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Courtney Washington

Courtney Washington graduated from Texas A&M University. She worked in insurance and sales for 4 years. She’s been a freelance writer and journalist for 2 years. She loves to educate readers and help make information accessible and easy to understand for anyone who needs it. She currently lives in central Texas with her two dogs.

  1. What Is EPO Insurance?

    An EPO plan is an Exclusive Provider Organization health insurance plan: learn more about this type of plan and see if it’s the right fit for you.

  2. Does Medicare Cover Flu Shots?

    In 2023, get a jump start on staying healthy with a flu shot covered by Medicare. Learn more about coverage and eligibility here.

  3. Does Medicare Cover Nebulizers?

    Need a nebulizer, but worried about the cost with Medicare? Read this guide to learn more about how much coverage you may have.