280-7634


18 April, 2022


Multiple SoFi uses

I have a checking account with direct deposit, a credit card, and an invest account with SoFi. Everything is so easy to use. One time, I did have to call to make sure my direct deposit was working. I was able to get ahold of someone quickly and all of my questions were answered. I can transfer money from my checking account into my invest account and the money is available immediately. And, I get 1.25% interest in my checking account. I have been happy with everything. The app is also simply to navigate. I have not needed to use their loan services.


11 April, 2022


excellent service

excellent service


08 April, 2022


SoFi too slow

I Am sorry to have bothered you with such as small detail of $162.45. My problem started when I signed up with your trading platform "Invest". I found invest as I was looking for a different platform to use that would work best for me, and I had noticed SoFi come up in a few different searches. I started getting setup with Invest and had some issues getting SoFi connected with my bank. I called and it was explained to me that my bank did not get connected as I had entered routing number where the bank account number should be, and visa versa. I am not sure what happened there other than I missed typed the number in one of the two places. In any event the system took the numbers, and the voided check and I waited until Monday since I could not add any stocks at the time being that my bank was not yet approved. With the help of the representative on the phone it appeared we had gotten that issue taken care of. After getting my bank and SoFi connected I added $10 to my account to test the function which worked normally. I am at that point ready to go and add some stocks that I can actively trade with. What I found then was that I could not add anything further since I had a pending deposit into my Invest account. After calling a few times and then being transferred to a financial advisor who also was not sure of what the issue was explained he'd research and call me back. The Financial advisor Dave called me back and explained that he had found a rule that had been implemented some time ago that you had to have a few deposits under your belt before you would be able to add multiple deposits during the day. You should ask someone to make that rule move visible as it was not explained at all. If I had noticed that in any of my searching I would not have used your SoFi Invest platform. I took that answer and went on my way unable to purchase anything further for the rest of the day since I had a pending deposit into my Invest account. The next day I came back and was able to add $100.00 to my account which I was happy with. Later that day while the market was still open I wanted to add another $40 to purchase stocks which did not go through. This did not go through due to the $100.00 that was still pending even after a couple of hours. This issue is not due to me not having the money in the bank, its due to SoFi needing to clear the deposit on their end before I can deposit anything further. I am not clear on why I get penalized due to the slowness of SoFi to clear deposits on "our side" when the money has already cleared my own financial institution and waiting on SoFi. At that point I decided that I wanted to leave SoFi and move my current holdings to another account which I worked on setting up the night before. I had at this point sold all all my stock after the market had closed and waited for the next morning. It was brought to my attention that getting those funds would take 5 business days. I had expected them sometime today, or tomorrow at the latest. I am told that I will not receive those funds for a 5 business day period. I understand that a sell off would take 2 days by SEC rule, but SoFi policy says I must wait 5 business days.This is where I start the story of how I am currently unemployed and doing this to put some change in the gas tank, and a sack of groceries and that's the end of most of the sob story, its not a SEC rule, its a SoFi rule. What is boils down to is I have $38 right now, and with the 162 give or take that I should receive tomorrow I can pull down another 5 or 10 bucks. The issue I have is your manager says that I have to wait 5 business days. If I had another two or three hundred in the bank it would still hurt but would hurt less.Honestly I have several issues with the platform, and I want to cut ties with it. All that being said i'm not asking you to move a mountain range I am asking you to bend a SoFi rule and let go of my little $162.45 and you don't ever have to hear from me again. I'm happy to speak with anyone you'd like if that helps. Thank you for your time, and have a good rest of day. William Merriman Out of curiosity and even $10 is pretty important right now.....where did the $10 go, it doesn't show a destination. To be more helpful: don't take the money from my bank and they say i have to wait 5 days for the money you took to clear when I can see that it already has.


25 March, 2022


Resolved a solution and improving

Update: The SOFI Credit Card Dispute has finally been handled by SOFI. Thank you, the resolution, to the credit card charge. I have been a SOFI customer since the beginning of the pandemic back in 2020 and before they IPO'd and ever since their IPO and begging to grow the company has gotten worst. As of right know I am trying to merchant dispute a $335 charge which I called in to dispute but a third party handles the claims and after multiple calls and mail with the disputes no one has gotten back despite multiple attempts to contact SOFI on what is the F""" is going on. I have since stop using the credit card and am ending my relationship with SOFI.


