An Intelligent Multi-Product End-to-End Insurance Solution

Assurance is pioneering the next-generation Insurance platform. Our Intelligence Engine allows users to build a unique profile across all lines of personal insurance. This deep insight, matched with our machine learning algorithms, provides the most accurate and personalized guidance throughout the user’s lifetime of purchasing and managing insurance.

Personalized Interactions

 Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, every consumer interaction is personalized based on their Who, What, When, Where and Why, leading to simplified solutions.

Science-Based Guidance

Using advanced data science and machine learning, we calculate a consumer’s risks and predict how each insurance company will view them. Predicting coverage levels, policy types, and carrier fit eliminates mismatching, getting consumers insured quicker.

All-In-One Insurance Solution

 We provide a single solution to consumers for all their personal insurance needs.  Our platform navigates users through all insurance related life events – aka life – growing with them along the way.  

What we do

We are make buying and selling Insurance better. Great data science just isn’t enough to solve the complex problems of the insurance industry.  Consumers move from silo to silo as they pass from marketing, to sales, to underwriting, in their pursuit to obtain a policy.  There is little data or connection between these silos.  Even the most advanced data science at carriers today doesn’t touch the consumer until they reach the carrier.  This leads to billions of dollars of wasted marketing, underwriting, and interacting with consumers who either aren’t a fit for that carrier or that won’t buy from them.  We’re ASSURANCE: an Intelligent, Multi-Product, End-to-End, Insurance Solution. We use data science and advanced technology to match consumers and insurance companies and streamline the process of them working together.

Who we are

An incredible team of Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers, Marketers, Designers, and Insurance Professionals who have all come together to tackle the biggest problems within Insurance.  We’ve gathered top minds from Harvard, Stanford, MIT and other institutions that thrive on solving complex problems and are passionate about making the insurance industry better!