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Jennifer Gorman

Jennifer Gorman is an insurance and personal finance writer. She specializes in helping readers make sense of complex financial topics.

  1. Does Medicare Cover Insulin?

    Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes may wonder if Medicare covers insulin. Learn the parts of Medicare helps pay for insulin and how it works.

  2. What Is Home Repair Insurance?

    Home insurance for repairs is a smart investment for homeowners looking to safeguard against costly repairs. Learn all about this type of coverage and how it can protect your home.

  3. Outpatient vs. Inpatient Care

    Healthcare services are provided either inpatient or outpatient. Learn the difference between outpatient vs. inpatient care and why it matters.

  4. What Is a Drug Formulary?

    A drug formulary is a list of prescription medications your health plan covers. Discover how formularies affect your coverage.

  5. Life Insurance Payout Options

    How does life insurance pay out the death benefit? Explore common life insurance payout options and how to choose a payout type.