22 March, 2022


Terrible experience with home loans...

I've had a terrible experience on a home loan with SoFi and would not recommend their services. They promise that things can be processed efficiently, and they understand your area. First, my appraisal took two weeks to process on rush. It returned with a shockingly low appraisal - below the listing price in Los Angeles, California, in a highly desirable neighborhood. They marketed the current market as "stable." Of course, not enough time was left for a second appraisal after the initial delays. I requested a reconsideration that took another two weeks and returned the same. A future neighbor purchased at the same price and had no issues. They assured me we would close on a Friday (days after my initial close date) but didn't get the document to escrow until Friday night. Not enough time for escrow to process or for either of us to fund. Throughout this process, I received out-of-office messages multiple times without warning from direct contacts and their managers on days we were supposed to close or provide crucial documentation. Sure, the interest rate looked decent, but it was made up elsewhere.


18 March, 2022


They renege on all of their promotions and steal your data

Whatever you do with this company, make sure you keep screen captures and quote everything they say. They often pull bait and switch tactics. Saying they will give you a bonus if you apply for a student loan or personal loan and then they get all your information and then they renege on your promotion and make an excuse saying things like, "oh, we don't have the right title of the promotion" or do you have the expired link from a year ago so that I can pull it up. They will say things like "Oh we need more details of a cosigner". Once you get that information, they make another excuse and then even probably sell your information. Do yourself a favor and don't go with this company. They lie often and feel justified about doing so. This is very un-American and I totally don't trust this company anymore.


17 March, 2022

trustpilot-stars Review

Customer service does not exist! There's no email support! There's a chat line, full of incompetents who can't help. The phone is at computer auto answer system because no matter when you call "operators are always busy". You leave a message and no one calls you back. Their app is more of a gaming app than serious banking or investing software. The object of the game is to earn points, with no banking or investing support other than sending them your money or opening a loan. If are looking for a banking or investing company, go with a serious establish company, not someone who makes a game out of it!


10 March, 2022


Moved from a major legacy bank

Moved from a major legacy bank. Experience has been great. Much better app and better products, and 10x the interest on savings.


27 February, 2022


SoFi is now a bank!

SoFi is now a bank! Sofi has now gotten its own banking license and now your money is kept in their own banks with FDIC insurance, they also have started paying 1% APR on checking and savings balances. I've never had a problem with them. I use their banking services, and investing services. Everything has been handled perfectly. I had an issue where I was getting TFA Codes sent to me when I wasn't logging in. I contacted to let them know and within a few hours someone was calling me to help make sure I took steps to make sure my account wasn't compromised, they even called back a few days later after the security updates were completed to make sure the problem didn't continue. I recommend them highly if you need a bank and don't need a physical location to go to.


22 February, 2022


My experience has been absolutely…

My experience has been absolutely terrible with SoFi. My student loan refi went seamlessly - but I would come to find out, it’s because we only had to deal with numbers and had no human interaction. I opened a credit card with them. And then applied for a mortgage. Here comes the trouble… Mortgage: the loan officer was DISMAL at best. Submitted my docs for a “2-minute quote” and didn’t hear anything for two weeks. Reached out, no response except for a hard inquiry on my credit report. Could not get in contact with the guy, ever. I’d give him exact information with documentation and he’d give me a quote based on exactly *not* that information. Kept asking for documents I already submitted through the portal and then disregarding the very specific content therein. When I asked for a scheduled meeting with him (because were both working in corporate jobs), he would completely ignore it, call outside of those hours or juxtaposition how busy my schedule was against his?? I’m giving my availability to him and asking him to lock in a time and he just couldn’t do it. After a month of this and 4 solid days of no response, I withdrew the application, which he blamed me for to his superior (“you were busy too” - yeah this isn’t my job??) Now to the credit card: I got notified of several fraudulent charges to my card BY Sofi’s (apparently 3rd party) fraud department. I responded immediately confirming the fraud. Still showed on my card. Called in for the next 3 days to get some answers, no a single agent logged the calls. Finally got back to the first person I spoke to (who did not log the call) and asked him to transfer me to a manager. Instead of doing so immediately, he just pleaded that I let him take care of it. I had to repeat maybe 5x that I wanted a manager. When he finally transferred me the manager confirmed the previous agents did not log their calls, causing further delays. She updated my account and said it would be addressed within 2 weeks. It’s been 20 days and no one has been assigned to my account for this. I worked in banking for a decade and know it’s customary to remove the charge from the account and investigate in the background. Hasn’t happened. My case hasn’t even been assigned, at all. I will be closing my $10K line or credit with them as soon as they resolve the fraud charges. TL;DR: PURE GARBAGE


