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Christian Millan

Christian Millan is a freelance writer who relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area after earning a degree with honors in Creative and Professional Writing at the University of East London. He has since authored a series for DoTheBay, a premier event discovery platform.

Christian is passionate about making complicated topics clear and relatable. His experience navigating the world of health insurance inspired him to use his creative communication skills to help others in similar situations. Whether deciphering policy fine print or providing practical tips for managing insurance costs, he has committed to studying the intricacies of health insurance and sharing the valuable insights he finds. Christian’s commitment to ongoing research ensures that he provides up-to-date information to readers, empowering them to make informed insurance decisions.

  1. What Is a Diagnosis Related Group (DRG)?

    Curious about what a Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) is in healthcare? This article breaks down the definition and how it impacts hospital reimbursement and patient care.

  2. Is Life Insurance Taxable?

    Is life insurance taxable? Learn the nuances of tax implications, discover strategies to manage your policy, and optimize payouts.