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Medicaid renewal 2023: Wondering if you might lose Medicaid eligibility?

Medicaid renewal (also called Medicaid redetermination or Medicaid recertification) may be starting in your state. We’re here to help.

As states start redetermining your eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), Assurance IQ is here to share helpful information about what you might need to know. In case Medicaid or CHIP is no longer available to you, we’ll also help you understand your Medicaid renewal options.

What’s changing with Medicaid?

When the public health emergency was declared at the start of the pandemic, states temporarily paused their yearly eligibility reviews for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Starting on April 1, 2023, states will use your information on file to determine if you or your family member(s) are still eligible for Medicaid or CHIP.  

If your state needs more information from you to make a renewal coverage decision, they’ll send you a Medicaid renewal letter in the mail. This Medicaid renewal letter will request that you either provide additional information about your current circumstances and/or complete any Medicaid applicable forms sent to you. However, most children will still be covered through the Children’s Health Insurance Program.