17 February, 2022


Today was one of the worst days I've…

Today was one of the worst days I've ever had with a headache and lots of stress due to all the fraud in the US I had to verify my identity to receive my 2020 refund I haven't been able to get an n in touch with anyone from the IRS until today they asked for the routing and account number the refund was supposed to be issued to I then inform them that that account have been closed for almost 5 months now I had called TurboTax to try to get the information and was unable to I had searched all my files and also didn't have any luck until I tried to to call sofi in which I finally succeeded when I spoke to a representative named Jeff he went above and beyond responsibilities his job description and for me you was unable to look up the routing and account number due to the close account he then stated in some states it is open to the public on Google he informed me that nothing can be stolen with an account number for routing number and me and found me information needed he told me he wish me good luck and said I hope I made your life a little bit easier today in which he did because now my refund can be released and I can file my 2021 taxes in which I could really use do to my newborn baby!!not only did he find the information needed he reentered everything was going to be 👍


15 February, 2022


SoFi is More Like the Pooper Bowel

SoFi features a partnership with Trust & Wills for estate planning in its featured offerings, but does not service a revocable living trust with an account to handle the money. SoFi puts a limit on transfers from a linked account which shows substantially more in its balance than the transfer requested. Upon inquiry about the transfer limit in a chat, I was not supplied a reason and do not know how to increase the limit. SoFi's workaround to create larger transfers by listing SoFi in my other banks and credit union accounts is a puzzle. I feel like a dummy for trusting another internet marketing glitz blitz that covers up deficient actual follow-through. SoFi's lack of transparency borders on dishonesty. SoFi is all over the super bowl, but underneath it all SoFi is more like the pooper bowl.


10 February, 2022


Sofi sucks

Sofi the app is cool. Sofi the customer service is freaking horrendous. I had a fraudulent charge, filed two police reports and did the investigation for them because they wouldn't. The guy at target found video surveillance of the perps and they still denied me. They sent me the proof for WHY I AM THE CRIMINAL. Because that is what they are saying. That I am lying and trying to steal money. Guess what it was? A google map from my house to the store. SOOOOO I could drive to the store? That's your proof? I called 4 times and managers were supposed to call me back and never did. Also anytime I try to buy crypto from someone other than them? they deny me. I have to call in every single time. They suck. Skip this place. I am going to file a lawsuit for my money that was FDIC insured.


09 February, 2022



I am furious! I wrote an earlier review . Still trying to get my funds from this crooked company. The longer they can keep your money, the more lies they can come up with as to why they can't release your money, the more time they have to use your money. It has been 4 months since I have requested my money back. Excuse after excuse after excuse. I am now preparing to contact The Security Exchange Commission. Here is their phone number / email address Chair Gary Gensler 202-551-2100


08 February, 2022


Run! Do not invest on this site.

I transferred a small amount of money from my personal bank to SoFi upon the recommendation of my sister in law. After a few days I realized this site is not at all user friendly and decided to pull my money and close the account. That was at the end of October 2021. Today is Feb 8, 2022 and they still are holding my money and making excuses as to why they won't release it. I have been calling several times a week and even spoke to the manger. My account has been transferred to an investment specialist. I have no investments, just cash in the account. They locked my account so when I try to make the transfer it says there is an error. Then I spoke to them today and was told my bank account is incorrect. How can my bank account be incorrect when the money was transferred directly from my bank? And why did they not tell me of this many months ago? Do not.... and I repeat... Do not give them one dime. They are not a reputable company


04 February, 2022


S T A Y A W A Y.

