Jennifer Gorman

Jennifer Gorman

Jennifer Gorman is an insurance and personal finance writer. She specializes in helping readers make sense of complex financial topics.

  1. supplemental life insurance
    What Is Supplemental Life Insurance?

    Supplemental life insurance is a voluntary benefit some employers offer their employees. Read on to learn how it works and if you need additional coverage.

  2. What is Medigap Plan B
    What is Medigap Plan B?

    Medigap Plan B can help people with Original Medicare lower their out-of-pocket costs. Learn more about how this plan works.

  3. What is Tricare
    What is Tricare?

    Active and retired military members are eligible for Tricare. Discover how Tricare works as a health insurance option for veterans and their family.

  4. What Is Hurricane Insurance 2
    What Is Hurricane Insurance?

    Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause significant damage to homes in coastal states. Learn how to protect your home with hurricane insurance.

  5. How to buy private healthcare
    How To Get Private Health Insurance

    If you don’t have health insurance or aren’t happy with your current plan, it’s possible to buy your own policy. Learn how buying individual health insurance works.

  6. Why Should I Have Health Insurance
    Why Should I Have Health Insurance?

    Health insurance can help you cover the costs of both routine medical care and unexpected health situations. Learn more about the importance of health insurance and how it works, including costs and types of policies.