S T A Y A W A Y. They will hold YOUR funds - YOUR property - to make interest off it. And make excuses. Banking in the Us is corrupt and a sanctioned scam. Keep your funds 'under your mattress'


03 February, 2022


Will eventually scam you out of your money

Things were going well but I dare not put all my eggs in this damn basket. First of all THEY ARE NOT A BANK!! They do NOT INSURE MONIES IN ACCOUNTS u have with them- meaning THEY HAVE NO FDIC INSURANCE. All that they are is a money management platform and they can easily scam money from you. I had made an overpayment to a credit card account I have with them meaning I had overdrawn my funds by just a few dollars and without notifying me they charged my card 25 dollars for the overdraft. I had called them to ask they remove the charge out of courtesy since I had no idea that I had overdrawn the account. Remember they are not a bank (I wonder how the heck can they offer cc without being a bank??) They refused so that tells me that they will find ways to charge my card without permission and unfounded or weak excuses to do so. So as soon as I lay off the damn balance ( which isn’t much). I will be thrilled to get this monkey of my back. I will delete my bank account linked to them and close out their damn cc and have them cancel my account with them. Just stick to a reputable online bank /such as discover.


02 February, 2022


Have had no problems

Have had no problems. Great for buying stocks and crypto with fractional shares. Have the Credit card and use it as my main for cash back to investing.


31 January, 2022


Worst experience! Money being held hostage

This is the worst experience I have ever had with any customer service!! I opened a joint account and from the get-go I was unable to fund the account. It took two weeks before it finally worked. Since the initial funding took so long, I decided to write a check and make a mobile deposit to finish moving my funds from my previous institution. I was notified that the funds would not be available for 5 business days!!! It was too late to take it back so I decided to suck it up. Well 4 business days after the mobile deposit was submitted, we got an email stating that the check had been returned. Why, I have no idea because the funds were available. Butz my account is now frozen. Now, I am going on 5 days of calling their "customer service" line and getting the message "your account has been restricted let me send you to our fraud department... all of our representatives are busy please leave a message with the name and phone number associated with the account." I have left many messages and have not heard a word. The system will not allow me to message or chat with them due to this restriction. My funds have been held hostage for 5 days. I have not had access to my funds is over 10 days.


25 January, 2022


I love SoFi

I love SoFi Money. The best checking account in the market, I’ve been using it for 3 years now! SoFi Invest could improve because they lack in good UI, margin, options trading. SoFi Credit Card has been great, they offered me 3% for 12 months and $200 sign up bonus. SoFi relay is very helpful. I believe SoFi will do even better once they get their bank charter license in use by February 2022.


20 January, 2022


Just want to get your personal info

Preapproved (800+ score) for over 20k. Filled out and submitted the online application. Took a long time to process the application and then it got denied. I was told that I could see the reason for it being denied in my sofi account that was created to apply for the loan. The sofi account now says my password is "incorrect" so I can't even access the account. It appears that they just wanted my information, probably to sell it, because now all of a sudden I am getting emails from all kinds of businesses and other places.


03 January, 2022


Two Issues - Avoid Sofi

Two Issues 1. Sofi has no issue transferring money from my account into their accounts. However, when I went to close my account, they transferred my funds to a bank I've never used or heard of. I verified my bank account, so how did they fail to transfer the money back into my account? 2. When I went through closing my SoFi account, they decided to conduct a hard credit inquiry on me. I never gave them permission, and I've contacted them multiple times to remove the credit inquiry, but it remains on my credit report. I've talked to their customer service multiple times for each situation. Both issues remain the same and unsolved.


02 January, 2022


Refi by SOFi the Worst for daughters college loan

Refi for daughters college loan, took 45 days for application, I had to provide S.S. card? Who does this?? Took a week and got new card, havent needed it to buy a house or mutiple cars... Then they needed a release for soft and hard credit report pulls, But the website wouldnt push nor would they email release to me. They asked to close application(45 days later) and start new one, No Thanks will go to local Credit union instead. Stay away total B S company


23 December, 2021


Terrible experience with their credit…

Terrible experience with their credit card service. The benefits are appealing, but most often the chat is unavailable and when you call customer service by phone, it’s a constant busy signal. Two days of trying to get through, finally reach a rep. A large refund ($600+) was on my account and I request a manual check. Was told to allow a week and it should be received. Three weeks later, zero check and no communication. Sofi Money/Credit card is not ready for prime time.


18 December, 2021


Dispute process is terrible, shows total disregard for their customers

If you want to file a dispute, they make it extremely difficult to do so. First, they wait two weeks after you call it in, then send you a letter saying that you have 10 days to fax or snail-mail them the details. Even though I already provided all the details when I reported the dispute in the first place. They really attempt to make the whole process as difficult for you as possible. Other cards allow you to dispute online, which is how it should be. On top of this, they farm out the entire dispute process to some company called Fiserv, which has no relationship to SoFi. Just a terrible way to treat your customers.


07 December, 2021


I was looking for a large personal loan…

I was looking for a large personal loan for home improvement. While I was pre-qualified by SoFI, the longest duration personal loan is 4 years. I also applied to LightStream and they offer 12 years. SoFi won't even consider looking at my finances to see if they could offer a longer duration. LightStream, here I come!


28 November, 2021


I opened up two accounts by mistake try…

I opened up two accounts by mistake try to transfer the money from one account to another account it's been well over a month now and nobody can help me nor did I receive any money I got a feeling I've been scammed and that's what I've been reading on the review boards that you can't get your money out of them what good is this service if they won't give you your money back good luck getting somebody to help you . My next phone call will be my local congressman the better Business bureau and consumer affairs stay away not honest company.


20 November, 2021


Sofi Inexplicably closed my account and revoked my referral rewards

Action: Sofi inexplicably closed my Sofi Money account so I called support to find out why Response: Sorry sir we can't help you or tell you why your money account has been closed, we're sorry about that... Action: I don't know what I did but I'm an angry now and just want my money out. I'll withdraw, and be done with it Response: Withdrawal sits for weeks with repeated request for more documentation of proof of ownership of the account being withdrawn into, which I provided Action: I call support again to figure out why my withdraw is taking so long. Response: It looks like they haven't taken a look at your documentation, but we'll get them right on that Action: More time passes, so I complain on Reddit Response: Support contacts me and tells me to reach out to them directly Action: I reach out and explain what's going on Response: Support forwards my email to Customer Relations, who quickly got back to me Action: Customer relations seems super helpful, friendly and proactive and said they would get someone on the case immediately Response: I receive an email from Sofi tell me my account is under "Investigation" and that it could take up to 60 days to resolve Action: Angry and confused, I reach out again stating I had done nothing wrong, don't understand why I'm under investigation and inquire about the reason. A few days pass and in spite of the investigation, I assume it will all turn out fine since I had done nothing wrong, so I log in to find my account balance is now at $0 (previously $48). Now REALLY angry and confused I reach out again to Customer Relations. Response: Sofi Customer Relations tells me my account is closed, for some rule I violated (but refuses to tell me what rule I broke) and that I will no be able to open a new account in the future. I absolutely did not break any rules. The only thing I did was get 3 referrals in one day (completely honestly, no self dealing, no cheating). This is a blatant response to me getting referrals and attempting to withdraw funds w/o actually spending anything at Sofi. They simply don't feel the need to pay me for referring customers and not depositing funds of my own (as far as I can tell since they won't tell me anything).


17 November, 2021


The absolute worst experience

The absolute worst experience. This company does not offer any forbearance, And when you ask to speak to a supervisor there is mysteriously none available. The company has no heart, And I would highly recommend either citizens Or upgrade if I was seeking a loan.


16 November, 2021


Stay away

Stay away. I set up my account with SOFI because I could do crypto and regular investments. But once I switched over my regular investments things went to hell. For some reason my account was not fully transferred or closed so a block was placed on my account. Attempts to add more funds resulted in deposits remaining as “scheduled” for weeks after the date it was supposed to be credited. I had to cancel it myself just to make sure it would not transfer funds I had allocated elsewhere. Then I called customer service at least three times. Was told there was a block and they would remove it. This never happened. Then when an IPO I wanted to purchase was available, I was able to put in my request, but again I could not add funds to cover,it. I called again, was told I should have been transferred to another department to get this fixed. Was told it would not be fixed by the date to get the IPO. So I lost out…the IPO Has since tripled in value. My account is still blocked. I tried to open an IRA, and that deposit is “stuck” too. So at this point I can’t withdraw or deposit into my crypto, active investment, or IRA accounts. Long story short…they are cost me to lose money.


10 November, 2021


NOT Recommended

Closed my account and took all the currency in the "money" , the samsung visa. I ivested 200 in investments section and that also was deleted. SoFi tells me I have no accounts, when I literally have their black credit card in my person.


09 November, 2021


The dropped the ball on my deposit, missed opportunity

They sent me an email to take part in an IPO. I signed up, setup a deposit. The deposit didn't go through because of a problem on SoFi's end. When I called them, after an hour on hold, they said it was too late for the deposit to be processed so I could invest. They still could not answer why it was not processed for 4 days.


03 November, 2021


SoFi is making me wealthy

I have obtained 3 mortgages in the last 5 years. Two were from SoFi (one, a refi). The outstanding service drew my interest to their other offerings. My primary credit card is now a SoFi card, I do most of my banking and investing on SoFi. I was even introduced to crypto by SoFi. My initial meager crypto investments took off. I started paying attention. I researched and bought more crypto and other related stocks. My investments are exploding. Thank you SoFi for teaching me how to make money.


18 October, 2021


Supporting theifs & criminals

Sofi would be the worst company I've ever done business with, but Chime exsist, so sofi is the 2nd worst. Sofi does not honor any of their promises, offerings, or meet any expectations. Their debit cards don't require a pin to use, and when yours is stolen, they don't do anything to help you. They deny all disputes over $20, they don't offer any advice to help you, and will waste many hours of your time.


15 October, 2021


Disappointed 😞

Just a fyi....Sofi only honors loans for title 4 schools. What ever that mean??? My school was honored via federal and now in the private sector but not with this company!! For me an education loan is an education loan! Period!! Sick of the entitlement!!


12 October, 2021


Great customer service

Great customer service, really glad I switched to sofi


11 October, 2021


I had defended myself from 2 female …

I had defended myself from 2 female employees of SoFi stadium I kindly asked ", excuse me " twice as I was ignored. I tapped one of the ladies on the shoulder and once again said excuse me. I received a reaction of hostility and confrontational. "That my gesture was assault ". Loudly and embarrassing my family and I for trying to be as courtesy. When I go to a function that is family friendly I don't expect to be treated or threatened by the employees that your corporation have hired to represent their institution in this manner. I suggest you please express to your employees the importance of displaying a professional and courtesy behavior when addressing costumers.


11 October, 2021


Sofi UN-Transparent & Misleading

Sofi claims about helping people threw the Pandemic is a joke. As a member they go on and on threw out thier website claming to want to help people stuggling financial because of the Pandemic. Theses statements could not be farther from the truth as I have personally discovered as being a money member. I recived a SBA Economic impact loan and choose to have the funds deposited to my Sofi money account. Unfortunately that was a HUGE mistake. As I have learned they automatically reject any type of funds deposited threw the SBA. These false claims of being some sort of Covid 19 Pandemic advocacy are misleading and misguided. If they cared anything about how the Pandemic has affected anyone you think they would most certainly accept these type of funds to be deposited into thier members account. Not only are they immediately rejected ALL SBA FUNDS they do not even have the common curtsey to notify you that this has occurred. In the meantime your just waiting and waiting for funds you desperately need and have been hoping for months already because of the lengthy timeline it takes to have your application appoved. I defentinly feel the Sofi needs to be direct and be transparent to not only members but also potential consumers who might be thinkig about opening up an account with Sofi. Transparency is key to any successful finacial institution in building a secure and positive reap our. Also in finding out about my rejected deposit. I could not even been giving any explanation as why this is the common practice for deposits made from the SBA.


01 October, 2021


Never got direct deposit bonus.

Never got direct deposit bonus.


22 September, 2021


Terrible outfit

Terrible outfit - I receive a pension from the federal government. I went on line to pull up the statement they provide me every year. I was asked to send it directly from the website. Then they didn’t like the format. It had to be on a government form. I explained that I couldn’t provide something that didn’t exist. This is what I am provided to complete my tax return. No way to get that thought across. Basically I guess they were telling me that somehow I was coming up with this info. It was directly sent from the Office of Personnel Management. They are illogical idiot’s!


14 September, 2021


SoFi sucks big time!!

In less than a week after joining SoFi, they lost me money. And you have to cross through a whole minefield of idiotic questions to get a human on the phone. Then they lock up my money for a week before I can withdraw it. What a piece of crap outfit. Stay away from them. Stay far far away.


08 September, 2021


Great service staff from SoFi

I had a bit of a rough start with SoFi, which was immediately remedied by their support staff, namely Quanitra. After an initial denial on a bonus offer for a Memorial Day promotion, Quanitra of the support team walked me through what documentation steps were needed to get the claim corrected. After about three days, she personally reached back out and confirmed that my claim was approved. I appreciated the entire service experience. So far, SoFi has been a good lender with a lot of add ons that have made my personal loan experience very favorable. I would recommend SoFi.